This is probably the best group of products that i have found alternatives for in a very long time, and a couple of these things are pretty new on the market or theyre theyre newly hyped up and the alternatives are incredible. So im gon na save the best for last, so you got ta stick around to the end. If youre new, my name is penny im, a master, esthetician and im super excited that youre here i love to do these affordable alternatives. Videos mostly because i truly feel that you do not have to be wealthy to have nice skin, and i believe that there are lots and lots of things on the market that are amazing that are expensive. And then i think that theres a lot of amazing products that are inexpensive and i think that theres a place for everyone in that range, and i love kind of exposing all of it, because i think were all in this for good skin right were all in This for good skin, so these are really really fun videos to make, and i hope you will subscribe before you go and join the fam so lets get into this video. We are gon na start with um lets start with faded. This is by a brand called topicals. Now you probably have seen this one, the the cute packaging and everything is definitely eye grabbing. The deal with this particular product is that it is kind of a gel cream pigment inhibiting product.

Now they sell this at sephora. I think it is 38 and it is 1.7 ounces. The main ingredients in here that are going to help with hyperpigmentation. So if you have brown spots, if you have, you know age spots, if you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which means youre left with some dark marks. After a trauma to the skin, it could be an acne pimple, it could be a cut, it could be. You know, any of that kind of stuff can sometimes leave behind brown pigment. That is a hyperpigmentation and pigment. Inhibitors are very, very helpful in the treatment of age spots. Sun damage, post, inflammatory hyperpigmentation all of that stuff, so the key ingredients that are in here are niacinamide. This also has tranexamic acid. You guys have heard me talk about that for a long time. It is essentially a an alternative to hydroquinone, meaning that it is a pigment inhibiting ingredient that is less irritating and you can use it long term, unlike hydroquinone, which is kind of the gold standard for pigment inhibitors in in the medical world as a prescription. At four percent you can get tranexamic acid, its very, very effective, its kind of a lightweight gel cream. However, it does kind of dry down and i can sort of fill a film and when ive tried to use it in the morning, it definitely can pill when it comes in contact with some of my serums etc. So just be aware of that, this, for me would definitely be a pm pigment inhibitor, not an am pigment inhibitor just because the way it interacts with other products.

Okay, so the alternative to this one is one ive actually talked about for a long time, and it is the touch bright and clear now this is my old bottle, thats about three quarters of the way done, and i have talked about this one. I want to say the first time i talked about this particular product was probably two or two and a half years ago. I absolutely love this product. This has azoleic acid, it has kojic acid, it has tranexamic acid and then it also has niacinamide in it. It has all the heavy hitters that the faded does in order to be a pigment inhibitor. Now i did buy the new packaging and in this new packaging it also says azoleic acid kojic, nia, cinnamon and tranexamic acid. And when you look at the ingredient deck you can see that all of those things are in the upper part of the deck. This is a potent pigment inhibitor. Now it has a very, very similar texture to the topicals. The one difference is, you can see. It has a slight pigment to it. However, when you rub it all the way in that pretty much disappears, it might leave an ever so slight hue, but really it just kind of disappears into your skin. I do find that the touch is. It plays well under makeup im able to use that at night and in the morning this one is two ounces and it is about twenty six dollars, so you get a little bit more and you pay twelve dollars less.

Now. The thing about pigment inhibitors is that you need to be using them diligently am and pm consistently in order to see a reduction in that hyperpigmentation, so age spots, sunspots, post, inflammatory hyperpigmentation. All of that stuff. You have to be consistent with your pigment inhibitor and you need to use it for a long time. You need to use it long term, so the truth is youre, probably going to go through more than one two of it. So clearly, if you can get more for less money, youre more likely to repurchase, it continue to be consistent with it and get results out of it in the long run. So this to me is an absolutely fantastic alternative to this. Next were going to talk about a little bit of revision. Now this is a really popular medical grade brand. That is fantastic revision. Does vitamin c so well. They also have a tinted spf, thats kind of like almost like a bbcc cream. That one is absolutely beautiful. I think its called intellishade gorgeous but expensive. I think that spf is like 75 recently, relatively recently. They came out with this reevox line relaxer. Now this puppy is expensive. You guys this is um. I want to say its .68 ounces comes with this little applicator here. So you depress this and a little bit comes out and it is, i want to say, 145 for that .68 ounces, so it is spendy. What you get in here is a serum that is packed with peptides, namely it has some neural peptides in it that are supposed to help with muscle movement.

So the way that theyre marketing this is that its a really good hand in hand with your um like botox injections. So you could get your botox injections and then anywhere you did that you would apply this daily, am and pm and supposedly its supposed to help. Your botox last longer now the main one in here in my opinion, is going to be the argireline. Now that is acetyl hexapeptide, i think its acetyl hexapeptide 8.. I will double check and ill put that on the screen. I want to make sure im seeing the right peptide that is argireline now thats, probably the main ingredient thats going to be helping with the neuromodulation thats going to be kind of helping out your botox. Now, of course, they also say that you can use this without ever having botox in lieu of getting botox. Clearly, your results are going to be far more subtle than if you got botox like thats, not even the right, like its going to theres, really no comparison, but theyre, saying that you could get a little like a an inkling of what you could get. If you got botox, if you use this alone, but really its a fantastic compliment to your botox and youll, get more life out of your botox, helping you to get more time in between your treatments, okay, so again, this ones pretty expensive. I did not go by the alternative to this, because i really just didnt need another product.

Just like this. I wanted to tell you about it, though it is by peter thomas roth, and it is 125 for one ounce still crazy expensive. However, if you are somebody who uses this, you may want to look into that peter thomas roth product, because the main ingredients in that one, the neural neuropeptides that are in there are also in here, along with a few other common peptide ingredients, that one has 21 Peptides and i think that they say like eight of them are neuropeptides now that one, you get a third of an ounce more and it is 20 less so on the screen, i put the comparison up there and i wanted you to see the cost per ounce. The peter thomas roth is 125, an ounce which i i realize is still really really expensive, and this one is 193 dollars an ounce. So, if you are somebody who is already interested in this or youve tried this, you may want to just consider the peter thomas roth product, because it has similar ingredients and definitely similar main star ingredients as far as what theyre advertising this. For so i wanted to bring that to your attention, because i thought: hey. You probably go through this pretty fast if youre using it morning and night, you probably actually blow through this pretty fast, so getting a little bit more product, a third of an ounce more or might be it might be. Anyway, you get more for less money, so its definitely an alternative im not going to call it an affordable alternative, thats, just an alternative that is less expensive.

Let me know if you tried this out and what you think of it im curious what your reviews are about this. If you have tried it, and i would love to know if youve tried it and youve gone through a whole thing of it. If you had any results from it, and would you repurchase it im really really curious about that? Okay next were going to talk about one more revision thing that you may have seen a lot of recently, and this is their youthful lip replenisher. Now, when i i ordered, i bought all this stuff myself by the way when i got this in the mail, i was kind of surprised by how thick and sticky it is its almost like um, which i mean, i guess thats. You know whatever you know what it reminds me of you guys. It reminds me. The texture reminds me so much of old school mac lip glass. If you used mac lip gloss, and it might still be like this – i just havent bought it in so long. The clear one – and it was so thick and like i mean it, gave you like the ultimate shiny, literally lip glass, because it was so thick and a little bit sticky and it lasted forever because it was. It was just like a layer of, and it just stuck to your lips thats exactly what this feels like it is this massively thick thick thick thick product, okay, it has a bunch of good ingredients in it, but mainly it has shea butter, and then it has Some occlusive ingredients that are going to help to give it kind of that that thickness and help to lock in moisture in your lips.

I mean thats, really what its doing it is. You could put this on at night its, not something that i would wear during the day, because its so thick and and kind of sticky. But i could see where you could put it on at night and its almost like a lip mask that you would wear overnight and i do indeed wake up the next day and i feel like my lips. Look better and everything. I think the main thing thats happening there, though, is that its just occlusive its helping trap water in so that your lips can just repair themselves and look better theyre more hydrated, and they just look better. It does have some peptides in there, which are valuable. I just dont know how much theyre really doing anything. I think the main thing is that thickness and that trapping water and kind of letting your lips heal themselves overnight, thats kind of what i think. So i went on the hunt to find an affordable alternative. The one that is an amazing alternative is going to be the one from indeed labs. Now this one is called hydrolyran volumizing lip treatment. Okay, now this one is the same size as the revision product. So you get the same amount of product. I think this one is: let me see this. One actually is 0.31 fluid ounces and i think the revision is 0.33, so there theyre just this one is, i mean, like the tiny, tiny tiniest bit less product in there, but this one is 15 and the revision product is over 30.

, its its somewhere. I think 36 dollars, so this is half the price for essentially the same amount of product. Now this one also uses shea butter and then it uses a bunch of those same occlusive ingredients. It has a very, very similar, thick texture. However, i will tell you that, even though its a thick texture, its just slightly thinner to the point where i could actually wear this one during the day now, i dont very often i still slather this one on at night and go to bed its like a Lip mask and i find that it absolutely 100 leaves my lips feeling exactly the way the revision product does, and it is less than half the cost. It is so so so similar and it has a lot of the same, really great ingredients in it, and it feels really similar to that revision product only its less than half the cost. So this was another really fantastic alternative. The final, affordable alternative is the most exciting and that one is uh. You guys maybe have seen these sespara or youve seen the new one from sente, which is their systemine hsa. These are pigment inhibitors, so one is sispera and its a systamine uh product, and it is meant to help with hyperpigmentation. So this one from sente is also a systemine product im going to explain that in just a second. This one also has their proprietary hsa, which is its a glyco glycosaminoglycan that is already occurring in our cells, and it helps to bind water and it helps with inflammation, and then it ultimately can help with our immune response and redness etc.

So the one from sente that just came out recently that one has systemine systemine is a pigment inhibitor. It is um. It works differently than all these other pigment inhibitors. That weve talked about as far as suppressing melanin, but it also is different because of the way you use it, and this was what was most intriguing to me – is that you actually put these systemine products on as like, not exactly a mask, but you put them On you leave them on for 15 minutes, then you wash them away with a gentle cleanser, and you go on with your routine. That was so incredibly appealing to me because it isnt like where do i fit this into my routine at what step? What do i do its pretty straightforward? What i do is every single morning when i wake up you do an intensive 16 week program that i have just now started, and i wanted to wait because i had a laser treatment in the last few weeks and i wanted to wait until i was completely Clear from the laser so that i could take before and afters im gon na do the whole 16 weeks where every single morning i wake up, and the first thing that i do is i put one of these on and i will show you the affordable alternative. I put one of these on. I wait. 50. I set a timer on my phone. I wait 15 minutes, i rinse it off and i use my gentle cleanser right now, im using my one skin prep and then i go on with my skincare routine.

For the morning to me that is so easy to do its so its just so great because it doesnt change anything else. You can use this with all of your other actives you dont have to then not do something theres, no contraindications. It doesnt cause any extra photosensitivity. So if this is the pigment inhibitor that you are using it is you still need to wear your spf, and of course i mean thats like integral to clearing pigment is using an spf, but you dont have to worry about extra sun sensitivity from using this. It does have a strong sulfur smell. I mean theyve tried to mitigate it with some fragrance, so it also has fragrance, but i dont care it really. Doesnt bother me. You can also use this long term. You use it for those 16 weeks every single day for 15 minutes, and then you go into maintenance mode, and then you use it a couple times a week now heres, where heres, where it goes sideways right, theyre, freaking, expensive, i mean the sente. Let me see ill put that up on the screen. You guys 149 for 1.7 ounces and the sispera is 169 for 1.75 ounces, so that is pretty expensive. They come in this tube with a pump. They both literally look the same. You guys same packaging same exact right, so these two are both around 150 to 170 for 1.7 ounces, so, okay, theres those heres the affordable alternative.

This is by a company called all purpose, its the all purpose, creams. They have several different um creams. The packaging is relatively rudimentary right, looks like this. This is essentially five percent systeming. It is about 59 and it is a third the cost of the sispera and its. You know a little bit its its this ones. 150. So obviously its a lot less right. You can get this two times before you bought one of these. You can get this three times before you bought one of these and again. The idea is, you have to use this for 16 weeks in that intensive phase, and they say that after six weeks, youre going to start to see some lightening of your hyperpigmentation at eight to 12 weeks. Youre really going to start noticing results. But you got to get through that entire 16 weeks to see the optimal like whats happening, and then you go into maintenance, so this one is absolutely much more affordable. Now this one comes out in more of a lotion than it does kind of those are like um, gel creams, actually, a lot like the faded and the touch they have that very similar um texture. This one is more like a thick cream. One single pump covers my whole face and i go down into my neck because i get hyper pigmentation here. I did notice with this one a little tiny bit of a tingle and i dont notice it with the other two which is sort of interesting this one.

Like the other two has that same kind of sulfur scent to it and um yeah, and this one does for those of you who concern yourself with parabens. This one does use parabens as its preservatives. The other two do not so take note if that im, just presenting that information to you so its up to you to decide if thats, a yay or nay for you, but it is, there are parabens in the um all purpose systeming cream. Now, if you want a full video on systeming creams, i am really happy to do that. I would love to do a breakdown kind of a geek out science type of video on systemine and talk a little bit more about hyperpigmentation. Maybe pigment inhibitors in general id be happy to do that.