Not some of these makeup products are super popular. Some of them went viral all over social media, so were gon na be trying out to see. Are they worth it, but before we get started with the video, I want to introduce you to this new device by for you, this is a new body device known as the Luna for body. I use this during my shower routines to deeply cleanse my body, and I especially love this device for my strawberry legs, which I struggle with a lot. So it helps to exfoliate my dry skin. The device is made of ultra hygienic silicone and it helps remove dirt and oils on the skin, which helps to unclog my pores, and it also helps with breakouts my favorite thing about this device. Is that its a sustainable design, so you dont need any replacement parts. Its also quick drying and non porous to prevent bacteria buildup, so you arent just spreading the same bacteria and dirt around your skin. The next time you use it. I usually experience strawberry eggs because I have dry skin and the luna4 body tackles these issues. For me by gently exfoliating, the dead skin cells on my skin and also ingrown hairs, but the good thing about it is that its not abrasive on the skin. I also like using the device to prep my skin to deeply absorb my creams and lotions that I apply afterwards, which helps to prevent my skin from drying out so to use it.

I wet my body and I apply my regular shower soap on the device. Then I press the universal button to turn on the device. You can also adjust the intensity with the plus and minus buttons. Then I Glide it in circular motion all over my body until my skin is completely cleansed. The main parts of my body I like to focus on are my arms and my chest, but also focus a lot on my legs because, like I mentioned, I have strawberry legs. So I like to make sure that Im working that on my skin to help soften and smoothen my legs out once youre done, you press the universal button to turn it off and rinse it as well as your body. The device dries down fast. So I like to just let it air dry, the link to the device will be in the description box down below, and I want to give a huge thank you again to foreo for partnering with me in todays video, all right. So, first Im going to start off by moisturizing my skin and Im going to use a moisturizing primer, but Im gon na use two of them. Whenever I try New Foundations, I always like to make sure that my skin is really hydrated just so that the foundation goes on smoother and we can actually see the real results of the foundation and how well it performs on the skin. So Im gon na go in with the Nyx bear with me primer, but Im gon na also add the vitamin enriched face Base by Bobby Brown.

I really like this because its also moisturizing it has a little bit of oils, and this NYX bear with me is more hydrating, so mixing these two together will keep my skin moisturized and hydrated at the same time so for foundation. Today, Im going to be trying out the makeup by Mario surreal, skin liquid foundation, so this is one of your first Foundation launches, so the foundation is supposed to give you a natural finish and its supposed to be hydrating. Now I did notice that it contains a little bit of Shimmer particles in there and typically Im, not a big fan of Shimmer particles in Foundation, because I feel like they accentuate the texture of your skin. But lets go ahead and try this Foundation out and see how it performs on the skin. The shade that I got is 21w that claims to be for medium dark skin tones with warm undertones. So the foundation already looks like it has more of a thicker consistency than a liquid consistency. So it looks like it can hold up pretty well on my skin, so Im going to go ahead and apply this foundation with a brush and Im. Just focusing on the outer portion of my face first and trying to blend it in Im already seeing that the foundation is really easy to blend, so thats really really good and Im really hoping this shade works Im, hoping its not too light, not too dark.

So the foundation comes in 30 different shades. I think the shades are good, but I feel like there could be more of an expansion just to make sure that youre getting your a perfect match and it claims to be a breathable luminous Foundation that is supposed to illuminate your complexion. As far as the Shimmer particles on the skin, I dont see any Shimmer particles. They do show up on the bottle, but you cant really see it on the skin, so its not really accentuating any texture. It actually even covers up a lot on my skin. So if you have texture on your skin, the Shimmer particles dont show up on the skin okay, first impression of the foundation. I love how easy it is for the foundation to blend on the skin. I feel like you, dont, really have a problem with blending as long as your skin is really hydrated and moisturized, especially if you have dry skin. So it is a hydrating Foundation. I do find it to have a thicker consistency than the typical liquid foundation, which is fine. I love the consistency of the foundation. I think its amazing. The only thing I would say is the shade is a little bit too yellow its a little bit too light for my skin, and the next shade down would be too dark for my skin. So I just think think that its not the perfect match, but it looks really healthy on my skin.

I feel like it gives a natural finish. You can still see my skin has that natural texture, but its just the shade match, is not like perfect, but we can just bring back the color with other products such as like bronzer contour, and things like that. The foundation does give a little bit of Luminosity. So Im gon na go in with a sponge, and this is more of like a damp sponge that Ive squeezed out with a paper towel. This is going to help absorb all that excess product and excess oils on the skin, because we want our skin to be healthy and not oily, so this helps absorb all that product so to help brighten up my under eyes, I got the new rare beauty under Eye brightener, so this is supposed to help brighten up your under eyes. To make you look more awake, it doesnt claim to be a concealer. It claims to be only an under eye brightener, so Im not expecting this product to have coverage its also supposed to be super lightweight and its supposed to give you like a fresh look. So the shade that I got is medium tan and it also comes with this metal applicator that is supposed to put on the product which Ive never really seen in any type of like concealer like product. So Im super excited to try this out so Im just gon na place this only on the areas that I need to brighten up, which is like right here I have a little bit of darkness and this applicator is actually really cold.

So I think its supposed to really help awake your under eyes, so this is like if youve had a long nights, sleep and youve been tired or you just usually have like really puffy under eyes. This is going to help cool it down so Im only focusing it on the inner corner of my eye. Im also going to place a little bit right here to help brighten up this area and just a little bit on my forehead as well, so to blend this out. Im gon na go ahead and use this small sponge and Im just gon na lightly. Tap that under my eyes and this punch is damp – and I just ringed it out with a paper towel just to make sure that its not going to absorb the product. Okay, this Blends out really nicely. I love how easy it is to blend okay. I can see that it instantly helps to brighten up my under eyes. It doesnt give enough coverage as a concealer does. So this is not a product that you want to use if youre trying to go in even with like medium coverage, but its honestly really easy to blend. It just gives you more of a natural look, its supposed to be more skin like which is definitely giving more skin light, and it definitely gives it brighter so Im going to go ahead and blend it out. My forehead as well – and I can instantly feel like its very hydrating on the skin and Im just gon na place a little bit right here to naturally Contour the skin.

So this is what the concealer looks like Im, actually really honestly impressed. I love that its not like a full coverage concealer, so this is definitely a product that I would use if I just want something quick, not too much makeup. Maybe if Im going for like a no makeup makeup, look or like a no Foundation, makeup look, and I just want something that helps to make me look more awake now. I do love it with this Foundation because both products are really hydrating, so they give me more of that healthy skin. Look without adding too much coverage, because the foundation is also a lightweight Foundation. Alright, so now its time to contour and set the Skin, So Milani recently came out with some new Contours and setting powders, which Im super excited to try out in this video Ive already used the Contour a couple of times, and I honestly really love it. But this is my first time using the setting powder, so this is a concealed and perfect blur out powder and it comes in the shade translucent, which is perfect, because that rare Beauty concealer is an eye brightener. So I want something thats translucent and wont. Add too much coverage onto my skin, so first Im going to go in with the Contour and Im going to apply the Contour just on my forehead area to add back Dimension onto my skin and because this is more of a contour and not a bronzer.

I like to place a little bit just to kind of bring back structure onto my skin, and then you can go ahead and blend this out with a beauty sponge. One thing I love about this product is that its a really easy to blend, like it literally looks like my skin when I blend it out, and it just gives more of that natural Contour on your skin okay. So this is what the Contour looks like in my skin, like I mentioned its really natural, very, very skin like and its really really easy to blend. I feel like this Contour is perfect for all skin types because its not like a harsh Contour. So, even if you have oily skin or you have dry skin and you find Contours to be really hard to blend, I feel like you can blend perfectly on your skin. So next Im going to go in with the setting powder and for the setting powder Im going to use the same applicator that I use for the concealer. I like to use a sponge and just go in and get rid of all these harsh lines. Under my eyes, first and then Im gon na dip into the setting powder using that sponge Im just gon na press that, under my eyes, Okay, so as you can see, this has instantly blurred out. My skin, like this, looks really nice and smooth, and I love that it doesnt take away from the cover image of the concealer.

The concealer you can see is still a little bit light coverage its not too much so it looks very much natural and it also helps to absorb a lot of oils on my skin, which I love. So this is more of like a blurring powder. It is more matte, but it doesnt feel dry under my eyes, so Im going to go ahead and set this side as well with the powder. One thing I am noticing about this powder is that it takes away from the color of the concealer like. I can see that it kind of darkened it just a little bit Im, not really seeing the concealer being as bright as it was before so Im gon na go ahead and set all the areas that I applied, the concealer and my forehead as well. So I feel like this powder is perfect for more oily skin. If you have dry skin, I would say stick to using more of a hydrating powder, because this might dry your under eyes, especially if you already have dry under eyes. But if youre using a hydrating concealer, I think this powder is great as a combination with a hydrating concealer, all right, so Im going to go ahead and set the foundation just because it appears a little bit glowy on my skin, and I want to mattify that So Im going to go in with my favorite pressed powder, which is this NYX cant, stop One Stop pressed powder in the shade mocha, so this is a very natural Veil powder.

I love it because it gives my skin more of a skin. Like finish so, it allows you to see the foundation underneath the powder and it doesnt add too much coverage onto your skin. So, Im also going to take that powder and just go over my forehead area, including the area that I applied the Contour just so that it can set that Contour as well. So this is what the skin looks like with all the products together. I love that all these products are very lightweight and very natural, so they go really well together, but one thing I am noticing is that the powder kind of leaves a white cast. When I turn to the side, I can kind of see that whiteness under my eyes, which Im not the biggest fan of because this is indicating that its going to have a flashback. So whenever I use translucent powder, sometimes when I take a picture with flash, it washes out my face and you can see that powder under my eyes and right now I can see that it looks really white all right. So I went ahead and just sculpted my eyebrows and I use the same products that I like to combine together. So I went in with the Nyx thickening brow mascara. I love using this because its really easy. So I just use this to fill in my eyebrows to actually darken them and to deepen them. I like going in with the Milani weekend, brow in the shade espresso alright, so now its time to go ahead and apply blush, so Im going to go in with the beauty Bakery snacker rooms blush.

Now this is not a new blush, its been out for a while, but I recently got it and I just love the pigment I feel like its super bright. I love like a really nice bright, pink blush, so Im super excited to try this out. So this is what the blush looks like on the inside its a powdered blush, but its really really pigmented. So using this fluffy blush brush Im gon na go ahead and just place that at the highest points of my cheekbones and Im literally building the coverage, because I know these blushes are usually very pigmented. So I just want to add a little bit. But I love the color. I feel like its a really pretty color. Now we are going for more of a natural look because were using a lot of natural products, so Im not going to apply too much blush, and this is also going to add color onto your skin, and this is what the blush looks like. I love it. It literally just melts onto your skin. I love this blushes. I have a few other Shades, so I had to get this shade right here, because this is one of my favorite type of colors for blush, but it literally just Blends flawlessly on your skin. It doesnt look patchy and it has enough pigment Im going to go ahead and use this blush for eyeshadow on my eyelids, because, like I mentioned, were going for something natural.

So I just want to tie this in with the blush so that the colors in my eyeshadow and my blush pair up well together so Im just focusing this right on my crease area and dragging it outwards and then for mascara. I recently restocked on these Essence. Beauty mascaras. I love these mascaras like theyre, literally my favorite, so I recently ran outsole. I went ahead and purchased the two different types, so this one is the regular mascara and this one is the waterproof mascara Im, not the biggest fan of waterproof mascara unless Im wearing a full coverage. Makeup look and I want it to last all day long. So Im gon na go in with the regular one, just because this is more natural and Im not going to be wearing this makeup out all day long. So now, Im gon na pop on some lashes and Im gon na use this bt lish lashes. I love these lashes Ive been using them for a minute theyre, very wispy, so theyre very perfect, with simple eyeshadow looks. Alright. Next were gon na try out this new rare Beauty highlighter. These went absolutely viral on Tick Tock and everybody was purchasing them theyre. Currently out of stock, I think they only have a few Shades, but the shade that I got is flaunt. This is supposed to be a really nice highlighter that is less powdery and more highlighting on your skin. The highlighter actually looks really really reflective, which I love.

When it comes to highlighters, so Im gon na go ahead and try this out. This is more of a golden shade, so Im going to place a little bit and build up the covers, because this looks really really pigmented. It looks like its picking up a lot of pigment on the brush, so Im just gon na Focus this on the highest points of my cheekbones, and I like to bring my blush all around my temples as well, and mainly focusing on this area right here. First impression I really really love the highlighter, like I feel like it gives more of a reflective, highlighter look versus more powdery. I dont actually see any powder on the highlighter, but the only thing is I wish the shade was a little bit more golden than rose gold because Im looking at it, it looks more like a silver highlighter than a golden highlighter, but Im gon na go ahead And place it on this side, still focusing on the highest points of my cheeks, and I like to completely blend it out with highlighters. You want to make sure that its completely Blended so that you dont see the streak of the highlighter its supposed to kind of give your skin a natural glowy look okay, I Im obsessed with this highlighter. This is definitely giving more of a natural look, so I think this would be perfect, even without any makeup on like if youre going for, like a no makeup makeup.

Look. This would be perfect because its going to give your skin that glow, like that striking sparkly glow, and I also like to place my highlighter on my forehead area, just to kind of illuminate it a little bit and Im just gon na go ahead and bring it Down the bridge of my nose and on my Cupids bow – and this is what it looks like – I love it, but Im gon na go in with setting Mist so Im going to use the milk Hydro grip, setting Mist to set my skin. This is going to help melt my makeup together and its going to give that highlighter more of that Natural Glow. So, while that spray is drying, Im gon na go ahead and add the highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes to add a little bit of spark as well. This is going to help open open up my eyes a little bit and because it is a pigmented highlighter, I feel like it can serve as an eyeshadow as well. So you can put this on your eyelids and with this I like to bring it upwards towards my eyelid, so it gives my skin that Natural Glow. So after this, of course, Im gon na go in with blind powder, the blind powder is going to help absorb those oils from the setting Mist. So my skin doesnt look oily. It looks more like soft matte, so Im going to use this RMS blonde powder.

So, Im going to focus this blonde powder around my nose area because thats the area that tends to be so oily, mainly the center of my face Im, also going to place some around my mouth area. This is going to help get rid of any laugh lines that could possibly form from all the products that I apply to my skin. But one thing you want to avoid is placing the blind powder on the highlighter, because you want that highlighter to be really natural. So you dont want to add any powder, because its going to take away from that highlighter now for the lips Im going to go ahead and line my lips with a brown lip liner, so Im using the Buxom Powerline Plumping lip liner. This is in the shade. Creamy chocolate its like a dark chocolate shade then for my lip product, I recently got this Fenty gloss bomb heat, so this is in the shade hot cherry. I literally saw this in Sephora and had to pick it up Im, not sure if its a new product or not, but I do know that they came out with a whole bunch of new shades for the holidays, which I recently tried. But Im not sure. If this one is one of their newer ones, okay, this is stunning. I love that it doesnt have too much pigment. So I find this to be really stunning for a natural makeup. Look without too much coverage if youre looking for a little lip with color, but not too much so all these products right here are telling me like if youre somebody who likes natural makeup look, these are definitely products that you need to add to your collection.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. I also want to give you a huge thank you to foreo for partnering with me in todays video Ill leave all the details in the description box, but other than that. I will see you guys in my next video.