This is lisa. Welcome to my youtube channel, lisa, monique video. We cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 women. So i am 56 years old and proud of it. Im, not scared of aging, but there are sometimes i look in the mirror, and i just wish my face was a little bit smoother a little bit tighter, maybe a little bit more lifted uh and i am not ready to try any cosmetic procedures or any invasive Procedures, but i did test out three ways to temporarily lift your face and well go over these today now. The first is the most long lasting of the temporary lifts and that is using a microcurrent device. There are several popular brands on the market. I think new face is probably the most common. The most recognized other popular brands are the zip device and touch beauty. So how do they work? These devices send a small microcurrent through the device that triggers the underlying facial muscles, causing them to contract and therefore firming and lifting the face like exercise. The results can be cumulative, but they will also revert back if you dont continue to use the device regularly. Now, according to one 2009 study, it will be listed down in the description box. This has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for encouraging definition and developing collagen production. Now, like i said, i own the zip device – and i do talk more about this specific device in my favorite things – video put a link up here, ill put a link down in the description box uh.

The main reason i love my zip device is the app it has a lot of different um treatment programs and they adjust the current based on the treatment program. So if youre doing under your eye its going to be a softer current than when you are doing your jawline and it um changes automatically and besides the microcurrent, the zip incorporates nanocurrent technology into its device. Now nanocurrent is a newer technology and considered intelligent energy uh. It works by talking with your skin cells and prompting them to create more collagen and elastin. So its said to speed up your skins, natural regeneration process, it can enhance your circulation, reduce the appearance of acne, as well as repair wounds and tissue for a more healthy skin. Though i dont recommend you use it on damaged skin, and i will talk more about that in just a minute. First, im going to put up a chart and its going to compare the two different treatment types types: the microcurrent and the nanocurrent the reference website. For this chart is listed in the description box and, like i said i like the zip, because it combines both types of treatments. Now i got my zip from current body and they did give me a 50 off coupon for you to use. If you would like to try it so who shouldnt use a microcurrent device because they really arent for everyone, they are considered safe for home use. But if you have any of the following, you should avoid using unless under a doctors, supervision.

Overall, these devices are considered more preventative in nature, though i know that people that have started using them in their 60s and 70s and have noticed a visible improvement over time so its best, if you start earlier, but you can start whenever and um still see, some Improvements so the nanocurrent its kind of like exercise earlier, you start you can maintain versus um. You start later. It might be harder to firm up, but microcurrent devices are a non invasive low risk way to fight aging and take preventative steps towards maintaining your youthful looks. I find the treatment relaxing, but you do have to use it um consistently and thats, where i fall apart. A little bit. The next way to get a temporary lift is by using the fermex line by peter thomas roth. The most popular products are their instant eye. Firm x and their temporary face tightener. Now these products provide a temporary lifting result with long long term anti aging benefit. Now i have seen a few amazing videos with results. On the eye. Lift i mean just amazing results: ill put a video by nicole johnson youtube page down in the links where she applied to one of her clients ill put a little clip of that here. Now she didnt like the texture or coding after it dried down, so she removed the product before continuing her makeover, but i think her client was a little disappointed. It really did an amazing job of tightening up that deep or large eye bag.

It contains skin tightening silica, silicates and seaweed extract to provide an instant tightening and firming effect. Now i personally didnt see such extreme results as i dont need as much tightening under the eyes, but i do notice the tightening and smoothing and it seems to fill in texture and fine lines. So i have it on just right here. I probably should have done it more out to the eyes, but i feel like this part of my face does look smoother because ive been using these products. The secret is finding the right balance of the product you use too much. It gets dry and cakey and powdery it can crack under your makeup. If you put your makeup on top of it, it can wipe it off. You use too little. You dont really get any results, so you just have to experiment with the right combination. I found its best to either mix it with your concealer and let it dry down you dont, get as much tightening though, or what i did today is. I actually used cream products on top of it, so i did have a slightly white cast. You do get a little flashback, but when i tapped on cream products on top of this, it didnt make it dryer like a powder product um and it didnt wash it off like with a liquid product. So um i used cream foundation and cream blush and i think it did a really nice job.

If you go really up close, you know you can see a little bit of the dryness. I think also you need to shave your face. I have a little bit of the white hairs, the white faint hairs and i could see it drying on the hairs a little bit more so again, youre just going to have to find your balance. It does last between four or six hours um. So you just need to see what type of events that you could wear it to. Overall, i think its a really good temporary product um. It just does have its limitations. Um again the white chalky cast can crack under makeup. It can be drying um. I did moisturize my face before both under my eyes and my face, even though i think it says not to use on top of a moisturizer, but my under eye area just gets too dry and cakey. I really think it does fill in and smooth out. If you do mix it in with your foundation or products, i would mix it in with a do your foundation like a serum, a foundation and again you dont, want to really powder over it. It does mattify itself out and they both have really good skin, loving ingredients. Nothing no worries some ingredients, the eye cream or eye tightener does have a lot more skin moisturizing ingredients. Okay. Moving on to the third product, while i was on nicole johnsons youtube page, she had these eyelid or eyelid, correcting strips that she was doing on her clients.

So she is a professional makeup artist. She works with a lot of clients and a lot of mature clients. In fact, most of her videos are on more mature clients. So if shes doing her makeup on someone else or makeover um its really good to watch, but she would use these eyelid correcting strips to kind of push back that extra skin over the eyelids and it really made a big difference. So i purchased her assortment kit, which you get on 80 patches and a little pair of tweezers. They have a variety of sizes and when i first started, i used the large patch and i was just going to see. I have a little more hood on this eye. I was just going to see if i could make it match the other eye and i think they did. I think it did, but i used one of the largest patches and heres, where i find the limitations. So, first let me say that these patches are a little bit like scotch tape like a matte, scotch tape, and she tells you to use an eyelid primer on top of it before you try and put on makeup. But then you also want to use an eyelid. You want to prep your eyelids to make sure that this product sticks, so i did purchase her prep pads and i found them expensive and they irritated my eyelids. My whole eyelids became a little bit red. So then i was prepping it with just the micellar water, and maybe this is the wrong one to use, and maybe it leaves something on the eyes i did find.

Sometimes the whole under edge would would kind of lift. I would see a ridge or the corners would lift up, and when i tried to apply makeup they were extremely visible. Now, if i didnt apply makeup, it worked really well, so you basically will put it on the fold and it kind of holds or smooths the fold pushes it back a little bit. So you have more lid space. So again, i could not use it with makeup, but if i was just wearing eyeliner, it did even out my eyes and i found them pretty hard to see when i applied makeup it didnt matter. If it was a matte shadow, shimmer shadow, liquid shadow cream shadow, it did accumulate around the edges of the eye patch and um. It changed the texture like it had a different finish. It looked like i had scotch tape on my eyelids, so uh i may need to experiment. I did use, like i said, a larger patch at first then i kind of moved to the smaller patches and those were more invisible, obviously because they werent coming as close to my eyelids. So you do need to experiment with a placement. I think these would be great for photoshoots things that you have to have your eyes open again. If you dont put makeup on, you could go to lunch. Your friends probably wouldnt know i have mixed feelings on these and just kind of like my facelift tape, video or facelift tape review, which i put a video up here.

I did that last summer they do have some limitations. So what are the best temporary products to take years off your face? I think they all will work um, but my favorite is the microcurrent because it is where do i put it? Oh because it is the longest lasting um, not just for a few hours but um, it will last for weeks or days as long as youre, using it on a regular basis, the other two they have their place and i think some people will find them extremely Helpful, depending on their areas of concern, the one thing i didnt talk about is lifting your face with makeup application. I do have a video from 2021 again ill. Put it up here, put it down the description box um, i think ill update it. This fall because it is an older video. Let me know your experience with any of these products as well as any tips and tricks that you may have in the comments below.