VICE Co. Flawlezza Concealer Review (Shade Ni Vice + Moreyna) | Jay Gurbuxani

If you want to see how this product performs and know what i think about it, then please keep on watching. So this is what the product looks like again. This is device cosmetics, fluolessa, conceal and perfect creamy matte, liquid concealer. This was released back in may of this year. I know it is […]

Naturally Glowy Makeup…

Nice glowy monochromatic look im using my beautiful model, uh shes, very close friend of mine and shes, a filipino um, very beautiful skin and such a nice features. I wanted to show you this makeup on somebody elses, instead of me so thats why i chose her im starting by prepping, her skin um. […]

Ancient Cosmetics Body Oil Review | Poppin’ Papaya & Island Mango

So a company by the name of asian cosmetics reached out to me and asked me to review some of their products. So thank you to asian cosmetics for sponsoring this video. If you guys dont, know about asian cosmetics ill, give you guys a brief description, so they are a black owned company thats […]


Ive been reviewing a very nice product in this particular video, a product that has really been helpful to me, a prayer that helps me get rid of my acne of lids ive. Not been showing my face on the camera, yes, i was battling with severe acne. It was very, very serious. I tried […]

Amazon Pretend Makeup Set #amazon #pretendmakeup #ginmic #readingandretail #productreview #makeup

Thank you for joining me. So today, im going to talk about this product amazon reached out to me and asked me: would i review a product for them? This is their pretend makeup set by jyn mc and i looked it up online and i said oh, that is so cute. Yes, send it […]

WORTH THE HYPE? PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation Review + NEW Bholder Brush PUR COSMETICS LOVE

This is the four in one selfie foundation plus concealer, so it is like a foundation and concealer in one and its got a ton of benefits, and the best part is that they come in a hundred different shades. This was sent to me through their little pr. Um influencer program, which i have […]

Free Lightening/Whitening lotion Recipe | Active Consentrates To Boost Your Products & Usage

Your whitening or lightening lotion should consist of between making your product 100. Organic is very, very nice, yes, but then it takes so long before some ingredients take effect. That is where all this concentrate comes in. They just help hi guys its your girl again faster and welcome to todays episode if youre […]

Unboxing my Beauty Bay/Amazon prime package

So, as i was doing this beautiful makeup, okay, let me tell you guys: you have to go and watch it on my beauty channel. So i just finished filming this beautiful face, so i just finished filming yeah. You have to go and watch that video. I will put the link on this particular […]

colourpop instagram

Colourpop No Filter Foundation on DRY FLAKEY, OLIVE SKIN I was like following it before it launched, and I was there the day of the moment of I was there ready to click my button because I was so excited and Im talking about the colour pop no filter foundation, so were gon na be […]

Before You Buy the New ILIA FULLEST VOLUME MASCARA Check Out My Honest Review

I am break creator of the style shaker your guide to cleaner, greener beauty, skincare and beyond. I try products out for you, so you have a better idea of what to buy and, more importantly, what not to buy today its all about the new ilia mascara. This is their fullest, volumizing mascara. I […]