Is there anyone who would like to pay their respects and I would be in the back. I would like to pay my respects. Come up here, man the cast its relaxed. It is me and I would walk to the front – oh Cody. Ah, yes, are her fake friends, murdered, ducksberry and Samantha. I would notice that glamzilla didnt even show up. I would pass the CEO section: hi Charlotte hot and dryer cosmetics keep walking James Charles and then once I get there, I will stop at the casket. Oh, oh Michaela, oh Music. Your makeup looks just as good as your filters Codys sitting next to the waitress. Oh, you have on your Jimmy Choo shoes. They buried you with your Michael Kors purse and your your Ross that the dress you like from Ross and Marshalls okay, Im gon na give my speech. Okay and I will go up to the podium laughs. Michaela was a good woman, but she was a liar and they would get off stage man now now and they were kick theyll. Kick me out girl and thats what I would do at Michaelas funeral. Okay, guys we have so much to talk about Michaela is at it again its stopping ah smelled around this all right lets talk about this drama, so Michaela is being called out again for, of course, duh lie in the house. Girl literally oh cause. I do want to say this: I am I switched over to a new water temporarily.

This is from Austin Texas called Rambo, not sponsored, although I should be, it is basically sparkling water. Lemon lime like try, try this ramble water from Austin, its really cool. Okay. Now this is the part where I get into my sponsored portion. Thank you so much to for sponsoring this video remember you can use code Lux Lux at for 50 off plus free shipping and a portion of the process goes to fight and find a cure for HIV and AIDS. I love companies. I love companies who give back and its not all about adult toys, definitely check out their silk pillowcases pajamas eye masks and things like that. I think you really dont like it, so I get so many messages about when you shop there and what you bought. So I love to hear it and dont forget to use code Lux Lux. Adamandeve.Com lets get on with this drama, all right, so Michaela posted this video of Selena Gomez, rare Beauty like around the time it had first came out or something like that. I think it was like last year or the year before that, something like that. Well in the video she puts it on and she said that she really likes it. So let me roll you that clip here we go neutral, pink, okay, so how I like to apply. These is put one little dot right, super easy see how every day of a color that is, it goes perfectly with the lip.

Yeah Ill be rocking this for every day. Okay, so no big deal right. Well, I find it very interesting that she gave it raving reviews and then it wasnt, like you know that long after that that she then met Selena Gomez and – and I feel like that whole thing was just kissing. Her butt girl, kissing, Selenas butt for free PR publicity get the chance to meet Selena. Maybe Selena Gomez will watch it. They want to be best friends. Okay, all right, Im gon na ask someone very special what their favorite rare beauty product is: hey girl, hello! Oh, my gosh whats, your favorite rare beauty product its 100, the always an optimist, four in one set in Miz. Yes, well, she ended up meeting Selena Gomez, maybe because her reviews were so good and then I dont know this other clip popped up where shes saying she really doesnt like it. So here we go roll it such an unpopular opinion, but the rare Beauty liquid blushes arent, even in my top five from what I recall, you only need this much and from also what I recall you need to like blend them immediately. Otherwise, youre screwed, but I dont hate me, but I find them hard to blend. Okay, like it gets there eventually, but I have blushes that take me two seconds, so people are saying that the first one was paid and the second one wasnt and first of all, Im tired of tick tocker straddling the fence.

There is so much good makeup out there, but people just wont review it because theres no money behind it. There are so much really good small businesses up and coming just new brands or just established brands that are really good or decent that come from the same Factories at these other places, but no ones talking about them because theres no like money behind it or incentive To push the product that makes sense or celebrity name or for clout or whatever I think, its so stupid, girl and thats. Why, like, I think we, the consumers, know that paying an extraordinary amount of money for something is just outrageous like you know, you get the same quality, the same ingredients for like five bucks. 10 bucks girl, okay, lets just keep it real okay, but I think we buy into things because of status or celebrities or endorsements or the fact of it being like that it thing or the fact that when people pull it out, theyre gon na perceive you differently And things of that nature, so I dont know, I think that Michaela, I dont think that she was sponsored the first time she reviewed it, but I feel like she was doing it because one it was the IT thing to do. She was straddling the fans and thats what I dont like about these tick tockers. Is they straddle the fans, not all of them, some of them theyre like okay? If I, if I say I dont like it theyre gon na come for me, I dont want them to come for me and thats.

What I dont like about some of these tick talkers, like just get on camera, dont, be afraid to get canceled dont, be afraid to speak your mind and say what you dont like about a product. If you dont like it, you dont, like it, thats what thats? What youre, therefore, I dont get it. Sometimes I get like emails and like can you review this makeup product and Im like listen, you can send it to me, but if I dont like it, I dont like it and theyre like oh, no, no! No! No! No! No never mind never mind its like okay, so youre, not so you were gon na pay. Me youre gon na, send it to me youre gon na pay me. But now, when I said Im gon na give you an honest review about it. All of a sudden youre like no no, no, never mind just keep it for free or something Im like this doesnt make any sense to me. Like dont. You want real reviews, theres something called like user generated content. They call it ugc or something people love ugc. Just free user generated content that people just make right and I think that what Michaela is good at what shes now been exposed at is that Michaela just just be naughty Council. If you want, I dont care, she looks like that average girl. She does not look like a supermodel, she doesnt look like something off Vogue magazine or anything like that.

She just doesnt, but when they see Michaela and she looks like an average normal girl – and they see her doing this and oh I love it so much. I think that she falls under that user generated content and theyre like oh, my God. This is believable because she looks like a normal girl, but if you were to put a model to do that, who already looks 10 10 10, not say she doesnt. But you know what Im saying use like a supermodel, then it kind of just comes across as fake. Does that make sense anyways. I think that Michaela is good at looking like the typical ugc, but now shes been exposed so much and I mean exposed in the way of like people have seen her face so much that she doesnt come across like that anymore, she tries, but she doesnt. So I think, with the Selena Gomez thing which she was put on the blushes or whatever that highlighter was it looked like ugc content and then now shes, like I dont, know I dont like it and its like okay, so which one is it did you like? Not like it or did you lie the first time just to get on the pr list. Did you lie the first time just to meet Selena Gomez? Is it all a lie, or did you generally wholeheartedly from the bottom of your heart? Love it in the beginning, and then you changed your mind because listen women people were allowed to change our mind one minute.

We want to do something next thing: we dont thats. Fine change your mind, but when it comes to selling product at least tell us why it should have been like you know. I made a video a couple years ago or a year ago, and I said I really liked it for every day now I changed my mind. It could be like that, and let me tell you why, but it wasnt none of that. It just comes across his face that she constantly keeps doing that. The house Im just saying Im just saying – and I said this the other day to a friend of mine like in private, I was like you know, Michaelas really late to the game. I kind of feel like she is so late to the game in the sense that if she comes out with her own makeup line girl, there are so many makeup lines already out already. There is nothing that Michaela is gon na come out with that. The average person doesnt already have does that make sense that says the truth all day long there is nothing. Michaela can do that the average the average brand isnt already like youre, not Reinventing anything girl, anyways. So lets talk about this other drama with Michaela. Okay, I love this so much theres, so much drama right now. I cant even deal okay, so Michaela went to Las Vegas. We know about that and she she hung out with a friend named Samantha.

Now I am unaware with Lady Samantha, so maybe you might know about her um, so Michaela post a photo I have it right here is what she posts on Instagram see the picture. The first picture is the most provocative of the mom, just my opinion, and it says, and Im gon na read it my dearest Samantha two years ago our paths crossed on Tick Tock and I instantly fell in love with the person. You are okay, Im already thinking this is some lesbian, romantic relationship shes in Vegas with Samantha, saying she loves her and Cody back at home Im just saying Im, just saying: okay, Im allowed to have my opinion, but I digress. I know that thats a reach. I get it reach Lux. I get it okay, so in this photo it is basically saying that Samanthas, a good friend and she Vibes with her all that all that just to say that and theres a picture of Michaela all right. So she has five photos. So the next photo is of Michaela again the same caption. Of course all right. So then you swipe, oh, the third photo. Finally, we get to see who Samantha is. Okay, the lighting looks better on um Michaela. It does Samantha that was shady heres, the oh, its wipe it again for the fourth photo and its Samantha again again. Michaela looks really good in that lighting bit photo oh its Michaela. To me this was so mean girl, not like narcissistic.

If you truly cared about Samantha, it literally would have been the first photo. It just would have been one photo of you and Samantha like thats. All the fact that its like two or three photos of you and then Samantha towards the back of the end of the photo Carousel Im like girl. Really that is just so shady, though, in fact that Samantha doesnt even see that, like I would literally be like Samantha, I would if I was Samantha I would say, but Kaylee I feel like youre using me for views. You know people dont say you havent, you dont have any friends and then here you are post a photo of you, you and then finally me toward the back No Ones Gon na swipe all the way back. There girl theyre gon na read it like whos Samantha youre, not even in the first picture, so thats what I would say. So I think that Michaela is being a little shady there. I just find it very narcissistic and even the photos of them together. Michaela looks like shes front and center, but thats just my opinion. God forbid. I have an opinion girl, but if I call it out, oh I get so much negative comment. I get so much hate in the comments for just speaking my mind, but God forbid girl. God forbid anyways. I just wanted to just put that out there and just see what what you have to say about that and what do you guys think about that drama and so yeah? You know what I just feel like when it comes to makeup.

I think a lot of times people just buy stuff for the name or they buy it. They buy it for the clout or buy it so that when people see what they pull out, theyre like oh, they have money to hand or something like that. Girl just buy makeup that works. Okay, if you like it, buy it and remember you guys, you at home, are the ones who vote with your wallets. If you like something youre going to buy it, you keep them in business by buying. If you dont, like a brand or a person, dont buy it dont buy into it the same anyways guys, and let me know what were seeing all that. Oh, I do want to see this also, I feel like when it comes to cosmetic brands. It just comes out down to money its like the more financial backing you have, the bigger your your brand will shoot out. Does that make sense? I cant wait to feel that way. I feel like its not about having a good product its more about just having a lot of money to promote the product that doesnt even make sense thats how I feel right now my opinions can change, but let me know think all that drama and thank you. So much to my sponsor for sponsoring this video.