February's Most-Hyped Beauty Products | Most-Hyped Products | Insider Beauty

Im a lip oil freak. So I was dying to try out these NYX Fat Oil Lip Drips.. I bought so many.. They have the huge doe foot applicator that I love and a very subtle fruity scent., This isnt, a perfect dupe for the Dior lip oil.. The formula is slightly thinner and the […]

Mikayla Nogueira Lied about selena gomez rare beauty makeup review

Is there anyone who would like to pay their respects and I would be in the back. I would like to pay my respects. Come up here, man the cast its relaxed. It is me and I would walk to the front – oh Cody. Ah, yes, are her fake friends, murdered, ducksberry and Samantha. […]

Makeup Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Eye Shadow | Allure

So today, Allure is giving me some mystery eye, shadows and challenging me to guess which ones are most expensive Music, so eyeshadow a definitely has what we call Specialty. Pigments specialty pigments are those that do things Beyond just offering like a base color and coverage. They could be iridescent or duochrome having two […]

Jeffree Star DRAGS Rhode Skin…

Jeffree Star is now jumping in on the teams: Selena, train and hes. Taking it one step further Jeffrey, absolutely dragged Haleys skincare brand Road, and we have to talk about it, its a mess so lets get into it. Ever since all this drama with Haley blew up, more and more people have been […]

Jeffree Star REVIEWS Hailey Bieber (Rhode Beauty)

I cant get day off to save my life. I cant get a viewer like on this video saved my life, honey, Jeffree stars and the drama again, and so here we are now Im in a different location. Uh. This video is very special because you know I was not gon na post today. […]

Niall Horan's 22-Step Skin and Hair Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

If I had all the time in the world youre about to see what I would do over the years as Ive grown up. Obviously I went through a lot of breakouts through work through being on planes all the time wearing makeup a lot and taking it off every day and so its important […]

I have NEVER tried these VIRAL products.. until now!

Oh perfect, Hello. Everybody welcome back to my Channel today, Im going to be trying some viral iconic makeup products that have been super popular for a while and I, for some reason, have just never tried them. They just never really appealed to me. I guess, but I thought it would make an interesting […]

2023 Best New DRUGSTORE MAKEUP Products Over 40

All the way through now just so much that is being released. Theres also a couple things that havent been released but theyre new to me, and I wanted to share those with you as well. So dont forget that I always list my necklaces, my earrings, my shirt um. What I have on for […]

Full Face Of The Most EXPENSIVE Makeup Products!

Why am I studying Australian? How do you do a British accent? Did you take the jack to London, Lewis call Robbo the pilot okay enough of that James Charles here welcome back to our YouTube channel, no matter how I sit here and try to pretend I am simply not a luxurious bougie person. […]

Who has the Better Brand? SELENA vs HAILEY vs KYLIE

What were doing today. We want to try rare Beauty, Road, skincare and Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics. Her team needs to do better, like Justin has not said one thing yet: Music, hey guys, Im, Nikki and Im Gabby, and today we are doing a video. We both really wanted to do everywhere. I go […]