NEW MAKEUP REVIEW | Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette and Natasha Denona My Dream Lipstick

My name is Leonard Im, a makeup artist, a makeup lover and a makeup Enthusiast, and here in my channel you can always find videos about makeup and in todays video Im going to be trying two new products that I recently bought on Sephora. One of them already know the formula that its the […]

What a Dermatologist Buys at Sephora! Holiday Sale Recommendations for Skincare, Makeup, & Haircare

Im here to help you understand your skin and find products that work for you. So if that sounds good, give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe to the channel. So, every year around the beginning of November, Sephora does a holiday sales event, and last year I got so many […]

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations! Sephora VIB Sale Winter 2022

This is actually my fourth Vib sale with you guys here on YouTube. Wow time flies so todays video will just be recommendations based on products that I already own and love, but I am thinking about uploading, a Vib haul, this time around. If Im, remembering correctly, I didnt really make any purchases during […]

Affordable Skincare that *ACTUALLY DELIVERS* – J & K-Beauty Recommendations

If that sounds like guilting, then please go ahead and send it. So I do think that I generally do review somewhat affordable. Skincare on my channel, like I dont, really review luxury skincare Brands and such as, but I do understand that affordable can mean different things to each person. So I have collected […]

10 MINUTE EVERYDAY FALL MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Minimal Products That Won't Break Your Budget!

Look here are some of the products I will be using Ive got a good mix of affordable and mid end. Nothing is extremely pricey. In this video, you may have noticed several beauty pie products in that footage, and, as many of you know, I have been using beauty, pie, products and working with […]

STAY AWAY From Hailey Bieber’s Skin Care Products..

It were excited about this brand that you created the girl, doesnt, say a word blistering peeling, my lips have been so painfully dry, whats up with all these celebs and influencers launching these cheap skincare products and ruining peoples skin see. This is what happens when you buy from an influencer instead of trusting […]


Thank you. So much for being here, as you can see by the title today, were going to be doing a really fun video because, as you guys know, a lot of elf products have actually gone viral. All over social medias, theyre super trendy and today, Im going to show you guys some of […]


My name is Nikki. I am from the Netherlands. Hence the accent Im also slightly lowercase relatively vintage, and I love makeup spooky stuff and being creative Music. Let me let me kind of explain some things. The slightly Orcs means that Im a light, warm Olive and its kind of important today and the […]


I think the perfect technique for the foundation and for the powder – and I want to talk about all of that today – so Im gon na – be showing you in this video how I like to apply it. My review of this product Im going to talk, pros and cons because listen. […]

8 Drugstore Makeup Products That BEAT High End!

There are especially gon na love this video today, because I am talking about eight drugstore products that I think are better than high end. This is kind of like my All Star team of drugstore makeup. I do just want to say one thing: there are no eyeshadow palettes in this video, although I […]