Welcome back to my channel where skin care is all about progression over perfection., Because perfection doesnt exist.. I want to do something that I should have done like late last year, but I think its kind of interesting going into the New Year and I want to look at the worlds most popular beauty brands.. Now this is from Cosmetify and their Cosmetify Index, where they actually say they rank brand popularity and success on their social media engagement, followers exploring brands who have been on the rise in the last twelve months.. So this would have been of 2022 and going into 2023.. They say We explore the hundred most searched beauty brands in the world, ranking them on Instagram followers, Instagram engagement, Instagram metrics, Google searches and change in search volume.. Now I found this interesting because there may be other reasons why people are engaging with social media posts, while people are Googling and searching certain brands and its not always for the better.. So I thought wed, take a look at their Cosmetify Index and react to what they consider the most popular beauty brands in all the world.. I havent seen this yet.. It could be a really boring video and I could scrap it. So well. See. Well, see.. So lets have a look at the top ten beauty brands.. This is it.. This is the overall top ten beauty brands. Okay.. This is really kind of strange …. Not what Id expect at all.

Now bearing in mind this is done by followers engagement and search …. Google searches right, The top one is Florence by Mills, which I feel like kind of makes sense to me, because I feel like its for a younger audience right And I feel, like a lot of younger teens, would be engaging with the Florence by Mills, social media.. A lot of people found it interesting because its tied to a celebrity., So theyre, probably searching who is the celebrity behind this brand. And Millie Bobby Brown, has been busy. This year. Shes been doing her acting stuff. And I feel like when a celebrity is in the media a lot. Their brands usually do well as well. And, to be honest with you, its an okay brand.. I dont personally like the products, but I dont feel like Im the target audience., But their products are decent.. Cerave is no surprise to me.. I really thought that was going to be number one.. If were looking at social media, engagement, theyve gone from being not really a well known or well loved brand to being the go to skincare brand for anybody who presents themselves as a skincare, professional online.. So theyre also doing much much more kind of like social media collaborations with influencers. Theyve got some interesting ads over on TikTok. Theyre working with Dermatologists as well, who are really boosting this brand.. They said they had 18.4 million searches just in the last twelve months.

Thats. An increase of 26.6. 26.62 to the previous year. And I feel like they were already having a really really good year, the year before so thats still really good., So that doesnt, surprise me at all., Glossier kind of does surprise me., I feel like they have a Good aesthetically, pleasing social media, page and thats kind of it., But theyve also been in a lot of sht the last two years.. I would go as far as saying that their Google searches are probably down to people searching why their brand have been so problematic kind of like situations that are going on over at Glossier.. And this is why I dont think just judging a brand or even an influencers success on their followers and engagement and searches. Engagement. Pretty much is better., But whether its negative or not, I dont, think, reflects on what is a good brand, because a lot of Glossiers engagement could have been negative as well. Purely judging by what theyve been going through.. If you dont know what Im talking about check out this video, where I talk about brands that I think are in trouble., The Body Shop is a surprising one for me as well, but they are pretty much one of the best selling beauty brands across the world. I want to say., I feel like theyre everywhere, and The Body Shop is one of those brands that you know if youre not really into your skincare, The Body Shop, is a nice place to go for what people consider really nice, skincare, really nice bath bits gifts For your mums.

, Whilst I never see anybody really pedaling The Body Shop, I feel like people have their staples and their favorites.. Surprisingly, a lot of people like the fragrance that they offer. Hand creams, are always like a go to at The Body Shop., So yeah it doesnt, surprise, me., Estee, Lauder, again, doesnt, surprise, me., And then we kind of go into the 6th to 10th place, which is Revolution., I dont necessarily think going by Google searches is a good way to kind of like … Revolution have been in trouble this year and their Google searches are probably more headline related to people actually wanting to buy something from their from their brand. And weve. Seen that in the kind of lack of sales that theyve reported this year. Yves Rocher No idea. Did Robert used to work … someone used to work for that brand. Olaplex I get it. Fenty Beauty, I get it. Caudalie, I get it as well., So yeah, the Top five doesnt surprise me, but kind of does. If this wasnt based on social media engagement and Google searches, this would really surprise me., But because this is about engagement with posts and Google searches, it doesnt surprise me that places like Glossier has kind of crept up In there. Lets look at the hottest beauty, retailers of 2022., So this is split into UK and US. Theyre. Judging this by organic web traffic, Instagram followers hashtag mentions and engagement rates as well., Okay, so a bit better.

. So this isnt necessarily whos making the most money. But its where people are going to buy stuff. So in the UK it doesnt surprise me that Beauty Bay is overall one of the biggest retailers.. Why is Cult Beauty? Not in here Interesting. Beauty Bay is one of those go to places you either go to Beauty, Bay, Cult, Beauty or Boots. I would say which is second place. Beauty Bay, really do stock everything., Not as much as Cult Beauty, do. But again Beauty Bay. I feel like really targets the demographic who are spending more on kind of like fast fashion, makeup and skincare. Trend led skincare and cosmetics. Beauty Bay have their TikTok viral section where Im guessing everyone goes to kind of make their TikTok videos.. You know what can I talk about, So it doesnt surprise me that the foot traffic for Beauty Bay is going to be huge., Absolutely huge.. I do like Cult Beauty. And I do like Beauty Bay, Beauty Bay have had a bit of problems with their shipping recently.. I know they were changing: warehouses and people. Keep tagging me like Im customer service., Dont know whats going on. Boots, doesnt, surprise, me., One of the biggest retailers online and on the streets here in the UK and Superdrug the same kind of thing, which is kind of seen as a more affordable version of Boots.. Us Sephora and Ulta. Again not surprising at all., Like I dont know., I dont really know US.

. Where else do you go other than Ulta and Sephora for cosmetics, But theres, probably loads of places right Sallys actually was third.. I feel like in the UK. You only go to Sallys if you work in a salon and you need a specific thing or you need to quickly rush out and get a color like in case. You know your order, didnt come or something like that. And then Soko Glam is fourth, which is amazing, because Soko Glam is kind of the place to go in the US for K, beauty for Korean Skincare, but also not just that, but a really nicely curated version Of what is available., You know those other websites, just kind of have everything and anything on there., So unless youre really into Korean beauty and youre, happy to sift through everything, Soko Glam is a perfect place to go for, for that, like curatedness. In the UK …, I should have done this. Earlier. Cult, Beauty and Sephora. Uk are joint, fourth, which is interesting. And then SpaceNK, and then I dont know what All Beauty is. Never heard of. Those. Im skipping a few categories like influencers and stuff because its just the same people, you know., Lets, look at the beauty, brands losing popularity. Now theyve not really said how theyve judged this but Im guessing again its just on engagement followers, all that kind of stuff.. So number one is BH Cosmetics, which I believe …. They went bankrupt right.

They declared bankruptcy.. They say here after seeing sales plummet during COVID 19, which I feel like was a lot like a lot, a lot of brands and retailers as well.. They say that BH Cosmetics saw a whopping 76.96 drop in its searches in the last year. Thats, a lot.. That is a lot a lot.. Next up is Foreo.. Ive worked with Foreo before.. I use my Foreo Luna, whatever its called like daily. Like I love it., I absolutely love it. Theyve seen a 66.64 decrease.. They say they had a search volume of 5076000 in 2021, which fell to 3046000 in 2022.. Again, quite a significant drop there. And I do feel like I feel like they might come back up again, because I feel like beauty tools and gadgets werent, really that well loved. In the last year.. I feel, like everyone kind of stopped with the tools and the brushes and opting for their hands and being more gentle., But I feel like devices are going to be on the up again., I think things like microcurrent devices are going to be more popular. LED masks. Are going to be popular again in the next one to two years., So I feel like Foreo are going to come back up there. My thing with Foreo. I really love their products, but I feel, like theyve, got a really high price point., But they target an audience with a not so big … whats the word Disposable income.

. So you look at their models and theyre kind of like early 20s from what I see. Like early twenties. And its like. Not everyone can drop like 100 quid upwards on a device.. Do they even want to do that? You know Then Palmers 43.83 decrease.. I dont see people talking about Palmers at all. Like at all.. They say here that they used to do a lot of brand collaborations like influencer and celebrity collaborations in 2017., And since then I dont think I see them anymore.. I think Ive seen one advert, and that was someone like just on TikTok.. I quickly scrolled past it because I dont use Palmers.. I always associate Palmers with pregnant people for stretch marks I feel like because that was like their thing for a bit wasnt it. It was always a pregnant cartoon on the front. And its like anti stretch, mark cream kind of thing., So I dont know I just feel like I never need them.. Next up is the biggest social media following.. So they split this into two categories.. They have the most followed, which is okay.. I think what people dont realize is just because you have a certain amount of subscribers or followers. It doesnt mean youre more successful than someone with less., Because what it is about is the engagement.. So then they have the best for engagement, category next., So the most followed beauty brands are Huda, Beauty, Kylie, Cosmetics and MAC. Cosmetics.

Dont know much about this. So Im, just going to mention that. And the best for engagement is Barr. Cosmetics is a new upcoming cruelty. Free vegan skincare brand. Its a K, beauty brand with minimalist formulas. Im going to look at that. I think thats interesting.. Then next is Depend. Theyre an incontinence brand for men and women and their Instagram account features engaging posts and tips and tricks related to health and lifestyle. Interesting as well., And then Brisk Grooming., Ive, never heard … no Ive heard of Depend because they do adverts everywhere.. But Brisk Grooming Ive never heard of these brands. UK founded and NYC based. They have fantastic engagement with their followers.. Brisk is known for offering premium quality yet affordable beard, grooming, essentials. Okay.. So before we get to the most popular products, the exact popular products of 2022. Going into 23 lets look at each countrys, favorite beauty, brand., So Im guessing. These are like retailers, overall.. So of course, Im going to look at the UK first, which is The Body Shop. Again. I dont know why. That surprises me so much because … I dont know., I dont really know I guess other than I thought it would have been Boots to be honest with you, because Boots is everywhere., Like everyone nips into Boots, real quick for something you know for, like your Sudocream Or a pack of like three toilet, real quick. And then Revolution for Ireland.. Denmark is The Body Shop too.

, Finland is The Body Shop.. Iceland is The Body Shop., Then, throughout the rest of Europe, its really varied. Avon being up there, which again surprises me because again, I think its something that I didnt think people really shopped from that much.. I dont know. Rituals in Germany, Norway and the Netherlands and Sweden and Spain. Rituals, as in the candle place. No, I must be missing something here. Ill, look into that and Ill post it here. Oriflame is a brand Ive heard of, and I get asked to review all the time, but I dont really know anything other than their hair products.. We have that being really popular in India, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Georgia and even Morocco, as well. And Yves Rocher being popular in France, Czech Republic and Italy. That doesnt surprise me really. Origins being popular in like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, again doesnt, surprise, me., CeraVe, not popping up as much as I thought they would have done. Really popular in Ethiopia., Then Avon through out a lot of South Africa. Fenty Beauty being most Popular in Jamaica and then Nordstrom in the United States and Canada. Avon being the most popular in Mexico., Then The Body Shop again in Australia., I dont get The Body Shops popularity and its not just because its not a brand. I dont use its because I just didnt think that they were overall the go to place for skincare. I dont know., With Lush being the most popular in Japan that surprised me.

. I thought I dont know what I thought it would have been, but not Lush. And then Origins being the most popular in South Korea.. I think the ones that surprised me, the most is Lush being the most popular in Japan.. I dont know why. But when Ive been cosmetic shopping in Japan, theres always been so many other brands like Biore, for example, that creates so many different things on a mass production level and Kao Ko That produce so many different things as well. So Lush being that popular really does surprise. Me. Then Origins in South Korea as well.. I thought it would have been a brand under a more specific umbrella.. So lets have a look at some of the most popular beauty products according to Cosmetify., So again, products with a large search, volume. Number one being Olaplex. And again this doesnt surprise. Me. Olaplex is something we used when I worked in salon all the time and we only really gave it to people who had bleached jobs.. So I was kind of surprised at the popularity of Olaplex outside of people bleaching their hair., But I guess everyone can use it right And we always used to sell it as a system kind of thing, but their branch kind of into more retail lead kind of Consumerismness doesnt, surprise me.. I think their products are absolutely amazing.. I dont use it because I dont feel I really need to.. I dont know. Paula Choice: Skin Perfecting 2 BHA Liquid Exfoliant, as number two.

, Again, not surprising when it comes to skincare at all., And we see a lot of skincare being popular in the top ten over makeup. Actually as well, which is surprising.. But it just goes to show that skincare really did have a huge boom in the last two three years., Rare Beauty, number three., The Ordinary Niacinamide 10 Zinc, 1 number four. Again, not a brand. I really use anymore, but a really really nice product that worked for a lot of us. And again kind of really introduced me to the benefits of Niacinamide outside of an essence., But I do think were going to be seeing less single ingredient skincare going into 2023.. I think people are becoming more and more interested in whole formulations. Again., This Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate concentrate … concentrate.. I dont get that again. I dont get the popularity of this again., But I think this was due to a more viral sensation, working with makeup kind of thing. As like, a base. Elemis Collagen Cleansing, Balm. Its a good cleansing, balm. CeraVe Blemish Control, Cleanser. Not used it or did I use it. I dont know. CeraVe. I always pushed to the back of my mind because Im like … its fine. And then eight nine and ten is makeup self, tan and perfume, all of which I dont really know too much of.. But that was super interesting to me.. That was really interesting.. Id love to see this kind of thing, but based on sales figures, because whilst followers is interesting, its not the be all and end all.

Id, like the actual sales figures, see what people are actually using because I feel like it would be completely different.. I feel like there would be some products that some of us are like. Oh really Like a tub of Vaseline, I feel like, would have been in the top like ten products, because its something people buy all the time. Plusl its had its kind of like viral boom in the last year, again., So yeah. Let me know what you think of some of these. Ill put the link to this, so you can have a look for yourself and kind of like scroll through the map and see whats going on there. But yeah. Let me know what you think about this. In the comments down below., You can watch some more skincare videos here.