So i am a makeup addict, a makeup, a lover whatever youd like to call me. I cover everything here on my channel from drugstore all the way up to luxury makeup products. I do do some fashion and skincare videos as well, so that is something you are interested in, make sure you do hit that red subscribe button down below, as well as the bell notification beside it. If you want to stay up to date with my videos, because i am not the most freaking uploader – and i tell you in every video, okay, so todays video im actually going to be doing a brow, video kind of an updated brow, video of the products that Ive been obsessed with currently now i do usually do my brows once ive got my makeup on, but im filming a few videos today, since i have some time so i figured i would go ahead and do them in advance, and i thought it would be a Great time to update that video, i will put my other brow, video down below, i still like those products, but i have been using a couple other products currently from nyx. I wanted to talk about them on camera and demo them. So if that is something you are interested in, seeing then definitely keep on watching. Okay guys, so i am back. I went ahead and put my hair kind of behind my ears to kind of get it out of the way.

I have a little mirror here. Im going to be using and were going to talk about a couple products, so one of the first products ive been using a lot recently and i have been loving. This is the nyx thicket. Stick it thickening brow mascara. I have mine in the shade brunette its this guy right here. This is what the packaging on it looks like. It does have a bigger wand. You can see that there and it does pick up quite a bit of product, so just be careful that youre not going in too heavy. But what i really enjoy about this one and ill kind of talk about it as im. Applying im just going to wipe a little bit off just a little bit, because i actually like to get a bit of product since i have barely any brows. What i like about this one is: it actually puts like a really good amount of color in the brows, and i think you can see that as im applying it on camera. It just does such a freaking good job. Can you see that, like i could literally just put this product on and run out the door if i needed to i like to focus it sometimes around the front area after ive done kind of the tail end and got more of the product in just to Get a little bit more color here, but not too too much, but you can see its like so easy and it does have kind of that like stickier texture to it.

But because of that, i feel like the product like lays the hairs down nicely and they actually stay in place most of the day. So i think its like such a freaking good product, its so easy to use like very user friendly. And if you mess up, you can literally just wipe a little bit of it off before it dries and its its absolutely fine were just going to put a little bit more. And if you want more product, just focus it near the tip because thats, where all of the product gets picked up right away, and i like my brows to go a little bit up. But can you see like the difference in this brow and this brow like it? Is it really does a really great job? This is, of course, at the drugstore. I think its around, like the 10 mark, so its like, not too expensive its not like super inexpensive, but not like too expensive, either, depending on where you get it. You can pick this up at shoppers. If you are in canada, i will link that down below. I think its also available on amazon, so i will try to find it there as well. If i can, wherever is the least expensive is where i would buy it with those brows. What do you guys think? I think it does like a really amazing job im. So impressed with this product, i know i recently seen samantha march mentioned this and i was like yes that product is so good.

I seen someone say they hated it and i didnt get it because im like if you are like a thin brow girl. Like me, this is everything i just. I highly recommend checking this guy out its just really good. I dont know what else to say, but were gon na put a little bit of the nyx. Actually, this is another nyx product that i have been using for probably like over a year now, its the nyx um, lift and snatch brow tent pen, the sky right here. I think a lot of people have talked about this. It kind of like sold out for a little while i have these shade, which one is this ive used a couple different shades in this guy. This one is ash brown. I do like this shade, although i do sometimes use brunette as well, just depending if i feel like having a darker or a lighter brow. My hair is a little bit frizzy for some reason right there, thats, okay, so im gon na go in im, just gon na lightly fill in some spots on in the brows. Now you can make this. If you want to do a more defined brow, you can do that with this as well or you can just like add in some extra hairs, whatever you kind of feel like doing im just kind of doing like brow like strokes, i tend to make this part A little bit more precise and then i like to put a few flicks of hair near the front again.

If you mess anything up, you can always just go in and kind of like remove a little bit of product, but i think, like you know what i mean like it, does a really great job. Look at that it looks good. I mean i think it does. A really great job, though, like it just makes you look like you, have like more natural, looking brows. Instead of that really like defined kind of faker. Looking brown, i like to put a line sometimes down here, depending on how im feeling, if i do want to make it a little bit more precise, were going to do that today. What do you guys think? I think it looks so good? I really love these products. I think theyre, so freaking, good thats. Why i wanted to do an updated tutorial now. The last one i did was using covergirl products, the brow gel and the pencil. I still really like those. I do have them in my collection, but i recently have been switching to the nyx products, so these are kind of more my updated brow routine, although i still stand by those products. So i wanted to say that if you do have them in your collection, you can still use those for sure because they are amazing, but this has been my new go to all right, so thats, the brows. What do you guys think? I think these products are so freaking good. I really do enjoy them and i thought it would be fun to do an updated brow video, since i havent done one of these in a while again, i will link these both down below in the description box.

They are available at the drugstore, which is even better because its affordable and who likes to spend a lot of money on brow products. I know i dont um, but yeah i mean thats, pretty much it for this video. I just wanted to do something quick that you guys could kind of follow along with and see how easy it is to do your brows. It doesnt have to be difficult, even though i dont really enjoy taking my brows, if im being honest um but yeah thats gon na, be it for the video. If you did like it make sure you do give me a big thumbs up. It really does help.