I am so pumped about todays product. This is the pure lease perfect glow, bb concealer. I am obsessed with the purelys makeup products. The perfect glow bb cream is one of my favorite foundation products, but i love all of the purely bb and cc creams. They have high spf, they have great coverage and they look so smooth glowy and natural on the skin theyre one of my most recommended products. When someone asks me for a good foundation, and so when i saw that they had a concealer, i was so excited and so excited to be able to choose this for my may 2022 ipsy glam bag, which that unbagging is up here on my youtube channel. Now, if you havent seen it yet so the full size of this retails for 28 – and it just sounds awesome because its supposed to be skin like it, has nourishing ingredients in it like goji and shisandra, berry and jasmine, and just based off of all of my Experience with the other purelys products that i love, i have high hopes for this. So im just going to its got the little squeezy tube here squeeze a little bit onto my finger, just a tiny bit to start and apply it to my under eye. It says to just tap it on with finger, but i typically apply my concealers with a sponge, so maybe ill try this in both techniques, but i definitely struggle with dark under eye circles.

So im really excited to see how this is going to be. I forgot to mention that i got this in the shade fair, which is the lightest shade, and they definitely dont have a very extensive shade range in this right now, but its definitely very brightening for my under eye and it does kind of dry and set down Relatively quickly – and i will say my skin right now, like you – can tell how red my skin is, it is struggling. I used a retinol face mask that was just so bad for my skin, so my skin got so swollen and red and now its at the point where its very dry, so my under eyes are unfortunately dry and i can see a little bit of that dry. Texture from this product, so kind of bummed to see that, but all products right now are making my skin look dry. So just something to keep in mind with this. I wouldnt really want to use it right now, when i have this dryness under my eyes, because it is going to make that more obvious like without it. I cant really see the dry skin, but with it that dry texture is there its also not giving me full great coverage right now, but i did just go in with a tiny bit so lets see how it layers up, but i do like applying it with My finger, i think that works pretty well.

You definitely only need a little bit but its not a very thick kind of balm texture. It is more of a thin formula. Thats super blendable. I just feel like this shade, looks so stark white against my red skin. Right now, but lets see, am i able to build up the coverage kind of where i dont have the dry skin as much like a little bit more here on my cheeks, i can see that it does look more smooth. So if you dont have a very dry skin, it is going to look smooth skin like, but it does have a matte finish, which im a little bit surprised by because of that perfect glow title name of it and im interested to see if its going to Crease, its not really creasing in these lines, just yet so well see, but its a nice concealer, maybe for the fun of it im going to pick up a little bit more on my finger and ill just apply a few dots and blend it out with the Sponge see how that works. Oh im glad to see that blending it out with the sponge works just as well as with my finger, because sometimes i feel like i cant get as much coverage with the sponge as i can get with my finger, but its pretty similar amount of coverage. I, and it really is like a little, goes, a long way. I have excess so im like bringing it up the center of the face a little bit, but i like this because it is very skin like its not drying to my under eyes.

My under eyes are just already a little bit dry, but its matte without being drying, and it definitely feels very lightweight im, just going to kind of balance out how light it is on my face by applying it down the center of my face as well. So this shade does some good highlighting effect. Typically, surprisingly, in pure elise, i am more of a medium shade, not usually the fair thats one one little complaint about pure leaves is that the shades can be tricky, but im really not seeing much creasing slightly slightly, but not even enough that i would set this With a powder so thats great, like it pretty much sets itself with that matte finish, not creasing, so thats going to help the under eyes, look even more natural, so ill put in a split screen of how my skin looks before and after using this to conceal And i think it really does a good job of hiding the imperfections that you want to hide brightening. Just like one of the beneficial ingredients in this claims to do and im really happy with this skin. Like texture of this, because it is just so lightweight – looks and feels like skin and thats what i love so much about all of those other purely products, because, when im wearing makeup, i dont want it to look like makeup on my skin. I just wanted to make my skin look better and im really able to achieve that with this.

So if youve tried this concealer out, definitely let me know in the comments down below how it works for you. Maybe if you dont have such dry skin, it would look different, so i would really love to hear how it works on different skin types and thank you so much for watching. My video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.