So this is only like the second time that ive had to do an update on one of these downfall, videos that ive done before, but i did one on becca, so i guess ill do one now on bh cosmetics. If you guys want to know more and then lets go so about four months ago, i did a well, i didnt really call it a downfall. I said something like what happened to bh cosmetics, but it was pretty much the same type of story that we go with when i do these downfall, videos right and whenever i do. These im always expecting some type of like pushback from people who, for some reason, are like heavily invested in these companies. You know you would think like they literally have money invested in these companies, so they feel personally attacked by someone saying that the company fell off. Is not as popular as it was once before. Im always expecting that when i post these videos, but the the pushback that i got with the bh phone was so bizarre. It was probably like the worst out of all these videos that ive done like im. Thinking of the company that it is compared to the other ones that ive done before and im not seeing why, but it was or im talking all the time. So you dont know what youre talking about um. How do you call yourself a beauty, youtuber and you dont know what bh is up to you, the one i loved the most was well.

Maybe if you just watch the right people, maybe since you only watch like big youtubers thats, why you havent heard anything? But if you actually watch smaller youtubers, you would see that they talk about bh cosmetics, all the time and its like. Once you get past, like the fluff of what youre saying arent, you pretty much saying the same thing that i just said like youre youre agreeing right that maybe bigger youtubers dont talk about them. Talk about uh, bh anymore, but smaller youtubers do and its like lets. Look at it this way at one point: bigger youtubers talked about it or bigger creators, because i wasnt just talking about youtube at that time, but bigger creators talked about bh cosmetics, medium sized creators talked about bh, cosmetics and smaller creators talked about bh right, so all Together lets say: a hundred people were talking about bh cosmetics, but now bigger creators, dont talk about bh, cosmetics, medium sized creators, dont talk about bh cosmetics, its only smaller size creators that you can find being very vague here with these numbers right talking about bh cosmetics. So that lets say that went from 100 people to 35 people talking about bh cosmetics, and then you agree that not as many people are talking about, bh cosmetics, as once were right and lets say that, like 65 ish percent, that is no longer talking about bh. Do you think theyre not talking about bh but theyre still buying they dont know what bhs latest launch? Is they couldnt tell you the last time they even thought of bh cosmetics, but thats 65 theyre still going to be buying? No reality would say that 65 probably isnt buying anymore either if they stop talking about them.

So again, youre going from like 100 sales to 35, you lost 65. How can you say youre the same place that you were years ago, youre at the same level of popularity that you were years ago, which was literally what i was saying right? But you know who said it bh cosmetics, because if you guys have not heard i kept getting tagged a couple days ago, an instagram post and i saw how people come back to that video. I did on bh, cosmetics, uh, letting me know that its been announced that bh cosmetics has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. So if you dont know what that means, basically um, they are not bringing in the revenue to where they can maintain their operations as a business. They owe too much money; they they owe too much money to debtors and they they arent, bringing in enough money to where they can continue being a business that is selling products. Now, court documents state that bhs main reason for filing bankruptcy is that they are just no longer a profitable business amongst all his competitors and its like hello, ding, ding, ding, ding ding. Is that not what id be talking about most of the time in these videos? On how no one is saying that the company is going out of business tomorrow, or you know, everybody start looking for a job on, indeed which. So, when i get updates like this, even i am surprised right, no ones saying that.

But what im usually saying in these videos is that these companies that were once really really popular, get to a place where they just kind of like plateau. As far as how how people talk about them, how people shop with them, because theyre not doing anything innovative enough to to keep them in that talk of conversation, especially in an industry like this, where every day another new makeup brand is popping up. Okay, you have all these companies, you need to compete with. You have the the mainstream ones. You have the the indie ones. You have the small business ones that p and people are thinking about this nowadays when theyre shopping right. You know when people say: oh im, only shopping from small businesses, im only shopping from you know: uh black businesses im only shopping from woman, owned businesses. You have all these competitors, you need to do something to where theres theres the customer standing right here. Why are they going to pick you bh cosmetics, over melt cosmetics? Why are they going to pick you over you, which another thing i was getting is that all their stuff sells out you dont know what youre talking about all their stuff sells out. Um uh this! This collection in that collection, actually even after its been announced that bh had filed for bankruptcy. I had someone go back to that bh video and say it sounds like you just dont know about bh cosmetics, because you keep mentioning take me back to brazil when they had this persons collab, and they had that collab.

That also did well and its like. Well, you know, if you listened to like comprehend and not to argue, you would have realized that uh. What i kept mentioning take me back to brazil. I was saying take me back to brazil is bh cosmetics, staple product, which is why, years later, it is one of the main products that they are pushing the most because staple products legacy products. Those are products from companies that its their best seller is what theyre most known for its a product that has longevity to where they can continue, selling it and continue making it a household name years later right. Which is why, even though all these people are saying why does urban decay keep pushing um those naked palettes? You know lancome tinted. Those are staple products right which for someone who has been in the makeup game, you have a sephora size, makeup collection, those things dont impress you, but for people who are just getting into makeup or people who are coming into the age where their parents are gon Na start, allowing them to wear makeup and stuff like that, where they have their own money to buy it. Those are the products those people are going to be running to because ive heard everyone else talking about it thats what a staple product is so lets. Look at that logic there of they came out with this persons collab. I cant even remember about collabs that they named in in that little comment right that persons collab this persons, collab collabs, are usually limited edition right.

They sell them for maybe a month two months, and maybe you know oh, we know how much you guys love this so were gon na bring this back, maybe six months later, but are they still selling carly bybels collab? It was a big collab for the company, its not a staple product. They dont sell it anymore. You cant, buy it anymore. They still selling its my ray ray collab again, big things right, but again. If we dont want to go with just you know like common sense, then we could just go off the words of bh itself right. So bhs, chief restructuring officer, spencer ware from riverine management stated that the company had struggled to obtain profitability after pursuing an ultimately unsuccessful launch of various product lines. So its like you see how, like that whole being the consumer and having your feelings versus like actual facts. Like the company is literally telling you that we have been pushing out launches after launch after launch and theyre, just not doing well theyre, not selling how they once were, and i also noticed and ill have everything linked down below with the different articles that you can Read i noticed that they said that they had thought 2019 was going to be a um transition year for them, so they got a new, a news. They were bought out in 2019, a new seller or or a new purchaser in 2019 new management, something like basically, they wanted 2019 to be a new transition year for them right – and i think i mentioned in that bh video – how like 2018 2019 ish is around The time where, like things really seem to change, you didnt really hear much, and i feel like that happens a lot when you start noticing that a company is not acting, how it once did its not pushing out the same type of creative products that it once Did its usually either been sold to another company who doesnt have the same values they dont have the same, you know focus points or they have like new people in charge.

New creative directors stuff like that and like again the the visions are just not aligning with what theyre pushing out. But but what stuck out to me, the most is that they said they were supposed to come out with a skincare line, but they decided to not do that so that they could focus on celebrity collabs that they had coming out um. If you saw that bh video i mentioned that or you know, if you saw it on your own last year, they did um push out collaborations with iggy, azalea and dojicat, and i was looking at it like youre collaborating with celebrities. You know these are people who have a fan base that will stay up with you for hours, arguing with you right. They will look up your criminal history, see if you have any open warrants for you and report you, because you said that you didnt, like the dress that their fave was wearing. So its always bizarre to me when celebrity based, collabs or company launches stuff, like that dont do well, because that that means you have a very, very serious disconnect with your product and who youre pushing it to because a lot a lot of celebrities can sell. Just off the name: okay, its rihanna, its gon na, sell out if its beyonce, its gon na, sell out. If its heres the thing it was ariana grande, it should have sold out its how its everything else about it, because the thing is nowadays when it comes to celebrities and influencers for a lot of people.

The name just is not going to be enough nowadays, specifically in this beauty, industry type thing, which is why you know this stuck out to me the most, even in the article, it says that you know they were really really hoping that these celebrity collabs with doja And iggy were going to help them because theyre thinking from a business point youre a celebrity, we should be able to just sell this off the name of you being a celebrity, but even the article list that you know right now. A lot of celebrities are coming out with their own businesses with their own makeup lines, and we see some are doing well. Some are not, and people are baffled because all of them should be doing well because theyre all celebrities right, it should be fenty, uh, rare other rem house labs, but its not its fenty rare house labs, ram beauty. You see the difference with how those four celebrity brands have been introduced and how theyve been embraced by the makeup community, because its its not just you being a celebrity thats gon na sell it for you. Nowadays, the actual product has to align with what you are putting out there and what people are going to buy, and so you can crack into the makeup community as a whole. Not just your your fans that wear makeup right. If you actually want to be that billion dollar company, that fenty is right – 50 billion.

Yes, it is, and you actually want to be – that billion dollar company and not just the celebrity thats making money off their things, youre going to have to figure out how to crack into that makeup world, so thats. Why? Even now, being uh relying on an influencer or a celebrity collab to get you out of the amount of debts that bh is in, they are in a lot of debts. Okay, i think it says something like their revenue has been cut in almost almost half. Okay again, which is what i was saying the whole like if you lost like 65 percent of people talking about you, youre youre, losing like 65 percent of your revenue. Their revenue went from almost like 60, something ish million to like 30 ish, something million so its like and theyre debtors. I mean, i think, like two debtors they were already in. I dont know 20 million and thats another thing that id be talking about in these videos: youre not listening to consumers, okay, because if you were listening to consumers, think back like a couple years ago when, for some reason, brands just continued to want to push out Rainbow highlighter, like it had its little moment, lets think logically here, why are we pushing out a rainbow highlighter when we know the average person which is usually who were selling to unless youre a company thats in a very, very niche part of the makeup community? The average person is not going out in rainbow highlighters, so if we want to push out one just so we can hop on the trend – okay, cool, but its like three years later.

Now, why are yall still launching rainbow highlighter thats thats? The same thing that i thought when i saw that they had planned on launching a skincare line, but they decided to focus on the celebrity collabs. Instead, it was like, if you had listened, you would know in recent years. A lot of people are over the whole influencer collabs um celebrity collabs right now. If you are going to push an influencer celebrity collab and you really want it to hit, you need the the influence of the celebrity whose name holds weight. Who has that relationship? Just in the makeup community, not just with their own fan base and a product that is going to make sense, that is the only way your influence or celebrity collab nowadays is really going to to at least save you. If youre facing millions of dollars a day um because people have caught on okay, are people still buying stuff just because of the name? Yes, they are, but too many people have caught on okay to putting someones name on packaging and just pushing the products out there to where that is not going to sustain you anymore. So if you had been listening, you would know thats how the consumer is feeling on influencer, uh and celebrity collabs, and you would know that they are. They are really getting into skin care. Nowadays they are, you know, um. You see the rise of skin care influencers. You see um people who are more active in the ingredients that are in products.

I would, i actually would have liked to know what would have happened if they had gone with the skin care line. Instead of you know the celebrity, whatever uh collaboration that they came out with, because the iggy one, the only reason i knew about the iggy club, is because he was arguing with people on twitter people who said that they didnt like the collaboration and the doji cat. When i actually did see like maybe one or two people get it in pr or something like that, but as far as like actual tutorials, i didnt see any of that with with the dojo one. So i actually kind of wonder what would have happened if they had launched that um skincare line. So where does that? Leave bh cosmetics, technically its not like becca rebecca, had to flat out come out and say, were closing um theyre, not closing, but they have filed for bankruptcy and they are trying to sell their intellectual property. Do i think someone will bite? I mean i dont know like i said ill leave them links down below. You can go see just like how much uh debt that theyre in you got ta think, like other companies, have to look at it like how profitable is this for us right, because i think they said at the time when it had been purchased in 2019. It was a 60 million dollar uh profit that they were bringing in and now you know, theyre talking about like that profits cut like almost in half its got all this debt.

Do, i think, its impossible? No, i dont because look at victorias secret and forever 21. I feel like one of them, or maybe both of them at a point were filing for bankruptcy every other six months, youre like didnt, you already do this. I am waiting on the everything must go, sale and yall playing in my face like im. Trying to shop yall, keep mentioning bankruptcy, youre, not going out of business and right now you can go shop victories if you can go shop forever. 21.. Those are two brands. Ive also done downfall, videos on and again theyre, not as popular as they once were, but theyre still around right. I think i think lets hope thats what will happen for bh cosmetics and, if it does, if you are purchased by someone else and youre looking for some tips on what you can do, what some some people might be wanting to see from you as a company. I do have the other bh video, but that is it a little update on bh cosmetics, whats, going on with them right now. Let me know in the comments down below if youre shocked. Like i said, i was shocked to see that i dont like shots when i see like little updates like that on these companies. Um because, like i said, like my perspective, be coming from uh the pr place, not the finance company, not the finance department of the company right. So i dont know that backing of it.

But usually you know the finance pr the marketing the advertising they all align, which is why companies need all those departments. So if its not looking too good in one department, it probably wont be looking too good in the other one. But let me know in the comments down below. Let me know what you think the company could do at this point. Um and yeah thats pretty much it for this video, so make sure to thumbs up comment subscribe to notification bells all that guesswork down below.