BEST Temporary Products to Take Years off your Face? Lift and Tighten Without Surgery

This is lisa. Welcome to my youtube channel, lisa, monique video. We cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 women. So i am 56 years old and proud of it. Im, not scared of aging, but there are sometimes i look in the mirror, and i just wish my face was a […]


Dit is de meest final product op dit moment: spannend h, maak ik, heb, maar, het zit hier in hij, zit een, dit, maar ketchup en wat zal het zijn nu kunnen. We natuurlijk al raden in de verschuiving dan het, deze, geweldige, nieuwe 11 heel ook. Lo en ik het filter is toen elfde […]


I genuinely dont know what kind of magic is infused in these skims dresses. It literally tastes like drinking nail polish remover to me Music. What is up everyone welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are doing well today, as you guys can tell, by the title in todays, video were gon […]

3 Alternatives to The Ordinary AHA BHA Peel If You Have Sensitive Skin

Now some of us can use this completely fine with no problem, but weve seen what happens with other people on the internet. If you are one of the people that is terrified of putting this on your face and just not ready to take the plunge, i have some alternatives. Some k, beauty, gentle […]

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BEST MAKEUP FOR FLAWLESS INSTAGRAM PICS | HOLLY BOON So in todays video im going to show you how i got this 4b glam makeup, look eyes base, absolutely everything. So if you want to see how i did that then make sure you keep watching, but before we jump into the video. I just […]

Top 10 Skincare & Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Slides around here are my top skin care and makeup tips for oily skin, its michelle of lab muffin beauty, science, chemistry, phd cosmetic chemist and shiny person. I live in australia, which gets hot and humid and im a youtuber who has to film in front of very hot lights, so im pretty experienced […]

Did I Find A $4 Dupe For The $14 Microneedling Eye Patches?!?!

I actually prefer patches patches actually hold the under eye in they help with de puffing. They can actually penetrate ingredients into the skin deeper and theyre kind of like little push up bras for your under eyes. Well, if you remember back to a time that I got introduced to skin store, I decided […]

Meloway Your Way Mascara Review

I got this in my august 2022 boxy charm premium box, so that unboxing video is up here on my youtube channel. If you havent seen it yet. This mascara retails for 22 dollars its vegan not tested on animals, paraben free – and i got this in the shade super black lets get into […]

Jazmine Beauty Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara Review

This is called jasmine beauty, and here i have the luxe lash volumizing mascara that i got in my august 2022 ipsy glam bag. I love trying out mascaras im very picky, but this sounds incredible: its supposed to be lengthening, curling, volumizing and conditioning. That really is everything i want in a mascara its […]

BEST of 2022 So Far | Skincare & Hair Mid Year FAVES

So far that ive discovered i am in my upper 40s and as we get older, it just becomes harder and harder to find not just the right makeup products, but also skin care and hair care, because everything just keeps changing as we mature and lose. What was once so abundant, naturally in our […]