What's In My Bag 2022 | Marc Jacobs Small Canvas Tote Review | Kathryn Bedell

Here my name is katherine. I would love if you would subscribe and join the family and if you are a returning subscriber, thank you so much for tuning in to another video. Today we are doing something that i havent done in quite a while. It is a whats in my bag, video lately […]

SKIN CARE REVIEW: The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution 🌟

Do another skincare review. I think this is my first time to do a vlog with this one, but this is relatively not new, since i already do this kind of things on my blog, but in this case were gon na review. The ordinary aha bha peeling solution were going to test the following […]

Top 5 Makeup Essentials for Monsoon || Ace your Base This Rainy Season | Tips hacks & recommedations

I hope you all are doing great today. Todays video is my top five monsoon makeup tips or hack. That will help your makeup to stay as long as possible during this hot humid weather, so without any further lets begin with the video guys, but before that do like share and subscribe to my […]

FULL GLAM ft my client!

So we go in with some witch hazel i like to just wipe down the face. Remove any extra oils anything just to like honestly rejuvenate the skin. I feel like to be honest because itd just be looking so fresh like after i wipe it down, then im gon na go in with two […]

KraveBeauty Makeup Re-Wined🍷: What it is, What's in it, How to double cleanse

I am so so so thrilled to finally introduce you to this. That was two years in the making, if you guys want to check out the entire production product development process. The entire behind the scenes im gon na link that video right here and also here in the description box below that walks. […]

PHILOSOPHY SKINCARE REVIEW | too good to be true?

So the majority of the funding from the hope and grace initiative actually goes into community based mental health efforts for every philosophy products sold in the us. The brand actually contributes one percent of the sales for the hope and grace fund, and i thought it was really cool um for a company to […]

Adventure Force Blitz 6 Review

This is a adventure force blaster made by busby toys and, of course, being adventure force is going to be exclusively available through walmart and walmart.com and wanted to take a look at this thing. For as soon as ive seen the first pictures of it being released, because if you know me, my favorite […]


Until now, if you want to pick up one product from this video, i think you should pick up this product because hi everyone, my name, is crystal. I am back for new video hi, guys, welcome back hope, you guys are doing great todays video im going to be doing is actually sharing with […]

Date Night Glam with SUGAR Cosmetics! #trysugar #sugarcosmetics @SUGAR Cosmetics

Okay, shall we lets go watch me so first now get it or a primer to prepare the canvas for the foundation and the base is ready. Basically with your fingers. It works better, okay, so next or a translucent powder to set everything right, so num loader cream based liquid paste products. Our face […]


So it is eight oclock. I have watched the ufc so thats. Why im still in bed, i have to run one errand and then were gon na get going Music, okay, so so theres a couple of things that i really really need to do. Um – and this is just reality – uh. […]