TikTok made me do it… Full face using only Moira Cosmetics 😻

Everything is super affordable and they have a huge variety of products. If you guys go on their website, you will see they have pretty much everything so were gon na just get into it. Im, assuming this is going to be a very long video, but regardless you already know, grab a snack, get […]


Two, three hey guys and welcome back to my channel in this video were going to be reviewing and testing six. She glam makeup products, and one of them is a bit special because its a celebrity collab, I didnt get any concealer or foundation so Im gon na go ahead and do the base […]


It Im gon na be applying it to my face, to create a look and, of course, give you guys a verdict, swatches all the good stuff that I like to do here on my channel. So if you are into this, then give this video a thumbs up. Remember to subscribe notification Bell for […]


You guys, I am so excited because were going to be doing another episode of James Charles tries a full face of makeup from its her name here. This is definitely one of your guyss favorite series that we do here on this YouTube channel and I have to admit it is one of mine […]

Trying Out New DrugStore Facial Products (Product Review) |ThePorterTwinZ

This is going to be an awesome video, so continue watching. I just got done brushing my teeth and the mouthwash that Im using right now is soliciting cool, mint and Im, also using a Crest, 3D whitening Diamond strong, um Im obsessed with, like brushing my teeth and my teeth being white, because I […]

October favorites + Mini Reviews |UPDATES Chanel Sublimage concealer Holiday 2022 makeup collections

I would say that most of the products that youre going to see are old, favorites and all time favorites Im going to start with two skincare products. One of them is more affordable. The other one is more a lot of a luxury product. I recently discovered this eye masks from LOreal and I […]

EM COSMETICS SOFT SPOKEN LIP CREME ✧ lip swatches, review + comparisons!

Today we are going to be reviewing the new M Cosmetics. Soft spoken velvet, lip creams. I have all five beautiful shades here to Swatch and review Im so excited to share my thoughts with you, because guys, I think you are going to love this formula so with that being said, lets just go […]

My Thoughts on some New Makeup Launches..

I have spent the last week uh spending all of my money in the Sephora sale and I have also been rubbing these products all over my face so that I could give you guys an updated review. Some of my final thoughts on a few of the new products that I have uh picked […]

Psychedelic Circus 🍄 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

How are ya, as you can see by the title, the next massive Jeffree Star, Cosmetics collection is called Psychedelic, Circus and baby… This is the antithesis of the star wedding collection, fully opposite. The Psychedelic circus collection is really about unleashing your inner freak about really being yourself tapping into that really weird side […]

My Nighttime Skincare Routine! PM Skincare Routine 2022

Knowing that I do have a huge collection and Im constantly testing out new product Im also really excited, because part of todays video is in partnership with apostrophe and its not often that a brand that I really love wants to collaborate on YouTube. So whatever they do. Im like yes so Ill, give […]