Here we go hey everybody! Welcome to the channel im great creator of the style shaker. I try all these products up for you and share my brutally honest reviews. So you have a better idea of what to buy and what not to buy, and today im going to tell you five key things that i want you to know about. The cosis concealer youll see a demo youll see swatches youll get tips at the end ill. Tell you whether or not i think its worth it fyi. This is an update. I have already reviewed this, but i like to test things out just to make sure that i still feel the same way i used to, and this changed this one changed like big time. The color i have, in my hand, is 3.2. This is definitely a skincare meets makeup situation. Necosis is definitely known for that as well. I like to say the word. Definitely, obviously they also included daytime eye cream in the product title i dont feel like that. Was there when i first read it so kind of interesting theres like shoving a lot of words into that product, title a concealer and a brightener and a daytime? I am not a cosmetic chemist. Ive never claimed to be, i dont believe in fear mongering. Nobody has a set definition of clean lets. Just put that out there. What i can tell you is: yes, there are skincare, boosting skin supportive ingredients in here like hyaluronic, acid, peptides and caffeine.

All of these are meant to help hydrate the skin plump and smooth and give a radiant finish. Spoiler alert, but i did not see plumping necessarily could have been very minor lets just keep moving. I do like theres arnica in here as well its supposed to help calm the skin, those looking to avoid any kind of coconut capric triglyceride is in here. It is a derivative, usually its mixed, with glycerin just fyi its in there sorry guys, and then it is alcohol, free, vegan, cruelty, free and all the rest of it. If you like, what im talking about right now and you like these honest reviews, you might want to see more of them consider giving this video a thumbs up. It really supports the channel. So thank you for that time to go into the demo and application. How does this apply? The weird thing is, i remember this feeling thicker the first time around when i applied it, it wasnt thick thick, but it was thicker it felt like, and it was harder to work with honestly. It could not have been more different. If i tried its like, i tried a different concealer all together. Now it feels light weight and pretty hydrating and not at all heavy or greasy its spread very evenly with the doe foot. You do not need a lot. I did not need a lot. I didnt want to apply too much a good amount comes out on that doe foot, so just dab it in the key places where you want some brightening and highlighting and covering.

It also goes on to the face really nicely my application tips for you would be. I loved it with a brush. I have a fit glow brush that i use all the time and then i press it. In with my fingers, i did not feel like a sponge gave me the best effect here. I also ended up using a setting powder with my fingers. Sometimes i use a brush so most of the time i use my fingers and its a very, very light layer. Interestingly, i did not have to use that which i was surprised, because last time i felt like i did so again – blown away four out of five for application lets talk about coverage. This is supposed to be a medium coverage concealer. I would say it absolutely followed through on the medium coverage and then lets talk about building it up. Did it create more texture? The last time i did that i swear it like shifted. I dont know if i was in a parallel universe. I dont know what was going on, but i guess it also speaks to the fact that makeup wears differently on your skin, its been maybe a year or two. So things change things do shift and change and formulas do change and evolve. Lets get back to the building building was perfectly fine, it brightened a little bit more. It covered a little bit more. I dont think it got to an incredibly opaque amount of coverage, so i think, were gon na stay in that medium lane.

This isnt, like the heavy duty, industrial strength, full coverage, but it doesnt claim to be and thats totally fine. I also liked it because it left a natural finish: it wasnt, looking cakey or anything like that. Four out of five for the coverage lets talk about creasing. I dont actually remember this being a creaser thats, not a word were gon na go with it, but i saw shockingly little creasing, usually the doe foot concealers and the more wet kind of concealers. I tend to crease a little bit more im actually going to battle. This against the ilia, which was one of my favorites back in the day so anyway, more to come there. So i thought this was going to continue creasing it really didnt. It did such a good job. I did see a little bit of creasing im, not gon na say there was no creasing. The claim was not that its creaseless, which i think is very smart, but it didnt really show much ill talk about whether or not that held up for eight hours next. In the wear test, but for creasing in the meantime, it received another four out of five, so wear test eight hours full day. How did this stuff hold up? It was so good. It was so good, usually ill see a little texture or a little gathering. No, i saw none of that. I might have seen a little bit of creasing on the eyelid a little bit underneath, but it was so minut and subtle and it was just really impressive and i could just press my finger and be fine.

This was probably one of the better wear tests that ive seen for doe foot concealers that ive tried and im talking about all of them. I said it wasnt the best because i had to use powder and there was still teeny bit of creasing its really hard to get like a five here. Trust me, so it got a four out of five, but it definitely was nowhere near the worst total score. Now is an 18 out of 20., the time that i first reviewed this i actually used a longer scorecard, so the scores arent going to match up, but i can tell you very easily that this scored better this time around than it did last time around. So it is time for my final verdict: would i buy this again? Will it make it onto brits picks um? I really liked it and i would buy it again. The only thing with cosas that drives me nuts is they are just not great. On the plastic front, i hope theyre doing something with that. Its one of those like were working on it, everyones figuring it out. So like talk to the other brands, because theyre kind of figuring it out too, i hope they do because whats inside is great. This is fantastic, i would like more of it, so if it was refillable or if it was in something a bit more eco friendly, theres no perfect equation there, but it would be a no brainer for me now, which is crazy, because it is totally different from My first review will it be on brits picks: im 85, there thats a very specific number, but its it is exact.

It is an exact science, no its not what i lie, but im close im close its not quite there yet theres a lot of changes that are coming with brits picks and they will come soon and i will let you know over here, thats what i think Of the coastis concealer now what do you think about this concealer? Have you been like, i told you, it was great this whole time, hello. This is what ive been saying, or are you still not a fan of it or have you not tried it and are you going to try it? What are your favorite clean concealers? Let us know in the comments and your skin type really helps the community over here. Thank you. So much for watching hope.