All the way through now just so much that is being released. Theres also a couple things that havent been released but theyre new to me, and I wanted to share those with you as well. So dont forget that I always list my necklaces, my earrings, my shirt um. What I have on for pants, if I can list my rings, I will do that as well. My fingernail polish, that kind of thing I always list and Link that down below. We also have a numbering system here that you can follow along and each product will be numbered and then open up the description box and inside that description box. There will be one through. However many we get to and you can shop that way with the link. Next to the product – and you dont have to remember its very easy to do so. I hope that you enjoy having that system in place as well all right. So the first thing I want to talk about is Ive been waiting. I have been waiting such a long time for Milani to come out with a decent eyeshadow formula, and I really think that they did. These are the Milani gilded Minis and I need to get my glasses. So I can tell you what they are. This one right here is call me old fashioned. This is your classic Smoky shadow palette, and I love that the year there is just six in here. This is great for travel, its great to throw in your bag.

If youre going out for a day trip whatever – and I love the saturation of these theyre really good, I I wore this one today, mostly, I did wear a one other color in the other palette, theyre, just really good. They are very saturated and finally, they have come out with ones that are pretty theyre just pretty and they blend well, and I I was really pleasantly surprised. So I like that one and then the other one glasses again lets see this one is the wind down. So this is going to be your classic burgundy mauve colors, and I really like this one as well. I did wear this color right here with a little bit of the light color the lightest color mixed in as my transition um other than that I used the other palette. The metallics in these Im really absolutely Blown Away by, but I will tell you also that these mattes theyre really good too normally mattes. For me from this comfort from Milani. They dont impress me, but this did it really really did impress addressed me. I was really happy that they finally have changed their formula and lets hope that they stick with this. They definitely have my stamp of approval on this okay and over over on Tick Tock. There was all that controversy about this LOreal telescopic lift mascara um yeah. I didnt get involved in any of that. I didnt even want to. You know, talk about it or anything.

I got this before that little gal, I think her name was Michaela something I got this before long before she ever had her little. They call it mascara gate or something like that. It was so silly anyway. I really liked it, and I watched Jen Phelps talk about it way before that as well, and she liked it. I the waterproof formula – and I do think its really good. I do have it on today so that you know this is you know my natural lashes with it on now? Um you can see. This wand is very different. Some parts of it theres no bristles on oops lets, get back over here and some parts of it theyre, shorter ones and longer ones. So you really do get the chance to go in there and really get all of those lashes coated. The waterproof is a little bit harder to get off, but I liked it better. I had tried both. I liked it better than the the plain one, because that one seemed to flake by the end of the day, this one didnt, and so I just use a balm uh to a cleansing balm to get it off. This is great for building length and you know volume. You know as much as you have lashes thats. My problem, always is how many lashes can you coat when you dont have very many lashes in in the beginning anyway, but I do like this and I wanted to tell you about it, because it was one that you know everybody kind of were like you know.

They went out and they rushed to buy it because you know they wanted to see whether she was telling the truth about it. I know about it beforehand. I love it. This is the new highlighter wand for Flower Beauty, and I really love these. I it is what I have on as well today, Spotlight liquid highlighter and this color is called opal and it is just they were trying to compete with Charlotte Tilbury, and I like it, I like it a lot. I thought it did a really good job of highlighting it doesnt feel thick, it doesnt feel heavy. It is not one that has any glitter in it, its just shine, and it gives you a pretty subtle glow on your cheeks. Its not like you know, super high beam if youre somebody that really has a hard time with highlighter liquid highlighter can be good, wear it underneath your blush and you might like it a lot more. So this one dries down to feel like a powder or you know just dries down to be on your cheeks. It doesnt dry you out, but it does dry down. So I have really enjoyed this a lot now. Another one that is new to me is the J cat Beauty. This is all about the the base, and this is an eye shadow base or an eyeshadow primer, and it is a little bit I will say its a little bit more emollient, so youll have to powder this put a teeny tiny bit on.

I put way too much on there use a teeny tiny bit and then you will have to do a tiny bit of powder on top of it. You could let it dry but its going to crease unless you put that powder on top of it. But I do like the lasting power of it and how vibrant it does make my eyeshadow. I think that its a really good one, you know my favorite one ever – is Anastasia, Beverly Hills, but a lot of people found that very drying, and they did say that it creased as well. I find that pretty much any base that you use or any primer that you use for your eyes, youre, going to have to put a tiny bit of powder. You dont want to put too much but youre going to have to put a little bit. So that is one that I really have been enjoying. I like that its got a little bit of color in there and it can cancel out the redness on your eyelid. Next up is a blush that really surprised me now. I did hear this off of tick. Tock one of those gals over there was talking about it. These are the balm blushes. You can use this on your lips as well. This is from Revolution, beauty or makeup Revolution and its interesting that the way that it is is quite I cant even describe how the texture of this is other than a balm.

It really is just very creamy, very emollient, its pretty, and I do have it on. As well, I really like the color, its a very neutral color. Let me see if I can figure out where the color is before. I tell you too much. Nope cant figure out the color cant, see it so Ill put it up here on the screen after I figure it out, but I did like this. It does not dry down, though I will tell you that so it will drag down a little bit, but the appeal to it is that its balmy and its going to leave you with that wet look on your cheeks or that dewy look on your cheeks and So thats what a lot of people are liking and even now, as Im touching it a little bit, it does still feel very dewy and you can probably see it is still a little bit like a balm on my face, not a powder that dries me out. So I really like it, I think its very pretty and the other colors are very pretty too. I had just gotten this one that gal over on Tick, Tock shes like falling all over herself for it, because they are really nice ones and she has every color and she showed us every color. If I can remember her name or her Instagram, her Tick Tock handle Ill put that down below for you guys. Hopefully I can remember that all right, the other one Ive actually talked about before on my channel.

This is the new wet and wild powder um. This is bare Focus, clarifying finishing powder, uh vegan uh, and it says it has collagen dont like that, because the collagen molecule cant do anything for you, its too big to penetrate your face tea tree, vitamin E. Those are all great ingredients, and this is a great powder um. I have likened this to the Charlotte Tilbury powder. I dont know why it says clarifying. I think that maybe the tea tree in it just helps it be soothing, and that kind of thing I havent read too much into descriptions or anything. This one is fair light, so they do have a bunch of other colors, but its really pretty It Buffs out. It helps to blur your pores. I dont feel like Im getting too to dried out with it. I think that wet and well does a great job on their powders. A lot of people love the photo Focus. That is the loose powder, but I think this one is really good and I definitely could put my stamp of approval on it. Just go light handed with it thats what you always want to do with powders when youre a mature woman, you want to be a little bit more light, headed also. I am so excited about this one now Catrice came out with a new setting spray Ultra last two fixing spray transfer proof waterproof: no alcohol, no perfumes. Now I will tell you that the squirter on this or the mister on this sucks its really its heavy.

So it sucks so dont do that, but if you want to put it on to a brush spray, it onto a brush and kind of you know really lightly put it on your face. The best way for me is my dampen Beauty. Sponge Ill spray it on there – and I just you, know, kind of just put it all over your face just with a really light hand again. This is so good because it doesnt have the drying alcohol. I love how long this makes my makeup last. I really enjoy that it doesnt have any alcohol. I think the drugstore setting sprays can have too much alcohol in them, so this is great its going to be one of those ones. That could be a staple for you if you decide that you like it and make sure that you dont just squirt on your face because youll hate it then, but if you put it onto something else and then lightly put it on your face, I think that Youll really like it. I also want to talk about another thing that I got from yowama. This is, and I know Im not saying that right, Ive had people already. You know correct me on that, but I cant say it any other way. Okay, this is a two in one for your brows. I love this thing. Its got a micro brow on this side, pencil and then, on the other side, its got this teeny tiny little spoolie.

I think Ive talked about this three times on my channel now, teeny tiny little spoolie to get in there and really coat those hair and its got a little bit of fibers in it its so good. Okay, this this is the one and done two in one brow Styler. I cant believe I could read that thats so little, but yeah this one I just put in a dupes video for the tart has one that that tart has one. This is so good and the little micro brow fantastic. You know for painting in your sparse, eyelash, eyelashes eyebrows. I have very sparse ones. I have to make them look bigger, so you know the fibers there in the gel are great. The gel sets it very well. I love this thing. I cant say enough good about it. Its got a great color as well um. I dont remember what color I have, but I will just paint it on here, so you can see um. I think I want to see like its an ash brown but Im not sure it might be just like a medium brown or something does have several different colors, and I think that some stores, some Walmart stores, have this in store. So if youre somebody that doesnt like to shop online – and I you know – I link everything, but if you dont like to shop online, you might like to be able to get it at Walmart, so thats a bonus all right.

Very last uh Covergirl came out with this clean, fresh yummy gloss, and I just have the clear one, but this is really a fun gloss, its very hydrating, very, very hydrating. It feels very pillowy, very yummy on your lips um. This is kind of clear pink. I think theres a crystal clear one. You know just a plain one, but it feels so good and it feels so hydrating and I do know that Covergirl you know now they are uh leaping bunny certified and they came out with all these Clean. This Clean line, which a lot of people you know, really love this clean makeup, so its something that you can look at and go. Yes, its got that stamp of being clean makeup, which a lot of people really appreciate. So I wanted to make sure that I told you about that as well. Its not sticky its, not tacky when it wears for a long time for a gloss, but at the same time its not one of those that makes you feel like your lips are sticking together or anything like that. So I really do like this one super hydrating and thats what I loved about it all right. That was it that was a rapid fire one and I hope that you enjoyed seeing those um. I apologize for not showing you demonstrations of all of those, but, as I am recuperating Im trying to bring you as much content as possible and when Ive tried these things, and I really think theyre great – I want to definitely bring those to you.

Let me know down in the comment section if you found anything that you would like to share with us Id love to hear that from you. There are so many new products coming out that I possibly could not talk about them. Have you tried any of these products that I talked about today and are you enjoying them, or do you really not like them Id like to hear that as well? Thanks so much for being with me, I love you so very much and we will be together really soon take care of yourselves goodbye.