How to Wear MINIMAL Makeup That Still Looks Chic

These are things that have really transformed my makeup throughout the years and obviously, um were talking about this gradual transition into a minimal makeup lifestyle or a barely there. Chic look i feel like that has been where my mood my vibe has been shifting throughout. Like the past five years, so i sat […]


My name is ben and for todays video were going to do. Another sunscreen review today were reviewing the super group. Every single face watery lotion. This is a broad spectrum: spf 50, with a pa of 4 plus it is water and sweat resistant for up to 40 minutes. You get 1.7 fluid ounces, […]

CATRICE VOLUMIZING LIP BOOSTER // Review incl. swatches & lipswatches (fair skin)

Lip glosses. Welcome to everybody watching today. Thank you so very much for joining me. Yesterday. We are going to be doing a full review, including all of the swatches, on the back of my hand as well as on my lips of the catrice volumizing lip boosters. Now i am a newly converted lover […]


I have a ton of videos on them and it is widely established that retinoids are a topical skin care ingredient that can go to work to improve the visible signs of skin aging, especially those that are caused by uv exposure. Fine lines model pigmentation now retinoid, is sort of an umbrella term for […]

Use Caro White Without Side Effect_The Truth About The Black And White Logo + Where To Buy Original

This is the old truth about carl white. It is directly from dream, cosmetics company – it is directly from their top staffs. So whatever you are hearing in this video is the legit. I shot this video from wright from dream cosmetic company and one of their staff is going to be addressing you […]

The Most Beautiful Makeup Brand | Florasis Makeup Overview

Theres a tabby that says this. Video contains a sponsorship and it does – and you guys know i always have to disclose that. But whats more exciting are the items im gon na show you today now this makeup look was created for todays video youre gon na see that in action, but i […]

Broke girl skincare products under 10k #101 #beginnersguide

I do this video, so in todays video i will be sharing with you. The bro girl skincare guide, yes, products that are less than ten thousand naira if youre somebody that doesnt want to spend so much on in skincare, if you just want to glow moisturize and brighten your skin um. The products […]


How are you all doing? How are you doing? Have you missed me? I miss you guys too. I hope youre puppy. I know youre popping. Yes, i know youre popping if youre popping. Let me know in the comment section just say: i am poppy because i know youre popping okay, so in todays […]

Stretch mark Fader: How To Use Vaseline Jelly To Fade Stretch mark

This channel is all about product review and tips on skincare. If youre new to this channel, please consider subscribing and dont forget to click on the notification bell so that youll be referred to be notified on any time i post a new video and to my old lovely subscribers, youre welcome back. Thank […]

How to Improve Benefits of RED LIGHT THERAPY for Skin

You asked me, and i tried red light therapy today. I want to share my experience with red light therapy, what it is, what are the benefits and what improved red light therapy results for my skin? Yes, i did a few things differently after learning from the experts in the field, including my chiropractor, […]