Do you see anything different? Yes, so the dark hair is back. You guys know. I had to go back to the dark side like the highlights were fun, but i feel like the black hair is just me. So im very happy with it, but im also really excited because today were going to be trying out house labs, which is lady, gagas new makeup line. Well, its not new shes had her makeup line for a while, but she recently launched a new foundation, and i was at sephora – and i was like this – is the perfect chance for me to try this out as well as some other goodies from her line, because Ive never tried anything from her line, but ive heard really good things so definitely grab a snack get cozy and lets get into it. So i already did my brows and primed my eyelids. I just used the urban decay primer potion and im going to start off with the lip oil, and this one is the phd hybrid lip oil, and this was the only color that they had, but im going to put it on now, just to like hydrate, my Lips throughout the video, because i do have some other lip products that were going to try on later on, but it doesnt smell like anything, but i like the little joe foot applicator. Oh, i love the applicator. I love that little tint that it added my lips, like they were so like pale, and this just gave it kind of like a boost of shine, but also a boost of color, which i really like.

Thats beautiful and its super creamy, like it doesnt feel sticky. At all now for the eyes i got these high power pigment paints. I got a black one and then i got a rose gold shimmer and were going to try both of these out im going to use the black for liner and then this color is going to go all over the lid but im going to add a little Transition in the crease so im going to go in with the. Where is it right here? Power sculpt, velvet bronzer, and i got this one in medium level, 5., when i was in sephora, the sephora employee told me that these do run kind of light, like theyre. Really buttery and soft she said, but when you apply the color she said it does come off really light on the skin, so she recommended me to go up a shade. I was looking at the shade three or four and she recommended this one. So the packaging is so beautiful by the way on all of her stuff. I really like it pretty. Definitely i can see what she means like it runs a little bit lighter, because this is a pretty dark bronzer, but the pigment is. There, though, feels super smooth. Even building it up and just applying the color okay, this is nice. I really like that lip oil by the way you guys like that, feels really good on the lips. Okay, now im excited about these eye paints.

Apparently theyre super intense and pigmented, and a little bit goes a long way. So, im going to start with the rose, gold, shimmer and im just going to put that, like literally the tiniest bit on the back of my hand, oh wow, that is so beautiful that is like so stunning, oh wow im definitely going to need more colors. I love how smooth this product is and its not messy. Theres no fallout like you know like theres, no like loose glitter or anything, but it gives you such a beautiful. Like metallic finish, i am in love with this. Its not really glittery, also its more of just like a metallic finish, which is really really pretty now were gon na go in with the black paint and im gon na do a little winged liner. I might do some graphic liner today because the eyes are gon na be super simple, so i think i might do that actually and i feel like i should apply my elf eye tapes just to like yeah hold on wow im really happy with these pains. Im excited to try this black one out too so. Im just gon na put these right here, im pretty sure these are discontinued, which makes me so sad because i love these so im gon na go in with the elf angled eyeliner brush that is so dark. Okay, that was easy like what that was so easy wow. Are you guys seeing how this product just glides on that, is like the easiest wing ive ever done in my life and like the pigment, the formula it is so smooth like the liner just glides on? I dont even use all of the product by the way, so you pretty much need less than what i used like.

A tiny dot will go such a long way. Im gon na put on some mascara and lashes im gon na use the colourpop act natural. This is one of my favorites and then another favorite. Are these lashes, the aoa studio and this style alexis? You can get these on shopmissaes website or amazon. I will link them theyre on my storefront and they are my favorite go to lashes. So i am going to prime my face and im just going to use the smashbox primerizer, because the brand doesnt carry everything for a full face, and this primer is one of my favorite, like universal primers, that i feel like works with a lot of my foundations. So this is the triclone skin tech foundation and i got the color 220 light. Medium. Warm packaging is stunning. I love this. Frosted glass comes with a pump which is really nice. I feel, like most foundations, nowadays come with a pump. So this says it is a clean, long, wear foundation that delivers superior makeup performance without compromising your skin, its infused with 20 plus skin care ingredients, buildable medium coverage, luminous second, skin finish, ultra fluid weightless formula. I did get her foundation brush. This is what it looks like i feel like this would be really good for cream products as well like cream, contour, even blush its super dense, but i think the color is going to be perfect. Hopefully im going to like stipple it in it.

Doesnt really have a fragrance to it, which is great, i feel like none of her products do. It is pretty runny the foundation, but it feels definitely like second skin, very, like natural medium coverage, its pretty. If the color, i think i dont know, is it a good shade, or is it a little bit too light? So i think the finish is beautiful, its not too luminous its very like natural. Almost to me, it doesnt feel super dewy, its definitely not matte, and i love how easily it blends into the skin im going to add a little bit more just to see how it does build up, because i dont think this is like super intense coverage. Its like more everyday coverage, but it really is like another layer of skin. I think its pretty. I dont really feel like you need the brush its a nice brush, but you dont need it. You can definitely like use your favorite foundation brush yeah. It is very skin, like it doesnt look like foundationy, you know like makeupy like like the product, doesnt, look like its like sitting on top of my skin. It looks like its kind of just like being melted in my skin and it looks like still my skin, but with coverage. I see a little bit more of that luminosity also peeking through as i build up the foundation, but its still subtle. It doesnt feel like oily or anything. So this is the foundation right now you can see its a little bit luminous, but it doesnt feel oily.

It doesnt feel excessively dewy and it definitely covered up, but it still looks like my skin, like i dont feel like it looks too makeupy. I could probably blend it out a little bit better on my forehead, but i think it looks really good. Unfortunately, there is no concealer from house labs, but that would have been pretty iconic im assuming its coming, though, because she does have a powder, so hopefully in the future, but im just gon na go in with my dominique cosmetics concealer. This is the wide awake full coverage concealer in the shade creme brulee. I cannot wait to try the powder i havent tried. I feel like a loose powder like a new one in a while this brush by the way is the anissa beauty, angled concealer brush all right now lets go in with the powder. This is the bio blurring loose setting powder and i picked up the color translucent, and this is what the packaging looks like, which i actually really like, because then you dont get too much product coming out and im gon na apply this with my little triangle. Puffs. These are from amazon. Did you just see that i have to show you on my phone? Look at that difference so smooth and like it almost looks a little bit brighter, but it doesnt even look like i put powder on like when i put it on the powder puff. It was so lightweight like it just blurred the skin but set it so nicely.

See how its like blurring but like it doesnt, even look like theres powder on the puff okay im in love with it. I think it looks really good im. Definitely gon na take a photo with flash and see how it looks but wow very impressed with it. I mean, i guess it also saves you from using an excess amount of product like having the little netted packaging like this. Okay, now im gon na go in with the bronzer. This is again the power sculpt velvet bronzer in shade medium level. Five, this packaging is really really luxe by the way like its its nice im gon na use this little brush. This is from bh cosmetics, its the weekend vibes collection, its just a little like bronzer brush. I see what the girl means by like its not a super. I dont want to say its not pigmented, but its very soft, the color that you get on your cheeks, which is actually a good thing because bronzer, i guess its good – that its not super intensely pigmented, because thats when it can look muddy, so im actually glad That i did get this color, i think its nice, its a nice, shade, its warm and it is smooth – and i like the undertone to it too. Oh that looks good. Okay, love now the highlighter. This is the bio radiant gel powder highlighter, and this packaging is like a pearl like its reminding me of like a mermaid like mermaid vibes, but look at this highlighter the employee.

She convinced me to get the shade sunstone when i swatched it. I was like. Okay done look at that its like wet, but not glittery and im just gon na go in with a little bit of blush. Really quick. This one is the juvias place, volume 4 blush duo and im going to use this cotton candy pink and this brush is from bh cosmetics. It was from a limited edition brush set from the nazine kavari brush set. I love it, but its just an angled brush. It kind of just looks like fanned out like this, because i use it all the time, but i just wanted to add a little bit of blush to give my cheeks some life now were gon na go in with the highlighter okay, shes intense, but very smooth, Thats pretty its smooth, i feel, like all of her products are just silky like theyre, not powdery at all, like there isnt, even kickback as i apply or dip my brush in here, like theres no powder flying everywhere. The lip oil, by the way, still like my lips, feels really soft still, so it has like faded, but it does give your lips a little bit of a tint which i like it like brought my lips to life, because sometimes they look so pale and, like Muted now were gon na. Do a pink lip. I have two different lip products actually here to try. I dont know which one i want to do im gon na try both this one is the le monster lip crown 2.

0 in the shade mauve matte its like a pretty pinky mauve im gon na just go in with this, without any lip liner or anything. So we can see the color thats so pretty and like with the pink cheek, very comfortable matte, but still doesnt feel drying on the lips and then the other thing that i got is the atomic shake lip lacquer. I believe this is one of those lip lacquers that looks like glossy, but, like it, doesnt transfer, it doesnt come off, and this one i got in the color rosewood shine, also like a pinky mauvy nude. I dont want to take this color off, though, because its so beautiful doesnt seem to be fully transfer proof which it doesnt say that it is but im still obsessed with this color and, if you add a lip liner itll just like enhance it even more. I dont want to take this off its so pretty. This is definitely like fall vibes, im gon na let this dry a little bit or see like how it dries down and then well see if its transfer proof. The only other thing that i have from her is a new eyeliner im trying to find it here. It is so i picked up the optic intensity, eco eyeliner in the shade, deep cocoa, matte and im going to line my waterline with this. She also did have a brow pencil, but you guys know im so loyal to my brow.

Products and, like i just didnt, feel like i needed the brow pencil. The eyeliner is okay, i mean it is showing up, but you do have to run it over your waterline a couple times. So this is what the color looks like im, not crazy about it, like the color, specifically on me, its a nice shade for fall, but maybe i need to like amp it up with lip liner. I dont know you can still see. There is some shine to this product, but now lets see if itll be transfer proof thats insane. I want to try out more colors wow. I feel like this would look better on me too. If i added a lip liner and maybe thats what i need hold on im going to use the nyx line loud lip liner and this one is in magic maker, okay, wait. I think i like this now i swear like lip liner makes everything better. So if you dont think you, like your lip, color, add a lip liner. The only other thing that im gon na do is just apply a little bit of the highlighter right to my inner corners im. Also going to set my eyebrows and im going to set my face with some setting spray as well, and then this makeup look is complete, im, so happy with the way it turned out. I think the liner definitely helped with the lip color also and to set the makeup im.

Just gon na use milani make it last fresh bottle here. This is my favorite setting spray and its another like good, universal spray that i feel like works with, like everything. So i just took a little bit of a break charged my camera and its been about 45 minutes. I did also eat something i had some juice and some water and the lip color is still going strong, its in place. Nothing has moved so first. These are the two things that i feel like you: dont really need from her line, starting off with the brush its a nice brush, but im sure you all have your favorite foundation brushes. That i feel like would work great with this foundation. The foundation is really good and i dont feel like you need the brush to make the foundation work nice brush, but not necessary. I also dont really love the eyeliner. I thought it was okay, the formula it wasnt as creamy or pigmented, as i typically like in a liner products that i do think you need these eye paints im, definitely going to be getting more shades. I love everything about these. The formula the colors they were so easy to work with theres no mess with them, and especially the eyeliner like this is not coming off like as i rub, my finger on the liner, its like transfer and smudge proof. I also really love this rose gold shade. I mean its just its beautiful, so im definitely going to be getting more colors.

This is a great formula very impressed also with the foundation and powder combo. I think this is so beautiful. The foundation is really like, second skin, but it does enhance your skin and give you some coverage so its not totally light. It looks like your skin, so im really happy with this product. Im definitely going to be wearing this throughout the day and ill check back in with you guys and let you know how it looks. The powder is also like, not powdery at all, but somehow it still sets your makeup and like blurs your skin. I also did take a photo with flash which ill show you guys. I took it on this side of my beauty, room away from my studio lights and theres no white cast, so i definitely passed the flash test just to show you like that looks so good. So the powder double thumbs up the bronzer. I love how its not extremely pigmented right off the bat like i like how you can build it up and it blends really easily into the skin its not muddy. I love the packaging. I love this color, its a really good nice formula and then the highlighter i thought was really nice, so it was pretty like intense when you first applied it, but i do find that when you blend it out, it still is like such a soft, pretty glow. You could definitely build this up, though, if you want it to be more intense.

I love that its not powdery, because i dont really honestly wear a ton of highlighter anymore. So whenever i do, i keep it really light and soft, and i feel like this is a beautiful kind of like intense highlighter, but still also really soft and pretty the formula is really nice. No kickback. I like it and, like i said, im not really into a ton of highlighter anymore, but i like this formula a lot in the way it looks on the skin and, last but not least, the lip products. I really liked all of the lip products, especially the lip oil. This is a true lip oil because i feel like a lot of lip oils nowadays, they feel just like a regular like sticky gloss, but this is actually really smooth and hydrating love. This formula the lip crown, i know i only really used it for like a little bit, but i loved this color im gon na keep testing this out, but i do really like the way it applied and the shades that they had were beautiful. But i feel like if youre gon na splurge – i would say i mean olive oil – is a great splurge, but also this lip lacquer is such a good splurge item. I mean this is so long wearing im. Definitely gon na get more colors. I wasnt crazy about this shade at first, but when i added the lip liner, i feel like it really came together.

I just love how its pigmented and its so shiny, but like theres, no transfer like ive, never used a product like that. I know i actually think nyx had something like that that they launched last year, but i wasnt crazy about that formula. So yeah i need these in every color. I think this is going to be like a staple for like the fall and winter this year. So im going to come back in a few hours and ill check in with you guys and ill, let you know how everything looks hi guys im back. I started doing my makeup around like noon so its been about like eight hours or so since ive had all of this makeup on my face, and you guys i am like shocked right now. I have not touched up. I have not reapplied my lip color. I just got done working out and i ate dinner and the makeup is still in place. Nothing has moved, you can see. The eye paints are still on my eyes. The lip color its faded like a little bit but like come on that is like insane like. I ate dinner. I worked out like what you can still see the other products. My cheek products there – i am, you know, shiny because i was sweating. I was actually just dripping sweat. I was like padding with a napkin. To be honest, my opinions about the brand still stand true from earlier.

I think everything is beautiful. The foundation, the bronzer. I really like the powder. I will say it is not a mattifying powder, so, if thats, what youre looking for this is not matte. It has more of a natural finish. I personally really like it its really pretty on the skin super smooth, not drying at all. I really love the highlighter, but especially this lip lacquer. I think that is what im most impressed with out of everything. I also wanted to mention that the foundation has not even like faded around my nose, like, which is typically a big problem area for me, like normally foundation, just separates in this area. Like crazy, i mean it did come off a little bit right here. Like i said i was working out sweating. I was patting my face but like i still think it looks so good these eye paints are incredible. I definitely want to get more shades. The lip color like insane so im really excited to continue using this brand and also getting different shades in some of these products, because, like the quality, is beyond amazing but yeah, i really hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hopefully it was helpful. Let me know your thoughts down below on the brand if you have tried anything.