Review Lipcream Look At Me Cosmetics | L.A.M, sebagus itu?

Like comment subscribe, saya ke, teman, teman, kalian dan media sosial, yang kalian, punya kalau, udah, kita, ke, videonya, Musik, cara, jadi, ini, dia, lip cream yang, sering, aku, pakai ini, tuh, perfect lipcream, dari M atau, loket microsd, matic, menjadi, Kendari, lip cream, ini, tuh altimet, finish beddingfield Yang juga vitamin ada feat: eminen, […]

Buyer Beware 🆘 Surge in Fake & Counterfeit Skincare & Beauty Products ⛔ IHerb – Walmart – Amazon

Recently, there is a little story on reddit about iherb and i herb had an ad for a mamone product uh, but the product in the picture definitely was not made by mamonde unless they dont know how to spell their name correctly. So it led me to wonder so: is the product – and […]

My Brutally Honest Review of the VIORI BEAUTY Organic RICE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER Bars

I already filmed this review about two weeks into the process and i was loving this shampoo and conditioner. I really really was. I was very into it a month in its a bit of a different story: hi everybody welcome back to the channel. I am brick creator of the style shaker your guide […]

Believe Beauty Skin Finish Foundation Review | Dollar General Makeup

I am so excited to finally be trying out the believe beauty foundation. So this is the dollar general exclusive makeup brand called believe beauty, and here i have the skin finish foundation medium to full coverage, and i have been wanting to try this out for a long time, because i have heard so […]

Nail Salon Warsaw In

I WENT TO THE WORST REVIEWED NAIL SALON IN WARSAW :Don’t believe all you hear🥰🥰🥰🥰 We are now going to inca, mall or flea market. I dont know what it is so im just going there to get. My nails done then afterwards ill give you a creator of this house, because we have been […]

SUNSCREEN ON A BUDGET: La Roche Posay Age-Correct SPF 50 VS Garnier Anti-Age Super UV Sunscreen

If you have been watching my videos lately, then you probably knew that this video was coming, because when i was reviewing this uh anti age sunscreen by garnier, i noticed that it had a lot of similarities to the h crack sunscreen that i also reviewed so in Case you want to watch the […]

MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Eye Advanced Makeup Kit Review || Preetzle

Todays video! I am going to be reviewing my management uttaras eye kit. Now, if im not wrong, i always showed you guys this these products in my vlog video, and if you havent watched that video you should because thats literally one of my favorite video in my whole channel. Okay, so in this […]

🔥REVIEW 🔥 RETINOL của @Hyram 🔥

I was surprised when I first used it Hi guys welcome to my YouTube channel For anyone who doesnt know me. My name is Vu: Duy Im the founder of a platform that can analyze chemical components in cosmetics called If you are learning about components in cosmetics, you can pay my website a […]

Skin Care Product Review || Reviewing @cetaphil skin cleanser💜#skincare #skincaretips

So i have this love for skin and you know skin care products and everything related to skin. So what i would be doing in this youtube channel of mine that i have started is that i would be reviewing skincare products. Basically, i will introduce you to the products that have worked for me […]

Kourtney Kardashian Skincare Dupe from Cosmetic Chemist

So the first thing that shes doing is, puts her hair up pretty relatively simple and then goes into the first step of cleansing. Youll notice that cleansing is usually a two step process so where this is going to be very similar shes starting with makeup removal, micellar water, um, micellar water is good […]