I do this series every single Friday and today, Im going to share with you drugstore products that are better than high end makeup products. If you were to put these products in high end packaging, I would not know the difference like if you had me test these without telling me how much they cost I, I would think they were high end. So if youre new here Im Kelly, like I said we do this every week, so be sure to subscribe. I post four videos a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9am Eastern I post on Instagram on Tick Tock be sure to subscribe and lets hop into it. I first want to start off with this eyeshadow. This is from the in house brand at Ulta beauty, and you guys Ive been trying a lot from their brand lately and they have a lot of products that wow me dont. Get me wrong. Not everything is good, but they have a lot of very standout products and I feel like as a whole that brand is super underrated and Im thinking about doing another video soon wearing a full face of drugstore brands that are underrated. Okay, anyways, the the eyeshadow. This is called the bouncy eyeshadow, and I mentioned this in my one and done Shadows video recently, I have mine in the shade sprinkle you guys. This is basically a an Urban Decay, Moon dust eyeshadow. The formula is so similar in terms of the glitter effect that you get on your eyes, so this Shadow doesnt have a base to it, so its kind of like a Topper shade – or you can wear it on its own, just to get some sparkles.

The texture of it is bouncy, like the name would imply. It almost reminds me of like a colourpop super shock Shadow, but the Shimmer that you get with this feels high end to me and honestly, better than a lot of high end shimmers. That Ive tried theres. So much glitter theres so much intensity to it at full price. This retails for nine dollars – which I will say I think, is worth it, but also this brand goes on sale all the time, so you can usually find it for even less a lot of times. Theyll, do like buy two get one free. They had a lot of their products 50 off the other day for their fall haul, but Im not seeing it half off on the website right now, but just know nine dollars at most, but you you could probably get it for even less lets revisit something. Ive talked about before, but I recently bought a few new shades. Okay, I broke my lip liner no buy for this, but these are the lip liners from NYX. I love these. I love these so much. I would say these already get a good amount of hype, but let me contribute to that. Okay, this is their pencil eyeliner formula. They have new. I said eyeliner lip liner, they have new lip liners, but I havent Ive tried those. Yet I really love like these old school pencil ones, so I had two shades already.

I had nude truffle and peekaboo neutral, truly some of my most worn lip liners like constantly in rotation for me, but I was seeing a lot of hype about the shade nutmeg. So I purchased that one which is a brown, its really really pretty, and then I purchased the shade ever and thats what Im wearing right now do I need to touch up? No, it looks perfect this formula wears so well. You can get a really nice like sharp and defined point to it. Ive said before I think drugstore lip liners are better than high end lip liners. I know not. Everyone agrees with me, but high end lip liners a lot of the times I find most of them to be too creamy, and I just cannot get the Precision that I want with them, whereas you can really easily like feather with these, you can get a really Nice precise line, how many times am I going to say precise, but this formula is the best, a cream bronzer that is just as good, if not better than high end cream. Bronzers is the one from makeup Revolution. You guys guys. I have loved this since the first time I tried this. I cannot stop using it. I have mine in the shade light. This is about as effortless to apply as it gets Im not kidding you dip your brush into this, and you do like two Taps on the skin and its already Blended out.

The formula is emollient enough that you have that ease, but its not too much so where it just like completely separates, and you cant get the product where you want it. You know what I mean, because there are some cream products that once you start blending it out, it just moves around too much. This stays in place, but it Blends out it doesnt upset my Foundation. It doesnt give me harsh lines. It wears very well. The tone of it looks like you: have a beautiful bronze you guys better than high end lets pop over to skincare. Before we go back to makeup, I recently have been trying some products from the brand bioma. Okay. First of all, a box from bioma, just um, came to my door, and I talked earlier this year about how I removed myself from most PR lists, and I dont know how some of these brands are getting my address. Usually when that happens its from like a PR agency, but when I did move, I didnt really give my address to anyone well or like any any agencies. So truly I dont know how this ended up at my door, but Ive been trying this moisturizer and it is such a good drugstore option. So this is called the moisturizing gel cream now, first of all, I think all of their products are very cute. The packaging, like this kind of feels high end to me. The packaging reminds me a lot of drunk elephant packaging in terms of The Styling, its also airtight you dont, have to like dip your fingers into a tub.

I also think its really cool the way that they write the formulas on products, so it will say this includes, and then it has the ingredients on one side and on the other side it shares what the ingredient does and the benefit in the product. So itll say like glycerin is the humectant, it will say Aqua? Is the carrier niacinamide for skin conditioning it kind of breaks it down? So if you feel overwhelmed by skincare, and you see ingredients listed on products youre like what does that even mean? What is it doing? I think its really cool that they list that here this is fragrance free, its lightweight and Ive been enjoying this as an AM moisturizer, I feel like I used to think it was harder to find a good PM moisturizer, but lately Ive changed. My mind its harder to find an am one because it has to wear well under products. It cant be too greasy. It cant cause my products to pill and thats what I find with this honestly, a lot of even high end moisturizers. I just dont, think layer. Well, over my other products, but this one is just enough. It gives me the nice moisture and it sits well its not greasy, but I actually do feel hydrated a mascara, a mascara that I really wont shut up about. If were being honest, this is from Lottie London and it is called the super fake mascara. You guys, if I keep looking up Ive mentioned in videos, theyre doing construction on my building.

You guys are like girl, you mentioned in every video theyre doing it during every video I dont know, but so there are ropes outside of my window right now and they have this, like. I dont know what its called this. There is a word for it. I just Im not aware of the word but its the thing that they stand on. You know it lifts them up and its moving right now and Im just waiting for peoples um like faces to pop in through my window, because I can, I can hear it coming down Im like theyre, about to be there and theyre gon na be like whos. This girl, with a camera sitting talking to her about oh here, they are and were going dark. Okay, Im back were losing natural light fast, but the show must go on and where were we? The Lottie London super fake mascara saw me talking about in my top five drugstore mascaras video. This is better than pretty much any mascara Ive ever tried in terms of intensity. It will Clump a little bit, so I would say you might want to use a lash separator thats what I tend to pair with this, but I have never found anything that gets my lashes. This intense, except for maybe the Urban Decay lash freak, which I dont even think they make anymore, but I would say this probably does even more than that mascara volume length intensity. The pigment on this is very, very black.

So if you like that super gold lash look, I dont think youre gon na find anything better than this truly like. I initially bought this because I was seeing people talk about it on Tick Tock, so I know that theres, some Buzz surrounding this, but Im surprised its not more viral and a lip stain, maybe Im a little late to the game on this one. I feel like lip stains were, were really big in the summertime and now, as were moving into fall, you might be opting for a different style of lip product, but I still want to mention this one and this color in particular all summer I was loving, like A red cherry lip stain – and I still will wear this and my other lip stains into fall, but I feel like now as were first getting into fall, Im, probably gon na dip. My toes into some of my other fall colors and then come back to this. You know, but this is from the Ulta beauty Brand. This is called the weightless water stain. So this comes in two shades. I have the lighter one. This is such a beautiful lip stain you guys, this red shade almost pulls a little bit pink on myself as it fades away. The formula of this really is like water. It is so thin when you apply it. It really just takes a few seconds to settle in, and then you have that nice pigment that stays behind I dont notice it settling too much into any like dry marks or lip lines that I have because thats usually my qualm with lip stain.

Sometimes they can really settle, and it just looks worse than if I had nothing on. I dont notice that happening with this one. The wear time is very well very well its very good, very good as well. I did try this on my cheeks in a video to see how similar it might be to something like benetint. I dont, like this formulation, question for the cheeks. I specifically like it for the eyes, but I cant fault the product for that, because it it does not claim that you should put it on the cheeks, its just a lip product. I also really appreciate the shape of the doe foot on this. It kind of has a curve that perfectly fits the shape of your lips and it comes to a bit of a point. So if you want to kind of, if you hear these horns, if you want to really like emphasize your Cupids bow or Draw it on, you can do that with the shape of this any of these products, I would believe are high end. They are just as good.