Yes, you heard it right. Kylie Jenner is in the spotlight once again this time for charging her followers 117 for a box. Her products have been called out before for being mediocre, but charging 107 for a box its too much. So how can Kylie Jenner charge her fan 177 dollars for just a card box and she was blasted for scamming her fans out of millions, hello and welcome to our Channel sell of spell in todays video. We are going to give you exclusive details about how Kylie Jenner skins for fans for Millions so make sure to watch the video till the end to find out more and dont forget to subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos about the latest. Celebrity gossip lets get into it. Kylie Kristen Jenner is an American Media personality and a businesswoman. She is the founder and owner of the Cosmetic Company Kylie Cosmetics right now. Kylie Jenner is in the news, because this time she charged her fans 117 for just a card box and scanned her fans, even though influencers often receive PR products to review in a box. Kylie decided it would be a smart idea to include her 58 lit kit in a PR box, but when she added an extra cost of a whopping 117 boxes – and we are not talking about a fancy box made of expensive material – we are talking about basic cardboard Worth 117, she received a lot of criticism on social media for defrauding her admirers.

As soon as she dropped her birthday lip kit. In a PR package, one person wrote who still buys Kylie products. Everybody knows, Kylie products are overpriced and not good 58 dollars. For some lip gloss, it appears that people are still purchasing the products and many were disappointed, as evidenced by the comments left by users on social media. The Real Housewives of New Yorks Bethenny Frankel was one person whose brutal review was trending, but, as several followers questioned, was she truly being honest in her review of a terrible product, or was she just trashing Kylie to stay relevant one Twitter user said Bethany had her Own Beauty line and it failed. She said half a dozen shoes get canceled after their first run. Now she cant stop attacking the Kardashians and Jenners. Why? Because theyre incredibly successful at selling products and keeping viewers interested in them, whatever the case, Bethany criticized the 175 dollars. Kitley Cosmetics birthday PR box on Instagram, her biggest gripe, was not the things themselves, but the fact that you could purchase the exact same product package without the pr box per 58, a three piece set of birthday, lip crayons and a three piece set of birthday. Lip glosses were inside the package which Bethany unwrapped in her video. She then pointed out that you could purchase the identical two sets separately for less than a third of the cost of the box set while saying a girl said it on Tick Tock.

I was confused. I thought something had to be different. There is something different that it has a box that youre going to throw in the garbage, unless you have a hamster that youre gon na put in here and for those who thought that the products were probably different. She continued not the same but like they were the same, except for the box, thats, a scam. Okay, I like the packaging. I, like the stuff, but you know where you lose me, is when you scammed me well turning the item would be your best course of action if youre unhappy with it right, but Kylie Cosmetics, cant use it when the package was also going to be returned by Bethany, it turned out that Kylie Cosmetics, doesnt, accept returns, Bethany remarked in a new video. She posted. I just learned that Kylie Beauty does not accept returns. Therefore, I am left with a 117 cardboard box. Many people were also persuaded by the information that they couldnt return. The item to believe that Kylie was blatantly defrauding her followers on Twitter, many users commended Bethany for drawing attention to the scam. Thank you Bethany for safeguarding consumers with your product reviews. Kylie Beauty scams consumers by including a cardboard box with the same exact products and charging 117 per packaging that you will throw away later. Company does not accept returns. Beware of this scam, if you can believe it Bethany wasnt the only person who talked about Kylie cosmetic scam, another tick toker posted a video of the same two products saying okay, so please tell me youll notice this.

So I know Kylie Cosmetics just recently launched her birthday collection and there is a birthday PR box that retails for 175 dollars and the same exact product retails for 58 youre telling me Im going to spend 117 dollars for a box. Are you okay, Kylie? Well, its? Not the first time Kylie has been called out for scamming as when Kylie launched her swim line. Kylies swim buyers also slammed her for scamming them kindly generous swim line named Kylie swim, naturally officially dropped on September 17th. The feedback is pouring in now that customers have had a chance to purchase and try on the suits in person. They are not excellent either many people are expressing their displeasure with the thin nearly see through cloth, the shoddy scene, construction and the loose threads. The hashtag Kelly swim on Tick Tock, creates a ton of videos with users sharing their candid comments and the most of them are unimpressed with the caliber swimsuit from Kylie swim as one tick. Toker put it wonderful, I purchased it but Im unable to show you because it doesnt adequately conceal my boobs. It is uncomfortable and awkward in a different video. One girl pointed out every stitching error and there were errors practically everywhere. She also posted a contrast between what she purchased and what she received in a third video and given the comparison, it is obvious that the commercial deceived consumers into thinking the product was composed of high quality materials, absolutely a fraud.

Another reviewer stated that the Kylie tag was very obvious from the back as the first item. She noticed she then compared the coverage of the bottoms between Kylie, swim and other brands and discovered that Kylie swim had the least coverage worst. Yet Kylies win had less coverage than other swimsuits that annoyed her much less in a different video tick toker wore the swimsuit, but she was wearing a bodysuit underneath since there was no way in hell, she would wear Calis swimsuit without a bodysuit was saying. I feel like if I move an inch youre going to see everything. Also, the fabric is very obviously see through, as we talked about in the last part, so Im confused about how I can wear this in public confidently when everyone could see every square inch of my body to recap: Kylies. First, Swim collection included one pieces with cutouts as well as bikinis and sarums that cost between 45 dollars and 85 dollars. Reviewers were particularly dissatisfied with the products after spending a large sum of money on them, because the one pieces were at the higher end of that Spectrum. When Kylies Cosmetics launched. She also received a bunch of negative reviews, like one person who wrote extremely disappointed when I was done. I looked like something out of the Batman movie, The Joker it was awful. Some customers stated that the product smelled like paint thinner and spray paint, and that they soon began to get terrible headaches after opening the pallets.

Additionally, Kylies skin has already made headlines for producing harmful items. As an example, many people criticize the Walnut face washes claiming that the scrubs powdered walnuts caused minute tears in the skin that exposed it to discomfort and infection. In addition, when Kylie introduced Kylie baby, the merchandise was derided by both fans and other celebrities, even before the debut with fans commenting that Kylie baby just went live yesterday. Please carefully look at the ingredients before applying anything on your child. Our review failed for Kylies, skin and Kylie swim, dont put poison on your child to pad Kellys wallet. She cares less either way. So, according to many people, Kylies skimming her fans was actually a trend. Whats your opinion about it. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. I hope you enjoyed the video. We will be back soon with more amazing content, so stay tuned and dont forget to like our video And subscribe to our channel. So you dont miss any of our latest updates.