That is because I did recently post a Target and Ulta haul and I felt like it was only fair to balance things out with an anti haul and talk about a bunch of things that I dont want to spend my money on, and I know that this Goes without saying for most of you, but I feel like I have to always do a little bit of a disclaimer at the start of videos like this in case any of you are new and dont really know me or how my channel works, but I do Want to say that the purpose of videos like this is never to spread negativity or make people feel bad for what they want to purchase its just to explain why I dont want to purchase certain items, because I cannot possibly buy everything that launches. I have to draw the line somewhere, so this is just for entertainment purposes to take a look at some new things that have launched in the makeup and skincare space over the past few weeks and why I just dont feel like buying them. Okay lets jump into it. First up we have these plumpkin retinol eye patches from Tony moly, so the Main Ingredients worth highlighting in these eye patches are pumpkin, extract, retinol and hyaluronic acid and dont get me wrong. The packaging is adorable. I actually think this is so cute. I like it a lot. I just feel like. I probably wouldnt, see much benefit around my eye area in using these I mean they definitely look like they feel nice.

They look like theyd, be very hydrating, so not to Discount that, but as far as their claims of this having gentle retinol, that is strong enough to smooth away fine lines and combat signs of aging Im, gon na say, probably not so. This says it has. 22. 000 ppb retinol in it. I have never seen retinol described in that way, so I looked it up and that would be. I believe, if I did the calculations correctly, .0022 retinol, so a very small amount, so they look very cute but not gon na buy okay. Another Tony moly product that I had to talk about is this Taco poor blackhead scrub? Stick, I am so confused by this product. So, if Im understanding this correctly, it is a stick that you rub on your face to remove blackheads. I just feel like the last thing that I want to do to my blackheads is rub a waxy stick on them uh. So the abrasive in this that is supposed to draw impurities is charcoal. So its not like this has some secret ingredient that you cant find elsewhere. You can find charcoal masks all over the place and especially charcoal masks that are not in wax form like this. So I would personally rather go that route or use a charcoal cleanser, something like that. Maybe thats just me um, but yeah this ones a no. You guys already knew that I wasnt going to buy this, but I just had to include it in this video because look at the price tag.

This Essence, lotion from Chanel, is one hundred and twenty dollars what I havent even looked at the ingredients yet, but I just know its not going to be anything special. There will be nothing in this that you cant find Elsewhere for significantly less okay. Lets. Look all right: we have red camalia extract, which is a soothing, antioxidant plant non fragrant. Actually, surprisingly niacinamide. This does still have fragrance hyaluronic acid adenosine, one peptide at the very bottom of the label. Uh huh. I stand by what I said not saying it. Doesnt have nice ingredients, but I am saying I know that you can find something like this for way less than 120 dollars. Well, next is the drunk elephant Sarah Mighty AF eye balm, Sarah Mighty AF? What is that even supposed to mean? So this contains a lot of different oils, like avocado oat kernel evening, primrose jojoba and some calming ingredients and then, of course, ceramides Sarah Mighty ceramides. The texture of this actually looks pretty nice. I like how thick it looks its just, not something I want to spend. Sixty dollars on, I am going to be posting a video very soon, if its not already up of my top five favorite eye creams and they are all more affordable than this and theyre all delicious and amazing. So I just feel like 60 on something like this. Is not necessary and also this photo that they use to show how this visibly reduces lines and crows feet.

This looks photoshopped what I mean. Maybe the product is just really sinking in here and making the eye area look nice, but theres. Nothing in this thats actually going to get rid of wrinkles. Actually now that Im thinking about it, CeraVe recently launched that new skin renewing eye cream. I reviewed that in in a whats going on at the drugstore video Ill list that below, if you havent seen that yet, but that eye cream lets see, has ceramides niacinamide, hyaluronic, acid and peptides and its 24.99 just saying all right. Next, we have the Fenty skin cocoa, cleanser soothing, all over cleansing bar. This kind of looks like chocolate. I am just not really a cleansing bar kind of gal. I think the biggest reason is that it bothers me that I cant store it nicely with the rest of my cleansers, like it has to be in a separate area and a little I was going to say, sponge holder. No, this is soap, not a sponge. In a soap holder like on my sink somewhere in the shower, and then I just forget that I have it, I want everything together, Im Type A if you didnt already guess that, and I know a lot of people steer clear from cleansing bars like this all. Together, because of the fear that they will be too stripping on the skin, but this is not like a bar of Dove soap. This doesnt have anything in it.

That would be overly stripping. I just yeah Im, not a cleansing bar kind of gal. If this was in a bottle, I would totally try it as a body wash because it has some really nice softening ingredients in it like coconut oil and cacao, what pull it together and cacao butter? That sounds delicious all right. Next is the tatcha kisu lip mask this okay, so this lip mask actually already exists. Theyre just launching a limited edition, shade plum blossom, but I dont want any of these lip masks. At all I mean the texture of it. Looks very nice. It has that kind of like bouncy jelly texture, at least from what I can see in the photos. But I feel like this kind of thing feels nice for like five to ten minutes and then after that, Im like oh my gosh, my lips feel so so dry. I need my Vaseline jelly products like this. That dont have occlusive ingredients just do not leave my lips feeling conditioned and moisturized for nearly as long as I would want them to, especially at a touch of price point. So I mean this would be nice like on top of vaseline as a Topper, that I would actually like, but its its not worth the money. For me all right. I dont know how new this actually is, but it was showing up on new arrivals on Sephora and its the JLo Beauty, firm and flaunt targeted booty bomb.

This claims to have a clinically tested formula that visibly firms hydrates and Fades the appearance of stretch marks for a smoother more defined. Looking booty, I dont believe you whats, even in this guarana seed, which has high caffeine levels to visibly reduce puffiness Pink Pepper. Slim sounds like a rap name, that is a plant extract that apparently Smooths diffuses and Fades the look of stretch marks and then one peptide. I just feel like. There is quite literally no way that this is going to redefine the look of my booty come on. Now, like you got to do some squats to do that um. Let me look at reviews, lots of people saying this did not smooth or firm their booty, but there are people saying that they feel their skin kind of like Titan and tingle after applying it. Next is a new celebrity skincare launch from Brad Pitt called lay domain sounds very fancy. I mean I can just tell by looking at this packaging that this is going to be insanely, overpriced, lets. Look you guys. They have a cream that has 1.7 ounces of product. That retails for 320 youre lying – oh, my God, the serums even more, the serum has one fluid ounce of product and is 385 dollars. Is this it wait? Is this a joke whats going on okay? So apparently this line was inspired by wine. Brad Pitt owns a winery in Province and he aims to bring skin care back to the basics of nature parentheses think grapes.

He says our goal is to imitate the organic cycles of nature. Theres, no waste in nature. Anything left over or discarded becomes food for something else. This exemplary circular system is the inspiration for Le domain, so in looking at the ingredients, theres a lot of grape action going on here we have grape water grape skin extract grape vine extract. I mean some nice things, hyaluronic acid probiotics, and they also created two exclusive patented active compounds called gsm10 and pro gr3 that are supposed to slow down signs of skin aging. I would like to see proof of that, because I just dont believe its going to slow. It down enough for me to pay 385 dollars on this. Okay. Moving on another very random, celebrity brand launch is Barker Wellness, so this is Travis Barkers, Wellness brand and, as part of this Wellness brand, he also came out with skin care. I mean this is definitely still expensive, but at least its a lot more reasonable than Brad Pitts. So there is a renewal bomb for a hundred dollars. A sixty dollar moisturizer, a 60 face mask an 80 face serum and a 90 Eye Serum whats in this renewal bomb key ingredients CBC, which is a powerful cannabinoid that may help to calm and relax muscles. Maybe we maybe, and then this also has CBG, which is a THC free, cannabinoid, rich in antioxidants that helps to calm inflammation, reduce blemishes and soothe with acne okay, okay hold on so this literally only has olive oil wax, and these two cannabinoid ingredients thats it for One hundred dollars all right, at least with this – face serum theres a little bit more going on here.

Salicylic acid niacinamide still has the cannabinoid ingredients, panthenol visibolo, nothing, you cant, find elsewhere. Im! Sorry, I mean, I guess not with the cannabinoid ingredients but Im not interested in this brand. If you cant already tell what I would love to know is what theyre, anticipating from these Brands like how many people do they expect to purchase from them? Thats. Not even me, being shady Im really curious, like from a marketing standpoint. What was their brand vision that I would like to know, and then I want to know how it actually holds up to that, because wow, okay, all right, lets, move on from skin care and take a look at new makeup launches. Next, I have seen so many holiday collection launches recently, but I didnt want to make this an entire holiday themed video. So I sprinkled in a couple, but that wont be the main focus lets start off with this. I had to include this because I feel like this is maybe one of the most random things that I have ever seen a makeup brand launch. What is this Brighter Smile Vault set from tarte, its a teeth, whitening pen and a chubby lipstick? I dont know if this is just a me thing, but I feel like I have a really hard time. Trusting makeup brands that launch products in such wildly different categories from what the brand is known for, like for a makeup brand to start coming out with teeth.

Whitening products I dont know it just makes me feel immediately skeptical you guys will have to. Let me know if you feel that same way, but this is the type of thing that I would literally never purchase from tarte like Im gon na buy my teeth. Whitening products from Colgate and Crest and Ill buy my blushes from tarte, okay. This launch was announced a while ago, but I want to know your guyss thoughts on it. It is the Fenty gloss bomb ice. So this is a lip luminizer. That is said to have an immediate cooling effect, a juicy white fenne, no, not white, A juicy wet finish and a minty scent. When I first heard about this launch, I thought that it was going to be the same kind of thing as the Fenty heat gloss bombs, where they have a bunch of different shades, but instead of it feeling hot on the lips, it will feel cold. So I was like oh thats kind of fun. I feel, like I havent really heard of other brands, doing anything like that, but from what I can see its just this one clear shade that is cold and gives you that, like tingling cooling effect and has a minty scent and Im, just not obsessed with really Cooling minty lip products. There are some that I own, but the reason that I own them is because the colors are beautiful, not because I like that cooling, minty sensation, so like the Buxom lip glosses, most beautiful shades of all time or the makeup by Mario lip Plumping serum thats.

Pretty subtle, but has a little bit of it. I dont like the product. For that reason, I would actually, rather it not have that I just think they look beautiful, so Im curious to see how this product will perform, knowing that there arent different shades to choose from, and people wouldnt be drawn to this. For that reason, but because its just clear, are you guys gon na buy this? Let me know I am not okay, one holiday collection that I did really want to include in this video is the Mac Holiday collection, and the reason why I wanted to include this is because I feel like this, just doesnt feel like holiday to me at all. We have bubble gum pink with bows one like golden spotted design kind of looks like fireworks, another that has like water droplets on it. I dont know I mean maybe they were trying to go for like a gift, wrapping bow and thats what the bow is for, but I feel like this just looks. Like I dont know a hair bow like a bow. You would wear to play dress up when you were little, I dont know and just looking at all the different products here, like the eyeshadow palettes. None of this inspires me and not that Im ever really super into holiday launches anyway, but still I I dont know I dont love this one. What are your thoughts on this pink bow? Tie gold spot water, droplet launch? Okay.

Next we have these Revolution: color corrector skin bases, so these are color correcting primers and they have a green option and a yellow option. These just look super super thick. Oh, is this supposed to be their copycat to the Dr jart color corrector, because now that Im looking at the texture of this product, it really reminds me of that. I talked about that product in a video where I shared a few different products that I personally dont like that. I know everyone else loves, and I know so many people love that Dr jar product, but it just is so pasty and just too thick for me to love it and want to reach for it and thats the exact same kind of vibe Im. Getting from these photos, these just look really thick and pasty. I dont know I just dont love rubbing anything like that on my skin, especially before makeup. Second to last, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Rose Metal palette? I know that Im not really an eyeshadow kind of girl anymore. I have been starting to like dip my toes back in the water a little bit very slowly and cautiously and with very specific types of Shades. So I know that, but even still when I put myself back in the days of when I was obsessed with eyeshadow, I dont understand this palette and I feel like there have been so many eyeshadow palette launches like this over the past year to two years.

Where Im just like what is going on here, it feels super mismatched I feel. Like I dont know, I dont know. I just feel, like Ive, really noticed a theme of eyeshadow palettes not having the cohesion that they used to and not being as easy to use by themselves. For one look, you know something like this looks like something you would add to pick up Shades here and there to other palettes. Well, this photo does make it look better, but still, no, not for me and last we have the Patrick Taw, major, glow, blush and highlighter palette. This is part of their holiday collection, and I just again like dont, feel super inspired by this, its one of those products, its like not really giving me a lot of anything. The swatches make. This look a lot nicer than the photo of the palette, so maybe it just wasnt the best photo and the photography could have been better, but I dont know even still, I feel like the color story is just a little bit meh to me. I think the pink is really pretty, but other than that. I just am not obsessed with this one, its, not one that is drawing me in or making me want to purchase it, but I will say that I definitely do want to pick up a couple of his cream powder blush Duos. There are several Shades that he has in that product that I think are stunning that I will probably test out, but not this one, all right, that is it for this anti haul.

I hope that you guys enjoyed it and liked that I talked about some things that I dont want to purchase for a change, because I know that it can be really overwhelming. Even for me, as a Creator to keep up with all these new launches and people recommending new products, it feels like there are 50 new things every day that you just have to have and at the end of the day, its not necessary and its also not Realistic, so I do like to sprinkle in videos like this, where I talk about, fails or things that didnt impress me and things that I just dont feel like buying. You know I just dont feel like it. So let me know your thoughts on these new launches below whether you agree or disagree with me. I always love chatting with you guys if you enjoyed the video, please dont forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe. If you havent already click on that notification Bell and send my channel to a friend that you think would enjoy my videos as well. Thank you so much for your support in doing those things. It means the world and thank you guys for watching my videos. I love the freaking heck out of you make sure to stay tuned for my next one, because that will be up in a few days, but until then I hope you have a great few days.