So Im excited were gon na get whatever they have um. I called and asked if they had stuff available and the lady kind of laughed a little bit so Im guessing lots of people have been calling and buying her stuff. So thats wonderful, but were gon na, go see what they have and if they have a lot then were buying at all, but Im not really wearing too much makeup besides mascara, so whatever I do find, I can try out the makeup at the end of this Video okay, I just got out of Sephora. That was fun supporting my girl, Selena just spent 400, but I got some stuff I needed. Also so lets do a little haul. Um her stuff was reasonably priced um. The stuff that was the most expensive was all basically not her stuff, so I needed a new setting spray which this stuff lasts me a long time. I love this hangover three in one setting spray Im about out of mine, so I got a new one. Also. I dont know if you guys could tell I put some foundation on that side of my face. Yeah, you could definitely tell oh, I hope it matches. I think it does. It was the only color left and I felt like it matched really good okay. So, besides her makeup, I also got a blush because Im all out of blush and thats the shade deep throat shades are so funny.

Ive never had that one Ive had luster and orgasm, but this one looks really pretty so I wanted to try that out and then, when I was in checkout, I thought this eyeshadow looked so pretty Natasha denona, I dont know who this is, but I loved the Size of it – and it has like all these colors that I use basically, so I thought it was really cute, especially thats good for traveling, but I thought the colors are pretty, and I also wanted to try out this. Pillow Talk push up lashes, mascara its a little sample size, but those were definitely the most expensive products all right now. Moving on to all the stuff, I got Ill show you guys what it looked like in there. It was right in the front she was literally in the front of Sephora and lots of it was sold out, but I picked out basically one or two of everything. Besides the cream blushes were sold out. Okay, so I got a soft pinch. Matte liquid blush in the shade Bliss, which looks like this. It looks like such a pretty color, so we got that and then I got a matte lip liner in the color creative. So I believe this is kind of just like a like a nudie lip color, and then I got her setting powder in the shade light medium. I got a kind words matte, lipstick, worthy, oh thats, so cute wait Im, just not realizing that they were all like kind words to yourself see.

This is why we love her and then this one is with gratitude. Dewy lip balm thankful, so those two shades I got in that and then this is a brightening concealer and then we got a matte Lip Cream in kindness and a matte Lip Cream in confident cute. These. These looks really nice Im excited to try those, and then I got a glossy lip balm in nearly neutral um. This is a light liquid luminizer, a poor, diffusing primer, which we will really see how this works. On my face, because I have huge pores, really big pores and then this is a oh, yes, a brow shape fill Duo. I dont really ever do my brows, but Ive been wanting to do them like more straight, like whats trending right now. I dont know if Id have to like shave off a little bit of the end, so I could draw them straighter, probably, but I got this in the shade taupe, but she doesnt have her products at Ulta, so this Sephora was in Kohls, so it was a Smaller Sephora, but they had pretty much all their stuff and then I got a tinted moisturizer. This is what I tried out on my skin. She also had a fuller coverage Foundation, but I feel like now that its almost summer I know I keep saying that I got a tinted moisturizer and it has SPF 20 sunscreen in it. I got 32 neutral. So, Im excited to use this because Ive been trying to take better care of my skin Ive, been doing a whole nighttime and morning routine, skin routine, and I should start wearing SPF too, when Im outside, because I love being out in the sun.

So I need to start using SPF, so if its in a like a tinted moisturizer that is lovely so to give you guys an idea of her prices, the primer was 15. The setting powder was 25 liquid lip gloss 20 powder 27. The setting powder was a little more highlighter 25.. The liner was 15., the concealer was 22.. The Tinted Moisturizer was 30. um, so yeah, it all ranged from 15 to 30 about. Please give this video a thumbs up. If you support Selena too okay, we are back at home and lets do a full face with all of this new makeup and see how we like it. Okay, so were gon na start off. With this diffusing pore primer cute little bottle, okay, its a lot smaller than I expected it to be, but lets see well put this everywhere. Oh, and I also took off the little bit of makeup I put on in the store okay. So now that we got that we are going to do the liquid luminizer, no no thats highlight the Tinted. Moisturizer were gon na put this all over our face with a beauty blender like look the last shade left. That is like perfectly my color. How perfect did that work out? Maybe let me turn the lights down a little bit, so you guys can see better. I do like that primer everything is like gliding on. I like that this tinted Ive never really used a tinted moisturizer before it just feels very light and not.

It looks like almost theres no makeup on my face. Okay, now lets try out this concealer. This is in the color 240w. So lets see how this looks with the foundation on. I like try to put it on in the store, and it looked good to me sometimes its hard to tell like does this? Do these two go together, I feel like you, only need like a little bit of concealer anyways, oh yeah. I think that looks good. Oh yeah! That match is good some up above. Do you guys think we put on the liquid blush before the setting powder for some reason I feel like we would so it like Blends in nicely with the foundation and everything never used a liquid blush before? Should I get it on my beauty? Blender, oh thats. Pretty Im gon na do a couple more dots. I really like this color. This is the color Bliss. You might look in the bottom of my shoe. Ew doesnt that look good like natural makes my face. Look. Glowy. Okay, then lets try this liquid illuminaire. Oh, I just dirtied up that whole lid with my Dirty Fingers Ive never used a liquid highlighter, either whoa wow, okay, maybe only like one dot, all that and then make one big dot over there. Look at that holy cow that is gorgeous, okay, pretty and now lets try the setting powder, which I usually dont, use setting powder. I usually just use like regular powder, which she did not have at least that I saw that was available, oh thats, cute, so twist.

So then it opens up because usually it just spills all over the place. You know I never know how to use this stuff, though, like do you put it in the lid? Oh, that looks like the perfect color. Okay lets see. That looks good. That is, like, oh Ive, been breathing in the powder thats like my perfect color. Okay, now that the base makeup is on lets, do our eyebrows, which I also am not the best at like. I do pretty simple makeup, but I wanted to try this like look. How cute this little palette is for the eyebrows and it like flips up like this isnt that cute so Im gon na use like a little angled brush like this, and I guess just like color it in lets, see what it looks like on my hand yeah. I like that, because its not like too dark and then theres also this color, and I think you can also wet this, but when its like a lighter powder like this, instead of it being like that dewy consistency, brow brow stuff like its so easy to mess That up, because its so dark, since this is like a light, it kind of gives you more like leeway to mess around hows. My eyebrow look: does it look the same, or does it look better? I think it looks good. I want to do them like straight, but I just dont know how to do that.

I think Id have to shave off my eyebrow, like the end, which I dont know. If I want to do that next, we have a bunch of lippies to mess around with. So should we do a matte, lipstick or lets try a few, because I have my makeup wipe so first lets maybe try out this dewy lip balm. So this is a darker shade. This is like all that they had left. Oh thats cute. I thought it was gon na be so much darker, so that is the shade Im going to take it off now. Lets try out this lip liner. Does it twist it does twist. We love that wow. This is like it like really matches my lips, okay, cute. So now that we did lip liner, we could do the matte, lipstick or the gloss lets, do the matte, lipstick and then also we could do the glossy lip balm on top. Well, try it out, like that and theres also a lip cream sure we might just have to try them all lets try on this matte one first, I feel like this. Color of this box is really cute, so this is Worthy ooh. Okay. I really like this one ah fancy and then I also want to try out this mascara and eyeshadow palette. Let me open that and put that on too. So then we can get like a full effect with the Lip lip on put on a little bit more makeup, like look, how pretty that is, put some sparkly gold on the lid and then lets put on some of this mascara.

I know I already have mascara on but thats, okay, my bottom eyelashes long, I usually dont, buy mascaras from like Sephora, because I love my Maybelline waterproof mascaras for ten dollars like I love them and I feel, like I dont, really notice a difference when I use Like high end brand, mascaras, plus theyre, usually not waterproof. Okay, now lets try on this matte Lip Cream in confident. I feel like Im really gon na, like this color, oh yeah thats, pretty thats gon na be my favorite Lippy. So far, okay, yeah. I really like this matte lip cream. So did I get another one of that? Oh yeah? I did. I also got this matte Lip Cream in kindness. Lets see this shade. Okay, this is also really pretty, which I think on my skin tone and my face. I like more of like the pinky Shades rather than like the brownie orange Shades, but I guess it depends on your makeup and your outfit, but I love the feel of this one that ones my favorite and then we just have the gloss to try the glossy Lip balm and nearly neutral – oh so I dont know if this is gon na really like match on top but its a gloss, so I feel like it will oh yeah. Well, I like this brush its like really bendy, like the tip, is very flexible. Okay, I like what do we think so far? I really like it all and Im going to be wearing it from now on, because I did need to like get new makeup.

Ive been using the same stuff for a while, and then I just like my favorite setting spray but well see how it holds up on my skin because I do have oily skin. But I also was kind of like rushing and putting it on for the video. Since I was like looking at the camera looking at the mirror, but it looks good, it looks really good well, I hope you guys enjoyed todays video make sure to give this video a thumbs up if youre team Selena, let me know down below if youve tried Any of our products and which ones your favorite or if youd like to try one out which one do you want to try out, but thank you all so much for watching todays video and I will see you all in the next one.