Lady Gaga's NEW Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

How are ya now today its been a minute, the star wedding collection hit and then miss thing I vanished. I went on Instagram, I went on Tick, Tock and girl. Ive been doing a lot of reviews on other platforms. I have been doing this for a very long time, so I uploaded a […]

WHAT IS THIS STUFF?? | MILK Future Fluid All Over Cream Concealer (WEEKLY WEAR: Oily Skin Review)

However, that does not mean that its a bad one Im actually very excited about this product. I was sent the new milk makeup product its a concealer, slash, kind of a foundation. They Market it more as a concealer, but an all over concealer I mean literally in the how to use it says […]

Dermatologist's Top 10 Skincare Products for Dry Skin | Dr. Sam Ellis

Now, of course, in a video like this, I could just list out 10 of my favorite moisturizers, but well save that for another time. This is really about integrating products that address dry skin through multiple parts of your routine, whether thats, while youre cleansing or while youre moisturizing or while youre protecting your […]

NEW FAVE?? Vice Cosmetics Blurrfection Skin Tint Review ! Swatching all 6 shades, Demo & Wear Tests

These are the types of videos that you can expect from me. Aside from that Gusto Karen is experience in trying to control my impulse spending yo mama bad habits, then acquire call from my younger years. Through a year long replacement only no buy. I shared some of the things that Ive learned some […]


Is this Mothership palette from Pat McGrath? So this is her recent palette. This is the moonlit seduction palette. Personally, my fillings havent really changed Im going to be completely honest. I dont love the mats in this palette. I have tried so hard to get them to work and theyre, just not my favorite. […]


Thank you so much for clicking on this very impromptu. Last minute, video that I decided to film this morning. It is in relation to a video I posted the other day, which was my house Labs Foundation, review Im doing this video, because something has happened in the few days since I posted that […]

Best MILANI MAKEUP Products of ALL TIME – Over 40

Well, I had originally thought I was going to do this as the top five of a particular drugstore brand today, its Milani, but now its up to the top 10, because Milani is such a good brand and I love so many of their products were gon na. Do that right now, but first […]

Makeup SPEED Reviews | Drugstore Must Haves & Must Nots

I hope that you are doing great and that youve had a great week so far. This video that Im sharing with you today was actually recorded last week. But if you missed it, we had a really horrendous stomach virus in our family. That was so bad. I couldnt even get out of bed […]

HAUS LABS BY Lady Gaga: first Impressions, review & wear test…OMG 🤩

Do you see anything different? Yes, so the dark hair is back. You guys know. I had to go back to the dark side like the highlights were fun, but i feel like the black hair is just me. So im very happy with it, but im also really excited because today were going to […]

A Non Consultant's Review of Makeup Brand Seen on A Lot on Social Media

This is Lisa. Welcome to my YouTube channel at least many Beauty. We cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 woman, so I am not a saint consultant. I am just a customer um. I see them all the time on Instagram all the time or I see Consultants all the time […]