(Engsub) Review Top 3 Sản Phẩm Đình Đám D'ALBA♡Mỹ Phẩm Thuần Chay Nổi Tiếng Ra Sao? ♡ Tuta.nguyen

Why? I call it the most popular because of the recent time I See a lot of these products appearing on social network. This is a brand that is not strange to you at all, and if you love Korean cosmetic brands, then surely you will know this brand and all 3 products. Today we […]

10 Best Skincare Sales That Are BETTER Than Black Friday (Skincare Tools & Luxury Sets)

We have a video on the best drugstore deals that are under 30, if youre on a budget or if youre like me and your skincare was stolen, but speaking of stolen skincare. I want to speak about the products and specifically the one product that was literally stolen from me, because its that good, […]

e.l.f. Power Grip Primer Review

I am so excited to be trying out the elf power grip primer. So this is a super high rated primer and I love the brand elf plus. I love trying out primers and I got this in my sample gift with purchase bag from my recent huge Ulta haul, which of course I have […]

"STOP Ripping Of" Kylie Being Once Again Bashed For Scamming Her Fans For Millions.

Yes, you heard it right. Kylie Jenner is in the spotlight once again this time for charging her followers 117 for a box. Her products have been called out before for being mediocre, but charging 107 for a box its too much. So how can Kylie Jenner charge her fan 177 dollars for just a […]


Thank you so much for all the support. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please dont forget to turn on your notifications. Smash that, like button, share my content. Thank you good. Today, I will be showing you my must haves when it comes to skincare like I cannot do without […]


So if this is your thing, youre welcome to subscribe and in todays video Im going to do a quick comparison of the new Lara supposed antelius UV, immune 400, moisturizing cream and invisible fluids. Hopefully, this video will help you out to better determine which one of these will be more suited for your […]


You know going into the winter months. Our skin is a lot more vulnerable to water loss. Irritation dryness, maybe youve been using too many products in Your Skin Barrier needs a little assistance, a little TLC. Maybe you oftentimes run into this issue, and you want some products to have on hand. Todays video […]

The Problem with Natural Skincare | Dermatologist @Dr Dray

They just perpetuate a lot of misinformation, fear Monger, otherwise, safe perfectly harmless ingredients, but in todays video Im going to further expose the problem with the clean Beauty agenda. Do you want to know what the most common, what the most likely adverse reaction your skin can have to the stuff that you put […]

My 2022 Skincare Product of the Year! | NOT Sponsored

It is the anti aging serum that I have used for the past four months. It completely replaced the vitamin C in my own routine. I have this product Link in the description of this video and Im so excited to share that it is on Black Friday, sale right now for 30 off with […]

ULTA'S Black Friday Sale Best Products 2022

This is so much fun for me because Black Friday, Cyber Monday, those are all just videos that I love doing, and I cannot wait to show you from Ulta what we found. I am not going to be talking about what I have on my top anything like that. It will all be listed […]