Masafumi Inomata – Development of new treatment for chemotherapy ind

Thank you chief person, and you congratulate president professor uh italy and professor chiboy, and the supporting company advanced cooperation today. Id like to talk about development of new treatment for chemotherapy used. Artificial is cia central intelligence. No Music ca means chemotherapy induced rotc. Do you remember? Japanese newscaster mao kobayashi, you know she […]

Savepod Latest Product Update | 6/20/22

As promised. I wanted to film a more in depth uh in hands video of our latest prototype. We got these late last week, weve been playing around with them for the last couple days and we are super happy with how they came out. They look incredibly good, just real quick, i thought for […]

Total Pickleball Paddle Review: Baddle Lancer – Exclusive Oil Slick Cosmetic!

Additionally, the new spin grit surface coating has extra grit that provides plenty of spin potential. The paddle features a 7.8 ounce average weight 16 inch paddle length and 13 millimeter paddle thickness. This paddle provided a seamless transition for my game. It had all the characteristics of a paddle that i would bring to […]

BÉIS TRAVEL HAUL + FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Luggage, Weekender Bag, Cosmetic Case

This is shay mitchells brand, the lovely queen, we love her weve all got baggage gladys based their products are so aesthetically pleasing, like i just love the nude beige look. This is what it looks like it just says: base yes im in my pajama bottoms party on the top relaxation on the bottom […]

Foundations in the Attic – Nars Light Reflecting Foundation (Major Fail😒)

Finally, Music. Hey guys welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if youre new. Here i am kimmy. This is my attic welcome to foundations in the attic where we try a foundation in the attic and todays foundation. We are finally attesting the nars light reflecting foundation. This came out around the […]


Definitely on like a budget beauty buys type of style because its really what this video is, i am going to the cosmetics company outlet store, which i have been to before, but ive never actually filmed there. So basically, the cosmetics company outlet store its estee lauder brands at a discounted price point, so […]

Why The UK Bans So Many More Cosmetic Chemicals Than the US

So if you see me melting up here now, you know why all right now ive never really spoken about this, but ive had a really long and winding road. On my skincare journey i was a teen in the early 2000s before the general public had ever heard of concepts like a skin barrier […]

Shop Miss A Haul $1.00 Makeup – Shop Miss A Makeup Haul – BUDGET FRIENDLY MAKEUP SHOP MISS A HAUL

We are going to be talking all about sharpness, a im so excited to oh theres, a lasher share with you, a really quick haul from shop. Miss a everything in here is super affordable Music. If youre new here im christine, would love, if you would please subscribe and be a part of the […]

Makeup That I Won't Be Buying! (June Anti Haul)

This is probably going to be my very last month, given the anti haul spill, like i feel, like ive, been doing this on my channel now for years, so i feel, like everybody, should kind of get it, even though i still do see comments of people complaining About things that im not going […]

What's In My Bag 2022 | Marc Jacobs Small Canvas Tote Review | Kathryn Bedell

Here my name is katherine. I would love if you would subscribe and join the family and if you are a returning subscriber, thank you so much for tuning in to another video. Today we are doing something that i havent done in quite a while. It is a whats in my bag, video lately […]