Thank you so much for joining me today. Im going to be sharing a review with you on my louis vuitton, never full um. This was my first ever designer bag and i have such a sentimental attachment to it, which explains why ive used it so much in the seven years that ive had it. I truly love this bag and i feel like this is the bag that really started off. My obsession with designer handbags, as it was my first designer purchase, so i bought this for 730 pounds, which seems crazy now, because the price has almost doubled to 1 180 pounds. So i feel like if i did sell this handbag today. I would be able to get back what i paid for it, and probably a little bit more, so i am just going to show you some close up shots of the bag. I believe this bag is in absolutely fantastic condition for the amount ive used it. As you will see, there is some slight cracking on the handles and then some slight wear on the corners. But realistically i have not babied this bag. I have not looked after it in any special way. All i have done is used. It ive, never conditioned it or anything like that. So if you took care of this bag, i would imagine that it would look brand new for a long long time. You will see here that some of the corner wear can be seen through the piping, but its absolutely not visible.

Unless you look very very closely because the back does not have feet, you will notice that there is some scratching on the bottom. But again, this is not visible until you look close with a fabric lining, you do have to be careful with pens. As you can see, i was not careful, but the lining is relatively easy to look after. The leather trim on the bag is of a really great quality and it lasts very, very well. There is no cracking apart from on the handles because of the stress i put on the bag from carrying so much. I did carry lots and lots in this bag. Whilst i was at university id carry my macbook pro, which is really really heavy. I would carry books, i would carry grocery shopping, so i really really have used this bag. You can see here just a little bit more close up the wear on the handles, but when you do carry this bag its not noticeable, i also wanted to say a massive thank you to bag They have sent me two beautiful velvet bag, organizers, one for my louis vuitton neverfull in this beautiful bread that matches the interior and also a black one to go inside my goyard san luis. This organizer is made of beautiful fabric and i absolutely love it its helped. Me be so organized inside a large tote bag. I do have a coupon code for 20 off for you down in the description i think, realistically, for a bag that ive used almost every day for years and my mom now uses every single day.

I feel like this bag is in fantastic condition and i would absolutely purchase it again in terms of whether i think this bag is worth the price tag in 2022. I absolutely do. I personally would never pay over 1 500 pounds for a canvas bag. I would not buy this bag over that amount. I would buy it at todays price because i think its a really great bag. This bag does also come with a pouch which can double up as a clutch. I do not know where mine is, but the pouch is great. It fits a lot inside im not going to be doing what fits inside this bag or doing any mod shots, because its such a popular bag, they are so easy to find online. This video is purely to show you the wear and tear after seven years of hardcore use of this bag, and you can see the bag is in fantastic condition and whether i think it is personally worth it in 2022, which ive already explained. I do think it is so like i said, if you are thinking about buying the louis vuitton, neverfull absolutely buy it before the price increases come in. Like i said, i think this bag will be over 1 500 pounds in the next two to three years. So get it while the price is low. Youre wanting to get this with the piquette leather in the monogram style or the dario azure just be mindful that it will hurt the resale value if the leather gets stained or if the leather darkens significantly.

In my experience, the damier event print is the absolute best reseller of the neverfull in terms of resale value. This bag really really holds its value and i think its absolutely fantastic, because if you do buy it and then you decide you want to sell it on later, you can get your money back. Let me know what you think of this bag below. I really really hope you enjoyed this review. I would absolutely suggest you go and buy this bag while you can get it at this price.