I think Revlon is one of those underrated brands at the drugstore. They dont get quite as much attention as Maybelline and LOreal and even Covergirl, and I am definitely guilty of overlooking them in the past, but the more products Ive tried from them. The more impressed Ive been – and I know that theyve had their issues with bankruptcy recently and I would just hate to see them go under theyre, one of the oldest makeup brands that are still in existence, and they have some truly amazing products. So lets go ahead and get into it. Lets start out with the first product, which is their prime plus perfecting and smoothing primers. So this is something that I overlooked many many times at the drugstore, but I actually ended up purchasing it. After hearing Miss Melissa M here on YouTube talking about it, she loved this primer, and so I decided to give it a try, and I was so impressed with this primer. It has a thicker, cushiony texture and it feels very hydrating on my dry skin. So I love that about it, and I also think it does an amazing job at smoothing out pores and texture, and just giving my skin a really nice canvas for applying foundation. It leaves a little bit of a sticky or tacky feel so. Makeup really grips well to this and I think thats, an awesome combination, because a lot of more smoothing primers tend to have more of a slick, feel and Foundation.

Doesnt grip as well to those and then some of the stickier primers dont, always smooth your pores, and I think this actually does both of those things which makes this a little bit more unique. And actually, I did compare this in a dupes video to The Hourglass vanish airbrush primer. They are so incredibly similar. They have the same texture, the same feel on the skin and if I were to use one on one side of my face and one on the other, I dont think I would be able to tell the difference because they perform so similarly another phenomenal product from Revlon is their Color Stay skin awaken five in one concealer. This is a newer product effect that they launched – I would say, maybe like six months ago and revlons Foundations and concealers have always been kind of Hit or Miss for me. So I really wasnt sure what to expect, but this is one of my absolute favorite concealers that I use all the time. This says that it has caffeine and vitamin C in the formula and the five things that it claims to do is erase perfect brighten, hydrate and refresh, and I feel like some of those kind of mean the same thing. But the claims aside, this just really performs so well. It has that little sponge tip applicator, which makes it really easy to just kind of dot around your eye area and the formula Blends out so seamlessly.

It is super thin yet actually has great coverage. When I first started applying this, I wasnt expecting it to cover much, but when I actually took a step back and looked at the eye that I just applied it to versus the other in the mirror, I was actually blown away by how perfected the eye with The concealer looked, it was so much brighter and more even toned, but the best part was when I looked at my skin up close it didnt look like I was wearing concealer. There was no cakiness, there was no makeupy. Look it just really looked natural, like my own skin, which was amazing now having drier skin. I feel that this sets down enough that I do not need to set this product at all. If you have more oily skin, you might feel like you have to set it, but if youre dryer like me, you might be able to get away with it just using this on its own. So it is a fantastic product. You can also grab it in a color thats, a little deeper than your skin tone, and the sponge tip applicator again makes it really easy to use as a contour wand or a bronzer. So it could be a great alternative to the new tarte Contour wand or the Charlotte Tilbury, one at a much more affordable price and the really thin lightweight texture makes it so easy to blend and just like using it under your eyes.

It looks incredibly seamless on your skin, so I think that this is another incredible product from Revlon that is completely overlooked. I dont hear a lot of people talking about it, but this has become my new favorite concealer, so its definitely worth checking out another product that Revlon recently revamped. But I dont hear a lot of people talking about them are their powder blushes and I believe the compact that they used to come in was a little bit smaller or it was like this shape, but the actual powder itself was only in half the Compact and Theyve actually made them a lot bigger, so they fill up the whole thing which I really like, and they must have changed the formula because I dont remember actually loving these blushes before, but I tried them again after I saw Risa does makeup talking about them here. On YouTube and I had to pick up a couple of Shades to try and when I first started using these, they reminded me so much of my Nars blushes. I couldnt get over just how high end this formula really is theyre really nicely pigmented, but at the same time they just blend out on your cheeks without leaving any patchiness and theyre, so finely milled that they just blend into your skin, really well without sitting. On top or looking powdery and the colors that they come in are absolutely gorgeous as well. Today, Im actually wearing apricute, which you just saw me apply, and this is such a gorgeous Rosy shade.

That reminds me a lot of the Nars Dolce Vita blush. They dont look identical, but once theyre Blended out on the cheeks, I think they really give the exact same look and theyre just as long lasting as the Nars blushes as well. I also love the shade Rosie Rendezvous and this one is so similar to Nars impassioned again theyre, not identical, but theyre a really similar baby pink shade. So if youre, looking for an incredible powder blush at the drugstore, thats, pigmented, thats long lasting and comes in gorgeous colors definitely check these out. I think youll love them another cheek product from Revlon that I have talked about quite a few times, but definitely is worth repeating. Is their skin lights? Prismatic highlighter? So this is actually a baked highlighter. I have it in the shade Daybreak glimmer. This is made in Italy and it is the smoothest most gorgeous highlighter ever by the way. I forgot to mention that the blushes, the primer and the concealer are all made in the U.S, so this one is actually made in Italy where a lot of baked products are made and Ive compared this many times to the amreezy highlighter from Anastasia, which is no Longer made and the ambreezy highlighter is also a baked formula thats made in Italy, and if you didnt get your hands on it, I think the Revlon one is honestly identical. If I didnt actually look at the compact, when I was using it, I wouldnt be able to tell which was which, because theyre that similar its rare to come across a dupe.

That is that exact. But this is definitely one of them. It has the same level of shine as the emreezy one does, the same exact texture, the way they blend out on your skin. It is amazing, it also does come in other colors, but the Daybreak glimmer shade is the one thats the dupe for the amreezy. Next, at number five we have the skin lights, Prismatic bronzer. So this is also a baked formula made in Italy and its one of the most beautiful bronzers. In my collection, I actually have the shade 110 sunlit glow, but it does come in other Shades as well, and I really love this color for my skin tone because its more of a Rosy bronzer, so it mimics that Rosier color that I tend to get when I tan and because its a baked formula, it starts out as a cream, so it has some really nourishing ingredients in it, and it has that super finely milled texture that just almost melts into your skin rather than sitting on top. These bronzers do have a tiny bit of a glow but theres nothing, sparkly or glittery about it, has sort of a satiny finish, which I really like, especially on my dry skin. It just sort of keeps it from looking flat or matte, and it actually reminds me so much of the knobla baked bronzers. This shade that I have in the nobla bronzer ambra is very similar to sunlit glow from Revlon, and the noble one has the same effect on your skin with that little bit of a satiny glow to it and that Ultra blendable baked formula.

So this is yet another product from Revlon that I think could hold up to any other high end product. Moving on lets talk about some lip products and my number one favorite lip product from Revlon would have to be their glass shine. Lipsticks. So Ive heard rumors that these are being discon continued and they are getting super hard to find. You can still get them on Amazon. They have almost all of the shades except. I cant find rum raisin, because that one went completely viral on Tick Tock. Everybody was billing it as kind of the perfect shade for everybody, so that one is just about impossible to find, but Amazon has all the other colors, and I also find these in store at CVS. I want to say: CVS is one of the only drugstores thats carrying them now so definitely check out your local store or just go on Amazon because they have a ton of them over there. But despite these going viral on Tick, Tock recently Ive been talking about these for years, because they are one of the most comfortable lipsticks. In my collection, they have an incredibly soft and melty bomb like texture, yet they have tons of pigmentation so theyre, not as sheer as a lip balm would be. They give your lips a little bit of shine, a ton of hydration and just that really cushiony soft non sticky texture that just makes your lips feel so pillowy and soft.

In some ways they remind me a little bit of the tarte maracuja juicy lips except theyre. Not quite as glossy as those these sort of melt into your lips a little bit more rather than sitting on top, so I find that these last a little bit longer than the tarte ones they dont transfer quite as much, although they do still transfer theyre, not Going to be something thats more bulletproof and you will have to reapply them throughout the day, but I dont mind at all, because I would much rather trade the longevity for having a formula that just keeps my lips feeling comfortable and smooth all day. So I am wearing one of these today and this is the shade black cherry. So in the tube this looks very intimidating. It looks almost black, but it goes onto your lips more of a Rosy color, so its really really beautiful Ive actually been wearing this. Now. For about an hour and a half, so I would say most of the shine is gone already, but its just left a really nice stain behind and the color reminds me a little bit of Cliniques black honey. Its such a beautiful shade, if you just want to add a little bit more color to your lips, but you dont, want to go full on red. I think its absolutely perfect another one of my favorite colors is glazed mauve, and this one is basically a your lips, but better shade its absolutely gorgeous.

I definitely want to get more, especially if these are going to be harder to find now that theyre going viral on Tick Tock, I feel, like all of the shades are going to start disappearing. But if you like, a more comfortable lipstick that feels like a nourishing lip balm, youre gon na absolutely love these I should mention they do – have a scent its a really nice vanilla scent. So for me personally, if my lip products are going to have a scent Id, rather it be vanilla rather than something floral or even fruity. I would say, vanilla is definitely the scent that I like the best, and these smell really good. Another lip product from Revlon worth mentioning are their super lustrous lipsticks. You guys actually talked me into getting one of these one time and I just fell in love with this formula as well. If I want something thats going to last a little bit longer than the glass shine lipsticks, these are perfect, theyre very pigmented. They have more of a satiny type of finish, so theyre not glossy, but theyre, not a flat that either the formula is very creamy, so they dont dry out my lips and I think they have great staying power as well and unlike a lot of other drugstore Lipsticks, like the LOreal or Maybelline ones, these are completely unscented. So, if youre looking for a really amazing lipstick formula with no scent that comes in tons of different colors to check out, I highly recommend these.

I think they have something for everyone just be sure to check on the bottom of the tube, because some of them have a pearl finish, which is a little bit more Frosty, While others just have the regular cream finish. So if you dont want the frosty. Look. Definitely stick with the cream ones or if you do like the frosty ones, then those are still out there and then another lip product that I had to mention from Revlon is the gloss, and these are just as good as any high end lip gloss. Ive ever tried these come in beautiful colors as well, and I really like the tube I like how you can see the color straight through it makes it super easy to know which color youre picking up, and these have a little bit of a chunkier doe foot. Applicator, its not quite quite as big as the one that the Maybelline lifter glosses have or the Fenty gloss bombs, but its on the larger side. So you dont have to keep dipping it back into the tube. I feel like. It holds a lot of product and you can just put it on with one swipe. These have a really mild vanilla scent and the formula reminds me a lot of the Maybelline lifter glosses. So if you like those, I think youll really enjoy these too. These have that thicker, more cushiony feel thats, not sticky at all. They almost feel more like a liquid lip balm versus a sticky or tacky gloss.

Some of the shades have a little bit of Shimmer in them, While others have a cream finish, but I just love these and everybody talks about the lifter glosses from Maybelline and I feel like these are just as good and they come in beautiful colors. I actually just got this one recently shy pink and its the most gorgeous color. It almost goes on clear, but it just has the slightest hint of its almost like a Milky pink gloss kind of similar to buxoms white russian. You can put this on top of any other lip color color and its not really going to change it that much, but it just adds a little bit of shine. So this is another product that I have no idea. Why nobodys talking about it really feels like a true high end lip gloss. So I just wanted to share these products with you because they dont get enough love and they truly are like high end formulas at the drugstore.