So I think it is finally time for me to review some makeup and what better way to start off this makeup series on my channel, then by reviewing she Glam, which, if you dont know, is a makeup brand that is sold on sheer. But she glamor sent me so much makeup. There is […]

SEPHORA GOODIES BAG | Review of mini products | Anastasia Beverly Hills, Rare Beauty, Too faced

My name is Leonard Im, a makeup artist, a makeup lover and a makeup Enthusiast, and here in my channel you can always find videos about makeup, and today we have several products to try Im going to tell you what Im thinking about them for the first time As I apply them, trying to […]


This is called the Ethereal eyes palette, and this, I believe, is his very first multi finish palette. So Im super excited to go over everything. I do have a little bit of a hint about how this video is going to go. This has got to be one of my favorite palettes from the […]

wish beauty product review (with juicy)

What is that youre getting Music it hello juice is in Australia and weve got matching tattoos yeah. It says I have eight minutes to live because we often find ourselves really hungover in only eight minutes left. Today we got a ton of mystery wish packages, you dont even know what you buy. You […]

Products I would recommend to my WORST ENEMY

Okay, if it wasnt clear by the title, this video is a joke. I dont have a worst enemy. As far as I know, I dont really have any enemy, but I thought this was a fun way to just roast some horrible makeup. I did a short form version of this video on my […]

Mac Cosmetics Black Panther Swatches & Prices Review | Part 1. 🖤

This is good devino, welcome to my career Beauty, style Channel and today were gon na talk about brand new, my collection, Black Panther and, of course, its a Marvel Studio. Ill say its amazing amazing collection. Look at this colors its so hard to find colors. Like this, because, like also looks like red […]


Although you already know how to use it now, once in a while a product comes along, it does exactly what it says and thats pretty rare. Now, of course, there are tons of products out there theyre going to moisturize your skin and they do and you feel better, but when a product States […]

Batman x Kylie Cosmetics review/look – Sasha Anne

This review is on the Batman X, Kylie collection. Look how amazing this is its a big tin box, its pretty easy to carry. Actually, I was surprised. I thought it would be like extremely heavy and uncomfortable to hold, but its cool. I like it. It says: Ive got to find him before its […]

my makeup routine for date night! | GET READY WITH ME

So I thought I would just bring you guys, along as I get ready. Music um, so first thing, Im gon na do is a little skin, prep and Im gon na use the road peptide glazing, fluid its usual, get that skin nice and glowy and dewy. Before I do my makeup and then […]

Full Face Nothing Over $6 😍 Affordable Makeup Tutorial!

I love doing these kinds of videos where we basically do a full phase and we kind of keep a little limit, and today six dollars is The Sweet Spot. I really wanted to do five, but it is so hard to find nothing over five dollars nowadays, but luckily we still have some great […]