Multichrome Monday | Give Me Glow Zenon and Dragon's Blood Multichromes | Comparisons & 2 looks

This is one of the first kind of multi chromes. They have launched, they have some duochrome shades and then they also have one multi comb called electric unicorn and that one is like an iridescent multichrome and i did use that one and i paired it with like a palette in a tutorial in […]

Eleman Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick in Miami Review & Swatch

Today i have this beautiful lipstick to try out. This is from the brand element and its the matte liquid lipstick in the shade miami – and i just got this in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube if you havent seen it yet. But […]

SQUAD's Aqua foundation first impression review

I am back for another product review and today, as you can see, i have nothing on my face, so you can all see the sunspots that i have, and i really did that because our product today is a foundation all right. So this is the squad aqua foundation, but this is this pr […]

I tried the VIRAL TIKTOK *PASSPORT MAKEUP*, here are the results…

I got my hair done a couple days ago and its not looking its best now because its currently about 30 degrees, its actually so sweaty that its starting to stick to me. But i got a bit more blonde put back in my hair for summer. So today, im going to be doing the […]


I kind of been trying it out. I did like a first impression on tik tok and i wanted to come on here and share with my youtube fam and also tell you as ive, been wearing it. What i think of it, let you see it in action and also show you guys a […]

Kamelia Cosmetics FOUNDATION, LIPCREAM, MASCARA, BLUSH Review & Try-on

Thank you so much for coming back to my channel, so in todays video im going to be featuring camellia cosmetics products. So i have a bunch of their products right here, so i have a bunch of their products right here and i am so very excited to try out these. They are mostly […]

Testing Makeup Wipes vs Double Cleansing Under a UV Light – the Truth about Makeup Wipes!

They can pull and tug and just not clean your face, but is that actually true its something? I share all the time, but i decided i want to put that to the test. I want to test double cleansing side by side, makeup, wipes and see what residue is actually left on our skin. […]

9 Products I Won't Be Buying Again, Part 1 | Clean Beauty and Haircare

I try all this stuff out, for you share my honest reviews, so you have a better idea of what to buy what not to buy. So you dont waste your money on stuff youre not going to use speaking of products. You may not use again todays. Video is all about the products that […]

The Perfect Wash Day Starter Kit For Fast Hair Growth And Healthy Hair | Amyla Cosmetics Review

My name is naturally chante and welcome back to another video. If you are new to my channel, please hit that subscribe button down below, as well as that notification bell, so that you are aware of any time i post an upload. Also, if you like videos like this, then please leave me a […]

Girlactik Metallic Shadow Stick in Riches Swatch & Review

Today i have a fun looking product to try out. This is from brand girlactic, and this is the metallic shadow stick that i have here in the shade riches that i got in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube. Now, if you havent seen […]