I am ready to head to the office on an average day. I can see anywhere from 10 to 25 patients, depending if im, operating or not, and my patients range anywhere from 20 to 70.. So i do both non surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures, so that includes anything from botox and fillers and threads all the way up to surgical cellulite removal, liposuction eyelid lifts and face lifts and neck lifts, and i also travel throughout the year to plastic surgery and aesthetic Conferences for speaking engagements, so i normally wake up by six oclock in the morning. Good morning i got an hour before i have to head to the office its currently 5 30 a.m, and one thing that i do thats very important first thing in the morning is: i hydrate. I try and drink as much water as i can in the morning. So i can get my first pn before my day starts because its very difficult to go to the bathroom when youre operating. So next up. I have to have my morning coffee, my favorite parts, adding the frothy milk to the coffee. All right lets go downstairs and get beautified. It doesnt matter what kind of day im having whether its or or patience. I always put makeup on. Typically, i shower the night before, and i hydrate i usually dont shower again in the morning unless its a very hot summer day, but generally the night before, is when i shower im going to start my skincare routine, and i love these little cellulose sponges get them On amazon, and as soon as you make them wet, they are good to go, and i love my lorac prose products.

This one is their gentle foaming face wash. I love this thing and this little sponge is so good because it gives you like a little bit of exfoliation. It just feels so massaging and invigorating in the morning, and i really feel like brings back the circulation into the face right off. Ive been loving. This be oil serum from the ordinary, so i just put a little dab of that on first and i have always loved these lorac products, and that is my skincare routine for the morning. So next up is my makeup routine and i love long wearing makeup and the reason is it needs to last. I am seeing patients all day long im in the or i dont touch up. I just dont look at my face all day. To be honest with you, and i just want to make sure my makeup lasts, and i think i found the right products for that. So i start with my foundation, which is the born this way, matte concealer from too faced. I love this one. Its all day. Wear but it still looks like skin. I have my little trusty foundation mixer and i actually just found this elf halo glow. This is like the best dupe for charlotte tilburys, like flawless filter, and because this can be a little bit matte and flat. I mix a little bit of this halo glow in there just to give me a little bit of light reflectivity without any glitter and thats about all.

I use ive always loved this elf buffing foundation, ive had 300 400 brushes, and this is like a five dollar brush that i find just as awesome, and i just kind of dab on, and this is my tan color, which i tend to spend more time and Money on summer foundations than winter foundations, ill have a winter foundation and then ill just kind of hang on to that. But for my summer colors i really love spending the time on summer colors – and i know this seems so strange, but i dont put any foundation on my forehead and i think thats, because i have my surgical caps on or ill have my loops on. I just dont put makeup on my forehead. I know weird next up is my concealer. I always conceal my under eyes. I just think you can use a little extra coverage there, especially if you havent been sleeping. I love these two. The tarte shape tape ive been using this for years and recently the huda beauty faux filter. I tend to just cover the areas that are hollow. Everybody has like a hollow on their under eye, and i cover that. I dont do that v that everybody does and then i might do a little bit up here, just to kind of give you a lift and then another trick, ive kind of learned, especially because i do a lot of eyelid surgeries. Everybody wants that lift laterally. They all want that little cat eye thing.

Well, you can kind of do it with makeup by taking a lighter foundation im just putting it a little bit right here and then i put a little bit on the inner side here and then that blends out really nicely Music. So next i set my under eyes: ive been really loving, this patrick starr one size beauty. This thing is great. It has amazing coverage and its just silky, i dont bake. I just ive, never been a under eye baker. I think it makes my eyes look too dry and then i put it over the upper lids also, so my eyebrow routine is sort of tried and true, i believe it or not. I use hair gel called got to be glue. If you put this on your brows, your brows will not move and ive been doing this a long time. Ive had no damage to my brows. I start by taking a little scoop of the hair gel and i put it on my brows with the flat end and then i kind of go in and i brush them up and out. This gives me a nice laminate effect. I think thats the style right now and i do love it. You do need to be careful not to look like you stuck your finger in a light socket with this. Look though, and i do fill in the spares brows with these brow pens, so ive been really loving these too the milani weekend brow and the nyx lift and snatch.

These are two of my favorite. You can buy them in the drugstore, but they are better than almost anything. Ive tried in the department store and whatever sparseness i have. I just fill it in Music, so ive been using the patrick starr bronzer, because it gives you three different shades because i do eyelid surgeries. I sometimes i have to recreate their eyelid, creases and oftentimes as people age, their eyelid crease gets lower. So, in order to make it more useful, you want to lift up that crease in surgery. You can do that with your makeup by putting your contour for that crease above your actual crease. So my actual crease is right here, but im putting the contour a little bit above that try that out and youre going to notice your eyes look more lifted. Music next up is eyeliner and mascara. This natasha denona one is blacker than ive, never seen a eyeliner. This black, before in a pen so were gon na use this its really important for me to have this makeup routine, not just for myself, but for my work i feel better when im made up, but also for my work. It is important, as a woman, to put your best face forward. I do think we are put under more pressure to look better, and i know that when my patients come in, they absolutely love when im put together. It makes them feel better and makes them feel more confident that theyre going to be getting the care that they want, because they look at my aesthetic and they want to achieve that as well.

So ive been loving, blush blush is definitely having a moment in plastic surgery. We look at this sort of things when we do facelifts and eyelid lifts. If you start putting your blush up by your actual zygoma, which is the cheek bone, then youre going to have more of a lifted. Look if you put your blush right in the center its going to give you a very youthful girly, baby doll. Look! So trust me, im loving the moment blush is having, and i am using this one by dior. I finish everything off with setting spray and currently the one that i love is the one by huda beauty called resting boss face. So i just kind of soak that, on the end of beauty, sponge and i dab that in Music, the next step is lipstick or for me i dont really use a lot of lipstick ill, probably line my lips with a long wearing lip liner and then put A lip oil over it or a lip balm, the one im really liking right now is this huda beauty, lip contour and the dior lip oil Music. So this makeup routine really works for me, its easy for me to do its less than 15 minutes and it lasts me all day long i dont need to touch up. I dont need to look at my face. I just know this is going to work on me and its transfer proof, sweat, resistant and literally takes me from 7 – am till 7 pm very easy, very quick and very reliable.

So once my makeup is done, my hair is next. Now i got to be honest with you. I cannot spend a lot of time on my hair, my hair kind of needs to be like i got ta work with whatevers going on so one thing i found to be amazing for me time and time again is my dyson hair straightener. I have very textured hair that can be really unruly and when i use the dyson hair straightener, it lasts several days and in the morning when i wake up, i can put a quick comb through it and, if theres some areas that are a little bit bending Or curly or textured, i can just run the straight iron through it and it looks like this and it lasts all day doing this makes it tameable and manageable, because im wearing a scrub cap and a surgical cap all day long. So i dont want to have hair sticking out of there, so this is my best way to be able to manage it with very little fuss. So for the office, i wear scrubs, but my thing is: i wear them in all different colors. I have fuchsia colored. I have red, i have obviously black, but i love color, and so when i am picking out my scrubs im going to pick them out based on how i feel in the color that i feel for that day, i have like this little sporty skirt and this Top and thats what im going to wear into the office itll be very easy to change from that to my scrubs and then back out after work is done, okay, im all dressed, and i am ready to head to the office after im done.

I tend to just grab my backpack and head to the office and i tend to walk to the office most days of the week. As soon as i get to the office, i am ready to go guns blazing. I need to make sure the ors been set up. I need to make sure my nurse and my medical assistant have everything together. The patients been checked. In i mean i walk in. I feel like im barking orders at everybody, but everybody loves it and they know that they expect it of me and so thats sort of how i start my day. I just have to make sure everything is ready to go for the case and nothing is missing and then, after ive made sure everything is set and right before im, going in to see the patient and take photos. I change into my scrubs and i can put my surgical cap on at that point. I am all ready to get going. I got my surgical gear on and were ready to start our first r case today when were in the or especially, if were doing body cases, its really important for me and my staff to have really great posture and upper body. Strength and stamina, because very often the patients are stated and we have to move their bodies for them, especially, if were doing say a liposuction or 360 liposuction to the abdomen area. So myself and my staff, we really do try and keep physically fit outside of the operating room.

For me personally, yoga helps me a lot to stay stretched and keep limber sometimes doing a liposuction is equivalent to a peloton class. My hands are instrumental in this field. I use it for everything, from micro surgery to big operations and no matter what i have to keep my nails short, or at least probably as long as they are now. I cant keep them longer than this because its hard to grasp things on the patient and its also hard to wear gloves. Because when you put the gloves on, you can tear your nails through a glove. So when im done with my first case and in between my cases, is when i generally try to get some sort of hydration and protein last case is about four hours, long having a quick snack and then im getting back to the or right after this, when Im operating, i tend to be using my elbows a lot and i can get really bad tendinitis, especially with the liposuction procedure. So i have to stretch in between every case and the way i do that is i either take my hands all the way out, and i pull back like this or i pull down like this, or i have a little toy that i use that helps me With stretching so what i do is that really helps pull that tendon and really just break down that lactic acid that builds up in there, so sometimes in between cases or after a few cases ill do this.

It depends if i have a really long case, and another thing i like doing is like with my lower back area. I tend to kind of twist sideways because that really helps loosen up the lower back because were all standing all the time hunching over. And that really helps and then like with my neck kind of like using my shoulder, blades keeping them nice and straight and just like looking. Oh, that feels good and then looking all the way down. Because, as you kind of do, the work that we do, the back your neck gets really tight as well doing these stretching really does help me feel more limber and less pain for the next set of cases. My mental switch really happens when im done with my or case were usually going and scrubbed up. So we have surgical, gowns, surgical, masks, surgical gloves and when all that comes off its like ripping off your bra at the end of the day, you just rip it off to me that kind of mentally prepares me that im finished with my operating case and then, When i walk out, i generally you know i take my surgical cap off. It can be a little intimidating for people. They see me in that when theyre, just getting botox done its like. What are you doing to me and that kind of helps me readjust. My mindset that ive just left the operating room and now im going to see a patient in the office.

So after im done with all my appointments for the day, its usually around six to seven pm at that point, and if i have dinner plans later that day, i would like them to be around eight oclock. That way, i can have a little bit of a mental reset, because when im finished with work, i like to walk home all right, thats a wrap for the day at work. We had such an amazing day and now im walking home and on my walk home. I just sort of like to take it easy. I dont really like to talk to many people, its almost like my time to decompress and its my alone time and its kind of like private time so im going to enjoy myself on my walk home, oftentimes im going right from work to dinner and the biggest Thing that i found a huge tip for me is to plan my outfits ahead of time. If i know im going to three or four dinners that week, i might take some time on the weekend or maybe on sunday night, just to put together some outfits. For me, so that when i do get home, i can just grab one and go because for me personally, its the outfit that really kills time and always seems to make me late for my dinners. When i touch up my makeup before i go out, i try and do as little as possible, because i really like the look of makeup once its worn in and mixed with your natural oils.

So i might put on more under eye concealer or i might put on some blush and thats really the extent of it, because generally the rest of it has lasted long enough. My evening, dinners are a lot of times im meeting with other people in the medical and plastic surgery professions, whether its pharmaceuticals, medical devices, other doctors. I do a lot of speaking nationally so im meeting with a lot of these people after work. I definitely have my social time, but i really reserve my week for dinners that are work related, so i can have a little bit more fun with my friends on the weekends. So after im done with dinner, i usually uber home and get in my apartment and the first thing i do really is brush my teeth. Wash my face shower and get ready for bed, because for me the breakdown of all the makeup and the grime from the city is really important. I need to be completely clean before i get into bed. I generally try to get to bed before midnight. I dont require a lot of sleep if i get six hours im totally fine six hours to me is plenty of sleep. Some people need more, but for me, if i get six im fine, so if im in bed by midnight and if im up at six a.m, then thats a good night to sleep for me, i dont wash my hair every night. I have a lot of hair and i dont think you need to wash your hair every night because it really does strip your hair of natural oils.

I mean unless im at the gym or im really sweaty or really you know like got rained on. I dont wash my hair every night. My nighttime routine is also very simple. I think i spend a lot more time and effort on procedures to help with my skin, so the skin care routine can be simplified. I spend more time taking that makeup off. I use a cleansing oil, i do dual cleansing, so i will strip down my makeup with a cleansing oil then ill wash afterwards. I use my trusty cellulose sponge. I use my larocquez cleansers, so i do a dual cleansing after that ill use an oil based serum on my face. The ordinary makes one called b oil that i love so at night i tend to just really keep it very simple if i feel very dry ill use, oil or serum on my face, and then i sometimes put a little bit of castor oil on my lashes. Just to keep them very healthy before i go to bed, i really try to wind down. I try and minimize my electronics. I try to put my phone away. I look at the cases i have for the next day, so i can mentally prepare for what im going to do. I kind of review any emails that i need to at that time. If im writing a speech or a lecture or planning for one. This is the time i try to do it, and i also try and have minimal electronics one hour before bedtime im still working on that part.

I am gon na go to bed now allure. Thank you so much for spending the day with me. It was fun.