If you dont know who i am my names, hiram and im passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine, so make sure you subscribe to my channel and to the notification bell. So you can see my videos every single week in todays video im going to be trying out sephoras lowest rated products and yes, im gon na be trying them on my face. Ive seen peoples challenges where they go to like a one star, rated makeup artist and get something done. I mean i considered for a brief second going and getting a one star facial, but i was like first, i love my skin too much and second, i dont feel comfortable putting anyone on blast because were all at different levels of growth and hopefully that person can Grow beyond a one star, but it got me thinking what if i was to try sephoras one star rated skincare and surprise surprise. I really didnt find one star. Rated skincare, like most of the reviews, were like two stars, but i thought itd be really interesting, because i cant tell you how many times ive been like restocking on a product, and i look at how many stars it has and im like. Oh thats, one of my favorite products that only has three stars. It just goes to show you that everyone has different experiences when it comes to skincare, and i really wanted to put these products to the test and test out all the lowest rated products.

I could find at sephora, you guys know im a sephoraholic, i mean hell. I have my own brand in sephora, i love sephora and i think they do a really good job with their product selection, but not every product hits. And now everyone has the same experience with the product and i thought id kind of maybe try and breathe life into these ones and see how much i actually enjoy using them and give my kind of initial feedback and compare and contrast with their low rating. Because i know for certain one of these products, ive already been using in my routine for a while and i actually quite enjoy. I really want to see if any of these products are actually as low rated as people make them out to be, or if im going to actually really enjoy them, or i could totally hate them. Who knows the possibilities are endless, so lets get into it. So when i was searching for these products, i actually had my assistant help put together the list and there was a bunch of different brands on that list, but unfortunately, a lot of them were either sold out or they werent available for pickup or delivery. So i had to go with five different products and funny enough, they all happen to be from sephora collection skincare. I think sephora collection skincare has some actually really good stuff. If you guys want to watch a video, i previously did about sephora collection.

I uh. That is from forever ago. How long ago did i make that video? It was like from years ago. So if i say anything that contradicts with my personal skincare beliefs now time heals all wounds, but these five products are interesting because uh, two of them in particular, i normally do not use on my face at all like ever, but in the sake of trying them Out for this video just for fun and because my skins been doing really good lately, i thought it lets ruin it together. Alright, okay, lets go okay. Lets try this im trying to be very gentle across my face. I know some people like really get into it when they use makeup, wipe but im trying to be soft and gentle on my skin as to not irritate it, because i havent used a makeup wipe in a really long time. My skins going to be like what i dont really know if im in a good place to judge, because i havent used a makeup wipe in so long. But i feel like i am wearing more sunscreen than what is on the makeup. Wipe um and i dont really want to press harder into my skin. I know some people are going to be like no, you got ta like press and get in there, mijo thats, exactly what i dont want to do. I will say for a positive, its definitely not as fragranced as i expected again like.

I can barely smell anything, but you know if i were the avid makeup wipe user. I honestly probably would be disappointed because i dont think this removes very much, which is interesting, because i know this four collection makeup wipes are really really popular, but that did not remove as much as you know, even i would prefer, but on the bright side, if Its not removing as much that means its, probably not as invasive or as harsh on the skin. So maybe this isnt as bad as i thought. Yeah id, probably give it a two out of ten um. First off its makeup wipe, but, second of all it didnt remove my sunscreen as much as id quite like it to which, if i was going to use a makeup wipe i want it to. You know properly remove all of my sunscreen and the reason why i give it a two star is because its not as fragranced as i thought it would be, which is a delight, uh pleasant. So, thank goodness for that now, since i just used a makeup wipe, but my skin is probably like um excuse me: maam wheres, the moisture im gon na go in with the next product, which is whopping three stars, and it is the sephora collection firming day cream. Now hopefully, this will help to like really moisturize my skin. After using a makeup wipe, i havent really looked at the ingredients of this one. Should i or zigner is bliss.

I think ignorance is blessed in this situation. This one says its formulated with peptides, which you know are good for helping to firm the skin and prevent against long term damage. I am a huge fan of peptides. I know for some of the other sephora collection skincare, like their face, creams and stuff are kind of heavily fragranced, but i will say, like one thing i really like about spore collection is their transparency about where they source their ingredients and how theyre sourced. I remember when i was first learning about. I was like oh wow theyre, taking steps to like really be responsible. If youve used sephora collection makeup, you know that some of its like really bomb super good. But oh this one really isnt as fragrant as i thought it would be either okay doing better than i thought overall id say its more on the gel side rather than a cream consistency which is kind of unique for a face cream. Um im just gon na get a little bit in there. Oh wow yeah its. Definitely like a gel consistency. Now i will say i have not worn this throughout the day, so i dont know how well it would perform. Oh, but i will say on first, you know usage it kind of sinks into the skin nicely which i like and considering that is a firming cream with peptides. Most moisturizers like that tend to be really really thick super heavy on the skin.

But this is like very different than what i was expecting being in. These lights will really be the testament to like how good this product is. Also, if my skin is really red, its probably from the makeup wipe, but also because my skin always gets super red. Whenever i touch it, so i promise im not sunburned it sunk into my cheeks, which is where my dry areas are, but its not really sinking in to my forehead, which is a little bit annoying. My forehead tends to get really oily and really shiny its like not sinking in yeah. This is like not sinking into my skin. I dont know whats going on pressing, no its, not really working. I dont know if its sweat or, if its just not absorbing into my skin, but either way thats, not really a good sign um. I tend to look for lightweight gel creams that are pretty light on the skin, and this one definitely feels heavy but hey. At least my skin is moisturized after using a makeup, wipe so look on the bright side. Okay, um overall experience with this one, i would say – probably a three out of ten. First of all, i like that its a lightweight gel cream. I always love a good shell cream for my face. I like that, its not quite as fragranced as i thought it would be, but i will say like given initial experience with the product, which i more so judge a product by like how well it performs throughout the day.

But, given that its not even sinking into my skin immediately after application kind of makes me immediately not like it, okay, whatever im gon na stop patting my face, because this is not going into my skin. Oh sorry, okay! So now that my face is nice and oily. This is a perfect segue into the next product, because this product, i believe, has lowest rating out of all of the products that ive used, and it looks like its right at two stars or right under two stars, which is so interesting because ive literally purchased this Product multiple times in the past and its something that i do use like not on a daily basis, but like at least on a weekly basis, and i quite enjoy it personally, it is the sephora hemp mattifying, no hemp, blotting papers, um. I do like blotting papers because they help to kind of like get the excess oiliness off my face, particularly when im filming thats the biggest time i use them without, like moving around the sunscreen or really messing with anything on my face or making me look. Overly shiny blotting papers are definitely kind of like more of a luxury purchase. I will say that, but ive really personally enjoyed using these ones, so i was quite surprised to see that they were at the bottom of the list. I do somewhat understand the hesitancy when it comes to blotting papers because heres the thing i did not buy botting papers for years, because i figured out that these papers are basically the same material as toilet seat covers.

Then i cut them up into squares and boom. You got blotting sheets, but i still stand by the fact that these are basically just like toilet seat cover material, and i dont blame you at all. If you use toilet seat covers because thats exactly what i used to do now, i purchased these just for ease of use and i will say, like they usually do – help control my oiliness, whether im filming for hours on end. I dont want to apply more power to my face and i just need something to help get rid of the oil. These have always been helpful, so i personally really like these and look at how much oil it is soaking up on this. I dont know if you can tell but its supposed to be a light color, and this is definitely not light. I dont know i enjoy using this and i will be repurchasing them. Okay, next up is the product that im most nervous to use in this video im a little scared, but this one has a solid, i think three stars or right under three stars: it is the sephora collection, sugar body scrub. Now i have seen this one for years at sephora, and you know i am someone who sometimes does enjoy a body scrub when its really gentle, when its really fine, i do kind of, like you know, sometimes using a scrub on the body, because it helps to Get rid of the dead skin cells that sometimes builds up on my elbows and my knees well not sometimes builds up always builds up.

However, i do usually stray away from sugar scrubs just because sugar crystals can be pretty rough and pretty big and they tend to be a little bit harsh on the skin. This is gon na be lovely. I have put a trash bag down underneath me because thats, how lazy? I am just to take my camera into the bathroom id rather do it out here and i got a bowl of water to wet my arm down. I think im just gon na scrub. One arm when you use a sugar body scrub, you should definitely use water at the same time, because that helps to melt down the crystals to make sure that theyre, not too big or too rough on the skin and just i dont think its ever. A good idea to use a body scrub on dry, skin, okay, so im getting a scoop, well its its kind of easy to scoop out thats nice spreading it on my arm. Oh look at the aesthetic necessity of it all. Okay, you know im being quite gentle, but it does kind of have that traditional, like you know, sugar scrub feel where its just a little bit too rough for my liking. I will say that i do like that. The base of this is kind of an oil, so it doesnt make it quite as dry. As you know, i know some other scrubs can be oh yeah. I dont like it on the dry areas, either thats thats too rough.

The sugar crystals are kind of melting down, so its not too bad. I mean overall, its really. You know with the way, at least, that im scrubbing its really not too harsh on the skin. So im not like horrified, and i will say that i do like how easy it is to pick up out of the jar like its not a super messy super goopy or liquidy formula. It scoops out quite easily without making a mess do not learn from my example: yeah okay, so i rinsed my arm off um. You know it feels soft kind of equally as soft as my other arm. I dont notice too big of a difference. I think the maybe tiny little difference that i feel is from the oil and the formula rather than like the scrub itself. I do like that. The scrub isnt super fragrant, because a lot of times scrubs can be id say id give this like a. What do? I give it i will give it a solid three out of ten because it wasnt like a totally unpleasant experience. It wasnt the harshest scrub that ive ever used. I still take the two stars off because this isnt a product that i personally would use. Nor do i really have any desire using it any longer. However, i will use the rest of my product for my feet because my feet: well, they can have whatever product the feet are really resilient, so theyll be fine.

I will say that i feel, like my skin, does kind of need, like a body moisturizer afterwards, it feels a little bit stripped and dry, but yeah ill. Give it a three out of five, not my favorite, but definitely better than i was expecting, and then the last product is the other product. That has a really really low rating kind of surprised me as well, because i know that a lot of people do purchase this product, but maybe all of them have a bad experience with it. I dont know it is the sephora collection coconut lip balm? Now, i will be honest: i am very picky when it comes to lip balms, because my lips get so freaking dry. You guys would not even understand its like the most frustrating thing in the world. I swear to god. No product is a product where i can like apply it once in the day and then im like im good uh. No dry lips will be the bane of my existence, but i am interested to try this one because it does have a two star rating pretty low, not the best rating, i will admit, but the thing i do like about this product is that it comes in Cardboard, packaging which is sustainable. I will definitely give it that i am very interested to try what this formula feels like, though, because my lips do feel dry at the moment. So satiate me: oh okay! Okay, oh, oh, my goodness! This formula feels dry its really gritty.

I didnt even know it was possible for a lip formula to feel this dry on your lips. Okay, im trying to apply multiple layers, but its not really. I dont know if its not working my lips do feel dry. I just applied so many layers of this. Let me look in the mirror: yeah im, not a fan of how this looks or feels on my lips. I dont know if gritty is the right word, but it kind of feels like it almost has this grit to it that almost kind of like picks up the moisture you already have on your lips and then it transfers the formula. But the formula feels very like dry, not very nourishing or hydrating. So, even though i feel like i applied a bunch of layers, i feel like my lips are going to be totally dry in, like five minutes i mean well see, but they definitely dont feel moisturized. Now also, when i looked in the mirror, it kind of looks like like my lips are dehydrated like most of the time when i apply like a lip balm or a lip mask, or something like that, my lips look so plump. They look super juicy super hydrated and i feel like its kind of the opposite with this one, which i want to say, i kind of like because at least my lips arent super shiny, because whenever i apply a lip mask and then i have to film right After and theyre super shiny, it looks like i just have a full on lip gloss on my lips im, not a fan of this formula at all.

I would say id give this either two star or one star. I will give it one star for the sustainable packaging. I will do that, but besides that this isnt good, if you guys do want a good lip mask from sephora, the tasha kissy loop mask – is amazing, its so good. The fresh advanced therapy lip mask the one that comes in a jar that ones a really good one as well. Ive really enjoyed that what other ones? Oh, the lineage, one with a little scooper, not scooper, applicator, the silicone applicator that you can apply. I love that one super great. I honestly would recommend any of those over this bomb. Well, i dont exactly know how i was expecting this video to end it wasnt, terrible it wasnt horrible. Like honestly, my skin isnt irritated it doesnt feel like its gone through trauma. My forehead is still freaking oily, but overall im not like totally mad im, not totally upset this wasnt like a traumatizing experience, but was i necessarily impressed honestly besides the hemp blotting sheets that i already use, i you know wouldnt go out of my way to recommend These products to anyone in particular, sorry, honestly sephora, has a lot of other great products that are still in the same product categories like if you want a good body scrub. The necessary body. Scrub is amazing. One ive recommended it ive, even included it into my best. Skincare 2021 video theres.

The lip masks i mentioned if you want, like a nice lightweight, gel cream experience for a moisturizer theres, my personal moisturizer. This helps by hiring nice and amino marcuja daily barrier support, moisturizer theres, a bunch of other gel creams. They have that are really good as well. If you want a good substitute for a makeup, wipe theres like the used people super berry cleansing balm that ive really been enjoying theres a bunch of other products that they carry. That are good as far as me, breathing new life into these products. I dont think there was much life in them to begin with, so you know at least i gave it a shot im gon na go pamper my skin right before i go to bed to make sure that its properly taken care of and not irritated from using Any of these products, what do you guys think? Do you love any of these products? Let me know in the comment section down below and let me know if you want me to do this video with say, like a different brand, a different store, whatever it may be.