The Science Behind Hair Products (sponsored by The Ordinary)

This video was sponsored by the ordinary who turned a lot of people into skincare nerds, with their focus on ingredients and now theyre moving into hair care. Lets start with shampoo to me. The best way to approach analyzing formulas is to think what is the point of this product? What is its function? […]

[ENG] 놓치면 평생 후회할 정보!🔥여성용품 Y존케어템 13종 리뷰 "질 건강관리" 어떻게 하는건지 언니가 알려줌

I tried this the other day Like huh Huh. Honestly. I think I can use it on my face If its effective Ill, try it on my face Hello, everyone, its SSIN here Today, Im going to talk about stuff. Even your mom wont talk to you about The stuff that you wont even hear […]

cc) 진짜 피부 하얘지는 법 다 풀어봄✨딱 15일만에 진짜 하얘진 리얼리뷰🔥장점,단점,주의사항!!ㅣ아랑

. I was doubtful about this product, but my complexion did get brighter. While using this product not once did. I ever feel that this it was irritating. Only the arm I used the product on got brighter Wow, so it does get brighter Hi guys., Its Arang here.. The reason I seem really excited […]


Today, im going to be trying out the cab cosmetics loose setting powder. So this is a product that i got in my august 2022 boxy charm base box, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube if you havent seen it yet. I have this in the shade: translucent, perfect thats. What i […]

GRWM POWDER RUSH Velvet Setting Powder

So yesterday i got a pr kit from get ready with me. Maybe this is my cat, simba and obviously hes feeling very comfortable in the get ready with me box. So im just gon na show you the products i got so i got three. I already took them out of the box by […]

Flat Iron Png

How To Make Junks FLAT IRON Into VULCANIZING machine Ihtirom Hirohman Nirohim blacklist, Boss, Bandung Unila gayung lensa di sanai, sakit aku, para syur, kami, ngaji, sampai, 50 C panggang, tua kami yang di aw30. Cache nopriansyah Young sakitku, tenang bulked, Subhanallah, Ghaitsa, sakavit, sebabkan, nafasnya, jadinya, sapi input, nomor, pekat, itu, itu, itu, bagus, […]

Travel Makeup Bag | Packing Quick and Easy Products

Remember them those things wed pack when we went somewhere other than our house im about to spend a few days away for the first time in a long time. So it feels like a novelty to pick out products to bring along, and i thought, id film a short, sharp and shiny video. Before […]

SKINCARE THAT BLEW MY MIND – Fast Results Guaranteed

Im always preaching that when it comes to skin care, were talking about a marathon, not a sprint. You invest now for those long term. Benefits, however, were all human beings and were all a little bit impatient, sometimes its just amazing, to reach for a product that you know is going to give you […]

COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Review

This is from covergirl its the clean, fresh skin milk, nourishing foundation with coconut milk and aloe extract vegan. Dewy finish this sounds awesome. I picked this up in the shade 520 fare and it only cost about nine dollars from walmart, and i love that its this clean ingredient formula. It says sheer buildable […]

My Easy Vacation Routine for Glowing, Even Skin! 4 PRODUCTS

I just got out of the bath and i used a little handheld thing to wash my hair because i wanted to film my facial skincare, so lets get into that. All ive done is wash my body and my hair now to get started, always travel with a face halo. This is a reusable […]