Thank you so much for all the support. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please dont forget to turn on your notifications. Smash that, like button, share my content. Thank you good. Today, I will be showing you my must haves when it comes to skincare like I cannot do without them. These are like my monster. I must must have them yes. Good now lets go Im gon na start with my bowel oil. Yes, I cannot do without oil. My bowel oil must be with me as in. I must have it in everything I do if, whether its a glue oil or treatment oil, I must have my bow oil because were all getting me Im getting older, and this bow oil helps me a lot, especially in uh, treats skin treatment to treat my skin. So I use it a lot. I cannot do without this bile oil. To be honest, is a must have for me: a must have its a treatment, oil, its a glow oil as well. It grows the skin a little bit its more of treatment. Yes, it helps with stretch marks and, to my stress I dont even have stretch my stretch marks are so so thin like. Do you hardly see them? I still have a little bit here and there, but uh its, not visible at all. You have to really look close to see it thats what I mean so its very, very good.

It helps my skin a lot, especially aging skin. If you know you are, you are of the mature side, get yourself some bow oil. It will do you a lot of good, so this is how it looks. This is my bio oil. I dont joke with it. Love love, love, my oil. Yes, move. We move so the next on my list here is Harbor, My Skin Therapy or a relative person. You know they say Im for scar straight man, dry damaged skin, on even skin to edgy. Skin you should know now is this is this is all all me here so um, because my skin is not 100? I always tell you guys: hey so dont let camera deceiving my skin. I would say my skin is 70, which is still okay, which is good for me. Yes and um. My even my husband has been complaining lately that I was getting too late. I had to even slow down so I am treating my skin for now, foreign Music, just treating my skin, so this is skin cocoa butter formula, Skin Therapy very, very good. I love you so much it heals the skin. It treats the skin its a treatment oil. It helps you dont, even skin tone. You can see all the thin stretch marks. Everything is very, very good, and I love you so much that I cannot do without it, even when Im when Im taking breaks most of the time.

This is what I use. I use it even with my bow oil. Yes, I dont joke with it. So sometimes when Im taking breaks – and I dont feel like you applying any lotion Ill just apply this and Im good to go. So this is a cocoa butter, uh Skin Therapy Oil. Very, very good for me, its a must have so. The next on my list is Skin Therapy Oil come on now I mean Im using the body, because this one is more for the body, because a lot of you will always ask me what I mean oil for the face this. This Palmas is more for the body, and this is the the one for the face Im sure you guys have seen me use it a lot of times so its not new to you guys. This is how it looks very good. This is my I always apply it. I apply it direct. Sometimes when I dont feel like uh applying any lotion. I just use it direct, but sometimes I I add it to my uh lotion mix my face cream mix when Im promising my face cream. I add a little bit to it too, so this is how it looks its very, very good. It helps with fine line, wrinkles dark spot uneven, skin tone, aging skin with retinol vitamin c and cetosomate e. I dont know what that means, so this is it. This is how it looks, and this is the back – lovely love it.

This is my go to oil. I always use it before I used to use bile oil, but I stopped using bio oil. I just I just use this now thats what I use most times. This is the um oil that I cannot do without is my go to face oil. I love it so much thats the cocoa butter Palmas, Cocoa, Butter, Skin Therapy Oil for the face you can see its written face, so I love it its a. I love you. So much so the next on my list here is my Aveeno calm and restore nourishing oats cleanser. I love this cleanser, so much Im even running out, but I have an extra I always have extra because I know one year so I love this cleanser a lot. I have done a review most of these products, Ive done reviews on so, if you want to know more about, you can always scroll through my videos. This is a very good cleanser for me personally, because um, it helps with sorry about that. It comes the skin, especially if you use lightning product. You know you, you will need something that will calm your skin. You dont want to use everything lightly. Some people use lightning, cleanser, lightning, uh, so lightning scrub. Everything like the enlightening I dont do that personally, because, to be honest, Im trying to save my skin for all this yeah, so Music, this is skin lightening, is a choice so do as you like, but for me personally, I dont do that.

I use one. I use these days. I use more natural products even than lightning products I use, so I just try to balance thats. What Im trying to I try to balance stuff, but these days to be honest, Ive been using more of natural products than lightning products. You know – and I think Im okay with you, because I I actually love my complexion right now. I Im okay with it, so this uh Arduino. This is how it looks, come and restore for sensitive skin nourishing oat cleanser. So it really comes, especially when I go out. I go to work and I come back in from the Sun. I just use it to wash my face and it just comes with all the redness. Just the next day is gone so thats. Why? I love this um products, so if you are suffering from redness of the face, this will help. You very uh help you very well its very good for redness. It comes the skin and thats. Why I love it. So is it to me its a must. Have I just love it so lets move the next product on my list. Here is my Dove. This is my dough scrub that I love so much sometimes I I I didnt want this video to be too too long, and I thats why I just bought this, because this one is my favorite inside all of them because of the smell I just I just Love the smell of this one, but I tell you most times I use three of them: Ive done a review on Dove scrub body scrub before so.

If you want to know more – and you want to know about the three Dove scrubs Im talking about just scroll through my videos – and you will see it, but this one is my favorite inside all of them, because I guess because of the smell I just love It so if I dont see the other ones, I always I mean this is the one I I get most of the time. I love you so much. This is the crushed almond and mango butter. I love it so much so, but most times when Im doing my scrub, I get the three. There are three: they have three types of different um uh ingredients. So, but this is, this is the one I love because of the smell and the color so and thats. Why? I is a must have to me, even even if I dont get the other ones. I always get this one. So this is my number one in the Dove scrub is the dog exfoliating body polish, crushed almond and mango butter. So this is how it looks. Love love, love. It is a monster for me. I must have my mango butter scrub from those love it. So we move so the next on my list here is my Natures, Bounty, vitamin C. I dont joke with my vitamin C. To be honest, I use I use other vitamin C when I cant find this one, but this one I love so much because of the taste so because it tastes good, so you dont even have to use this particular.

If you want to follow this uh skincare regimen, if you want to you, can always get any vitamin C. That is good for this, though I love this one so much because of the taste and I dont joke with my vitamin C, it helps with your. It helps your and even helps your skin too. So so I just love my vitamin C. I cant do without it its hard for me. Love it lovely love it. So the next product here is farmer. Damn yes to Farmer there Im putting it upside down. Shout your family, so this is farmer them. This is how it looks, love my family. You see this farmer them its an anti reaction too, and why I love it is that it doesnt have this globetosol or whatever, whatever its more of a is more of so far so salicylic acid, zinc, oxide mental. So its very very good, and it helps me it helps with white patches uh acne, too rashes. So if I dont see any reaction coming out in my skin straight, I dont carry my farm at them, theres another one. That is good too. That is a whats! It called all about um. There are still some good ones, but you see this one is my must have, because this is like my must have so I must have farmer there, every other one is secondary, but you see this Farm again. I love it because of the ingredients, so I use and I can use it.

I use it Direct on my skin. I tell you aftershave. It helps me after shave. It helps to brush it. It will even make your skin smooth it smoothens, the skin. I tell you this Ramadan is very good and I love it and to me is a must, have thats why it is at this list. I love my Farmer them so much even sometimes I I I sometimes I mix it with my lotion and sometimes I dont, because I dont have too much reaction going on not lately. So all I do is, if I just say any little thing. I just apply directly, maybe on my acne or a little bit of rash or anything after shave, or I just apply directly from a day very good. So the last on my list is, I havent talked about this before and I dont know its not very popular, especially to people my my jazz viewers, but I tell you if you see this this serum, I love it like kilo day. This is called pixie skin treats. This is how it looks called overnight: glow Serum with glycolic, acid and aloe vera. I love this serum so much that hes been doing wonders for me. Ive been using it for a while. Now this is like my third bottle. I tell you yes, this is how it looks Im going to take it out of the container. This is how it looks, and this is it it has a draw.

It has a dropper, very nice. I just applied the days I dont feel like using lotion. Most times when Im Im using this pixie treats its an overnight its called overnight glow serum. His eye looks, I just use it at night, only maybe one uh three times a week or sometimes two times a week and Im. Okay, I tell you once you just apply the next day. Your face will just be glowing for real glows, the skin. This is and its called pigsty skin treat its a must have for me. I tell you its a must. Have I love you so much its um? Excuse me. Let me just talk about it. A little bit its gently exfoliates to reveal a healthy, a healthier looking and more even skin tone helps reduce the appearance of fine light and helps feed superficial sun damage or over time it helps with uh. I dont have sunburn, so I cannot really say if it really cure helps with sunburn, because I dont have sunburn so, but all I know is that it does help with Fine Nights. Yes, it gives you that you know it helps with uh uh. It evens out your skin tone for sure, and it gives you that glow tell you in the morning. Your face will just be glowing. You know gives that radiant look and thats why its a must have, for me, love love, lovely and he has aloe vera. I think the aloe vera and its made out of aloe vera and uh glycolic acid, very, very good yeah.

So it has cucumber too aloe vera cucumber and glycolic acid, so this is how it looks its called pixie treats overnight glow serum love it. So these are like my go to product. My must have skin care product that I cannot do without. I must have them. So weve come to the end of this video. If you enjoyed this video, please dont hesitate to give it a thumbs up and if you havent subscribed already please subscribe and turn on your notification share.