If you are new here, you are either welcome. Please join the family. My channel is all about skincare, so guys in todays video ill, be showing you guys new products, skincare product that i bought because ill be going for vacation, and i want to try these skincare products, oh my skin, and when im back from vacation, i will give You guys my honest review, you guys know this is what im using and its almost finished so ill be trying the new lotion that i bought and this one ill be buying this one again today, when i go out this dope is so amazing. I love it. So much its almost finished, so i need to get a new one before i go for my vacation. If you have a dry skin, please try this. Do you are going to love it for your dry skin? You are going to love it, its so good and so moisturizing. This is my face cream. This is my sunscreen. They are very good. This one is the um. Let me bring it closer. This one is a anti aging one, the the i really love this. You guys can see its almost finished im going to buy a new one before i go, and this one is the spf 50. Also, this one is so hydrating. This one is not that hydrating like that, but this is very, very good. I really love this im going to buy two of these, because i still have enough of this so im going to buy two of these for my vacation and lets go so todays video.

Let me show you my new baby. You know my new skincare product im. So excited so this is what i order for this is the zero pigment light koji sun skin light line. Soap, please guys if you want to buy, they have the fake make sure youre buying the original. This is the original one good pronunciation. This is the original one. This is how the original look like its like this make sure you buy the original look at it. This is how the pack look like you, youll see this thing: zero, pigments lights, gorgeous sun. This is why it says this is the original one, so shine your hair in case you want to buy it, so this is it and um. This is the lotion that everybody have been talking about and i pamela decided to try this lotion so that i can give you guys my honest review. This is the dr tree body lotion. Yes, with citrus essential oil, coconut butter, shea butter, vitamin e so ill be trying this lotion 24 hours moshe lets see if this thing is going to be 24 hours. You guys know me now like this one. They say it was 24 hours, but this one does not really moisturize, but its okay so ill be trying this, and i will give you guys my honest review. I supposed to buy the body wash, but the reason why i did not buy the body wash. They reveal about the body wash.

I dont, like it thats. The reason why i did not bite because they say it does not like that. Well, i mean i like something that used to ladder wear on the skin, so thats. The reason why i did not buy it, so this is the lotion and this im having a little bit of issue with my hair. So i want to try this not for my skin, not for my neck for my hair, but if its going to do anything good on my skin, i will let you guys know so. This is what i will be trying the initial bouncy er skin, and they will call me this is a gummy, so it should be very easy if it does not work. I go back to my collagen and um. This is the doctor, racial vitamin c serum. Yes, physio is not clear, so this is what i have so i will be trying this on my vacation and when im back for my vacation, i will give you guys my honest review. If i really love this lotion and the serum, i will just be giving you guys my honest review for this soap also ill, be giving you guys my honest review, but guys if you have a dry, skin and youre looking for a very, very affordable. You know lotion or cream that will moisturize your skin. Honestly, i will not lie to you. I love this and im going to buy.

I can open this because im using one to film, okay, ive loved this and im going to buy like two more before i go for my vacation guys. Let me show you this. This thing is very moisturizing nothing. I love it so much, especially for people that have dry skin me. I have dry skin, so i really love this so im going to bite so so just try it its not its, not expensive at all its very good cup, its a very good good price afford very, very affordable. So this is my new babies. My new skincare, you guys know i like to try new things because of you guys, so i can give you guys my honest review. You know all skins are different. My skin is different from your skin. So what my work for you might not work for me. What my work for me might not work for you. It depends so i have a dry skin so im going to try this dr tree body lotion and when im back ill. Give you guys my honest review. Okay, so i love you all still bless stay fabulous. Enjoy your time you can watch most of my other videos. If this is the first time of coming across my channel, i have other videos that you can watch. I give honest review. I dont sugarcoat. Nobody pays me for anything everything i have here. I bought it with my own ad and money, so i like to give honest review.

If it is good, i will say it is good if it is not good, i would say it is not good, so that is it for this video. I love. You guys. Stay blessed fabulous, see you when im back for my vacation, maybe i will insert a little clip of my vacation.