My name is nia and on this channel we do lifestyle, beauty fashion, all the vibes. So if youre interested go ahead and subscribe, she like it on me. I like the way she say it. They, like my pictures, all right today, you guys we have the most exciting thing in the world at this point, um rode sent me their new skincare launch and im, so so so excited to be able to share with you guys so today, heres how the video Is going to go okay, im going to go over the products in the beginning and kind of just explain like what they are, the vibes. You know what i mean and then im going to demo them on my skin and kind of just show you what they look like. Tell you how they feel that kind of stuff. Obviously i havent had these products to do like a long term review, but i can already say that a couple of them are in my like were like this already so im just going to tell you a little bit about the products and then show you what They look like on the skin and yeah im so excited like i literally when i got this email, i was scream crying, throwing up all at the same time, so anyway lets just get into it. So here is the package im, not sure. If you order the whole kit, if its gon na come like this it might, this is the kit look at haley beautiful gorgeous queen her skin looks so stunning, like in all of the promo pictures.

The skin says its just giving its giving what it needs to give anyway. This is what the box looks like its already gone through a little bit of a tough time, because ive been like taking these products out, putting them back in using them. This is what it looks like theres, a barrier restore cream. There is the peptide glazing fluid. Then there are three of the lip treatments, so you can use these as like lip balms or like a mask or whatever you want honestly, a gloss so anyway thats. What comes in here and im just going to talk a little bit about the products? First of all, when it comes to the packaging, its so cute, i love it its so like its just me in a packaging form. I feel like this, like gray, just sleek, simple matte, i feel like its really on brand for haley, if that makes sense anyway lets get into the product. So lets start with. I have this little pamphlet here that has everything in it. Peptide glazing fluid. So this is 29 is going to retail for 29.. This is the packaging um. What is the size on it? How many ounces to say 1.7 ounces of product and its called the peptide glazing fluid? It says our signature dewy glow in a bottle, a lightweight quick, absorbing hybrid serum gel for instantly yummy radiant skin. I would agree with that. I feel like when i first tried it.

I was like okay, its like a serum and a moisturizer, its like bordering between the two. When you pump it out, its kind of like looks like its going to be a moisturizer, but then, as soon as you put it on the skin, it kind of like instantly feels like serum. It feels really really nice, but its kind of definitely a hybrid. It says benefits plumps and hydrate skin instantly illuminates for glazed finished, okay period. It like the the way that i would describe. It is almost like a plumping lip gloss, even though its like not a plumping lip gloss at all. It like gives me that same like okay, so you know after the tingle stops like after the tingling on the lip gloss stops and its no longer like burning you just have that really like plump, like stimulated thats, i dont even know how to explain it. It feels like your skin is like super just like juiced up and ready to go, and it feels like everything is just you know. I dont know i love it. I love the feeling that it gives me it makes me feel like very just youthful. I mean i am beautiful, but it makes me feel super youthful anyway, more glaze, less dullness, fine lines, dryness and uneven texture. It does have niacinamide peptides, hyaluronic, acid and marula oil. I love niacinamide in my products, its my new favorite thing, so im obsessed that her products have niacinamide and niacinamide helps smooth your texture a lot.

So if you do have textured skin, these products will definitely help over time with your texture, hyaluronic acid hydration, its a very hydrating launch, like everything, is very just juiced skin anyway, 29 gorgeous highly recommend if youre looking for a nice like serum okay. So next is the barrier restore cream, so thats this one. This you guys is my new favorite moisturizer im obsessed with this. I am obsessed okay, so this is the brc barrier store cream 29 um everything is under thirty dollars. I think thats her thats her vibe um, rich cream, moisturizer to comfort, soothe and restore the skin barrier, its our concentrated antioxidant and peptide powerhouse. Okay, so the benefits of it are nourishes and replenishes skin moisture and comforts a compromised skin barrier. This just feels like when i, when i squeezed it out when i was, i already tried all this on tik tok, so i already had my first impressions of it, but as soon as i squeeze it out, i kind of was like shook because i was not Expecting for it to feel like so luxe and just like creamy and thick im, i was living for it. Dexters chewing his food over there. So if you hear crunching thats dexterity like it definitely feels like a protective layer like after you finish everything else in your skincare. You pop this on. It feels definitely like a protective layer and just like that that just um i dont know how to explain it, but its really thick, really moisturizing, without being like too heavy.

Some creams can feel like really heavy and like theyre. Just like look on your face, its still lightweight, but it feels so luxe so yeah that was the barrier restore cream again its just like it has replaced all my other moisturizers in literally a day um. I just love the way that it feels. It just feels. Amazing, and it feels definitely like a barrier or store cream like when you put it on youre, just like yes, that is what my skin was needing. So im obsessed with that now were moving on to peptide lip treatments. I am obsessed with these. If you know me, you know, i love a good lip balm like i have like a hundred. These are great. I know a good lip balm when i feel them. These are great okay, so this says, let me im blind. I cant see that far away. This is 16 and i feel like thats, pretty much the price of like higher end lip balms 16. It says a restorative lip treatment for naturally plump pillowy soft lips day or night. This dreamy formula leaves lips looking glossy and works hard to protect and nourish dry skin, from within benefits. It restores and replenishes dry lips helps look, helps lock in moisture for plumper softer lips. It has shea butter peptides, im gon na, have to put the last two ingredients on the on the um screen, because i dont know how to pronounce those and im not gon na immerse myself, so ill, learn and then ill put them up on the screen.

This comes in watermelon, um, unscented and salted caramel at first, when i saw the salted caramel. I was like what, because i am a fruity girl. Like i love fruity on my lips, i dont like chocolatey stuff. I dont, like you know what i mean. I just am a fruity girl, but this smells like candy. It smells so good and the scent is not overbearing. When you put it on your lips, like you, can smell it its more about like the experience like you, can smell it when youre putting it on and like it smells really good. Youre loving it, but as you go throughout the day its not this overwhelming scent. If you know what i mean some like lip glosses and lip products like have this lingering smell, where you almost get sick of it, because its just always there and youre, like literally get off this one doesnt, have that smells really good right out of the bottle And as you put on your lips, but you cant really smell it too much throughout the day. You can smell it a little bit, but its not overwhelming. My favorite is the watermelon. I love that she has unscented formulas for people who are just thats, not their vibe. I love the watermelon ive literally been taking. Actually, when i once sat down to film this video, i had to run back down to the car and get the watermelon one from the car, because ive been using it all day, ive been using it for the last two days like im obsessed with it, but Um yeah, those are all the products she came out with three products and its all very hydrating.

This it says plumper, i dont want you guys to think that, like its tingling and its like a lip plumper, its not its just so hydrating that your lips look plump like theres, no tingling lip plumping situation going on. So i just dont want anyone to be confused. These are great again, the packaging is just so so. Cool girl and i feel like haley, is just a cool girl. This is getting very cool girl, so now lets get into the demo of the products. Show you how they look on the skin. Everything like that. So first things first lets use the lip treatment because my lips are dry. This one smells. I was saying this on tik tok. This one smells like a watermelon sour patch. You guys, if you know you know, i love the smell of this. It smells so candy ish, okay, lip treatment, hugs on its kind of a thicker formula, its definitely not thin, its definitely thick. It feels like very almost it says, lip treatment. It feels more lip treatment than it would lip balm. I use it as a lip balm and whatever i feel like, but it feels definitely more like something that you would wear overnight for, like overnight, hydration its like thick like that, but honestly its super comfortable on the lips i mean you can tell it looks amazing. I i need to stop saying obsessed because, like i need more words in my vocabulary, but im obsessed, okay, yeah, the lip treatment is very thick, its very luxe.

It definitely feels hydrating and look at my lips. They look good in juicing now lets put on the peptide glazing fluid. This is what the component looks like. It has this little cute little edge and so does the lip treatment they have that little edge, which i think is so cute, the pop the top just pops off at first. I was trying to screw it off it just pops off and then its this little pump, applicator. So cute and im going to show you guys what i was talking about when um, i was saying that it comes out almost moisturizery. It comes out like a really thin moisturizer im, not sure if its focusing a really just like thin moisturizer, but then youll see as soon it like becomes serumy as soon as its like rubbed, in which i thought was really interesting, so were just gon na wrap. This on the skin it instantly makes your skin glowy. It really really really does, and it definitely feels the closest thing i could relate it to is almost like a water moisturizer. But then its not really the same because, like the texture, is kind of like a water moisturizer. But you know when you use a water moisturizer, and then it um like instantly like vanishes and just absorbs into the skin super fast, and your face is like a little bit dry. Almost afterwards. It doesnt have that same feeling, but the texture is like a water.

Moisturizer feels really really nice and super hydrating like very again that plumping feeling, like i dont, know what it is i dont know. Hopefully, when, like more people are trying, it theyll know what im talking about, but it feels clumpy, but not like tingling in the traditional sense of that, like word its just plumping its pumping, it goes on really nicely. It is a little bit tacky afterwards because it is serumy um, but yeah. It feels really really good on the skin and it makes you instantly have a glow and definitely on theme with her, like glazed donut type of marketing, that she was doing. Definitely on theme. You definitely look super glazed, this paired with an spf these two products paired with an spf and a lip balm. You will be the glowiest girl in town like seriously thats what i was wearing yesterday and i was like whoa. I am glass skin central right now. Last but not least, we have the barrier restore cream, which is my favorite honestly. If i have to say, if you had to only get one thing, you could only get one thing, then i would definitely recommend the berry restore cream, because i feel like its just such a good moisturizer. Its looking like shes like that and its actually kind of like really really thick the other one turned like watery. This one stays incredibly thick, which i love and im just gon na put that all over.

You honestly only need a little bit of this, but, like i am a moisturizer like junkie. So whenever i use moisturizer, i always put on like a thick thick layer and i just like let it absorb throughout the day, especially if im just like chilling at home, then i definitely just let it absorb into my skin and i just walk around feeling. So juicy especially if im going to school, if im going to school whens the last time i went to school, if im going to sleep, you guys my skin is like wet with skincare when im going to sleep so like i layer it on, and i just Love that i love the way that it feels so this is the very restore cream on you guys and honestly. I dont know if you guys can tell with my lighting my camera, who sometimes hates me and doesnt, want to pick things up, but you guys it is so glowy on the skin those two products mixed together, dont, let you layer an spf dont. Let you layer an spf on top of this youre going to be so so glossy its just. You look so healthy and i love that and like i cant even i just love the products. I love the products and im not getting paid to say this. No reason for me to lie, i truly love the products and i can tell that she gave us what she likes if that makes sense its not just like.

Oh, she put together some random products and like released them, she definitely gave us products that you can tell that she would want to use and that she likes, because it definitely gives me the hailey glow. You know like whenever you see her. She just has glowy like beautiful skin and definitely just gives that vibe, and this is exactly how im spending my summer lost up. Spf on juicy lips like this is how were spending the summer im obsessed, and i really think a lot of people are gon na. Like this, and i cant like now, im like i was anticipating this for so long and so excited for it to come, and now im more excited for her to launch the new things im like okay. Well, i need her to launch a new thing, so i can get those i can be first in line to buy them like. I cannot wait so anyway.