I was totally intrigued now. These drops are actually kind of prescription. Theyre meant to be used. If you have something called ptosis, so theyre meant to be used. If you have botox thats, stripped it and cause your eyelids to droop, maybe you have acquired droopy eyes over the course of your life because of Aging you might have droopy eyelids because of a specific medical condition. All of those are reasons why you may have in the past gotten these eye drops to open up the eyes now in recent months or maybe a year. These eye drops are being marketed more towards the aesthetic community, so people who dont necessarily need these drops are wanting to get these drops thinking that perhaps it will give them wider brighter bigger, more bold doughish eyes, and the question is: does that work? Did they really do they really do that recently? While I was on a trip, I was able to pick up a box of these drops. Theyre called upneek. Now a box of them is not cheap, it is around 200, depending on where you buy it, and you get 45 individually, wrapped little droppers like this, and each one is obviously single use, but its meant to be used. You can use it, obviously, just in one eye, you can use it in both eyes and really the question for me was: will it work on someone like me now I did have upper blepharoplasty and I definitely dont feel like.

I need a ton of lift, but like everyone else, if I could get whiter brighter, you know bigger eyes kind of like when I was younger, sure Im game for that as well. But I also decided that I was going to recruit a few other people at different ages, so that we could kind of assess how it works on lots and lots of different people who are not sponsored who are not paid. Who are you know, unaffiliated with upneek? In any way, and we could assess so Im going to put all of those before and after pictures at the end of this video – and you can be the judge – and I would love for you to – let me know in the comments, if you see a difference, Itll be itll, be really really curious to me. If any of you can assess change in any of the four ladies myself included, who went ahead and did this little upneek challenge so lets talk about what these are? Like, I said, theyre eye drops. They come individually. Wrapped which we can talk about because that seems to be a source of you, know a lot of people, dont love that you get a lot of plastic in this box, because in imagine you get 45 of these plastic droppers and they come you twist. The lid off and then and then you use them single use and each one of those comes wrapped in a package like this, so you get a big you get a box of a bunch of wrapping.

You really do now. I know you know Im not a an ophthalmologist or anything like that, so there may be a reason why these have to be for sterility or something like that why they have to be individually packaged Im, not really sure, but that is kind of an interesting packaging Decision because its a lot of plastic and its a lot of packaging, so that is definitely something to take into consideration. So how do these work? Essentially, these are vasoconstrictors and they work in a really similar fashion. They have a similar main ingredient to a nasal spray. Like Afrin, so they are instead of constricting the blood vessels and causing a contraction theyre, actually causing a contraction in your eyelid, which causes it to lift. It is actually affecting a levitator muscle in your eyelid, causing your eyelid to lift the average amount of lift that an eyelid would get in their studies and on their. You know before and afters on the upneek page, which I will link in the description box. They get about one millimeter now. I know that one millimeter doesnt sound like very much, but if you actually had ptosis, if you actually had a droopy eyelid, especially if you had one and the other wasnt, I think a millimeter could make a really really huge difference. For for you, if it helped you with your vision or really, if it just helped you with your self esteem, because the thing about having drooping eyelids it can make you look a way that you dont actually feel it can make you look tired.

It can make you look sad, it can make you look older and inside. You may not feel any of those things, and so its another one of those visual markers and we all notice eyes really very, very quickly into an encounter. You notice someones eyes and they can immediately give to kind of a feeling of an emotion that doesnt actually exist. If you have these drooping eyelids, so I completely can see the place for these eye drops if you have a genuine ptosis and you have that need now. The makers of upneek say that each drop you just have to do one in each eye daily can last up to six hours, so it can do that lifting and brightening of the whites of your eyes for about six hours, and I will definitely let you know My results when we get to the end and we discuss the before and afters. There are some side effects that have been reported. They were reported in like one percent, maybe one and a half percent of the people that they studied or tested these on, and they were things like headache. Blurred vision, eye pain, things like that, but again it seemed to be a very, very small percentage. Now, if you are a contact wearer or if you like to use other eye drops like I love to use my lumify, you just have to wait 15 minutes. So you would want to do your eye.

Drops wait. 15 minutes at least, and then put your contacts in or 15 minutes in between other eye drops and upneek, but they can definitely be used by people who use other eye drops and who use contacts. Okay, so lets get into these before and after photos. Now, all of these, before and afters, were taken in the same spot and all of them were taken about an hour and 15 minutes after the drops were administered, which Ive already used these enough times as well as these other people to know that, for all of Us any effects that we were going to see really happen in the first. Like 15 minutes, we did not have to wait. You know hours to see, you know any kind of change or anything like that. So for our first person, who is in her early 20s, I would say that you can see an Ever So slight change. Perhaps you can see a tiny, tiny bit more of the whites of her eyes. So I want you to take a long look at these before and afters and remember that the before is above and the after is below, and you know decide for yourself. Im really curious after you see all four of these before and afters what you will think and Im hoping you will let us know and that I I really really do, hope that you will. Let us know down below. If you see any change now the next person who is in her 30s, she actually has a tiny bit of a ptosis, an acquired ptosis in one of her eyes and um.

We did the drops, and I think that we also did notice just a little bit more of the whites of her eyes. We could see them a little bit more and then we feel like we can see a little bit less of her mobile lid and I think thats, because her eyelid did pop up just a tiny bit again. In my opinion, its extremely subtle. Now, when we get to my eyes, what I did notice is that I can see less of my mobile lid and I definitely think that my eyes got a little bit rounder, so theyre definitely a little bit more open now. I did this this morning and I did feel like when I was putting my makeup on that. My eye seemed a little bit. You know wider and brighter, but of course theyre gon na seem brighter, because this is a vasoconstrictor. So not only is it going to open up the eyes just ever so slightly, but it can also brighten the whites of your eyes, which can also lead to a perception of brighter whiter. You know bigger older eyes, just by virtue of taking away any of that red, so thats. Another kind of visual perception that you have to take you know take into account now. The final person that we can look at is in her mid 50s, and she was actually the initial reason why I even picked these up, because she was so excited at the prospect of being able to open up her eyes.

And I think that shes a primary example of somebody who has definitely thought about getting upper blepharoplasty. But when heard about these drops was like hey thats, you know 200 seems like a drop in the bucket compared to going and getting surgery Im gon na try that out. I can tell you that shes really underwhelmed. She did not feel like this. Did anything of great value for her enough to where shes? Not still, you know looking at her eyes and thinking that you know at some point, she may want to do an upper left that kind of thing. So I think that the kind of takeaway way here is that, if you are thinking about getting these eye drops just because of cosmetic reasons, I guess you have to weigh out your budget and decide if two hundred dollars for 45 applications, which would do both eyes Each time is really worth it to you for a massively subtle difference, so subtle that the overarching theme is underwhelming. Now again, I think that the people that this works for this really works for and those are the people who have an actual ptosis and so that one millimeter makes a massive difference for you for them. I think that people who are just looking for doe eyes and just want you know to get some aesthetic change and theyre thinking that its going to make this massive difference in their eyes. I think that its underwhelming, I think, that its a lot of money to spend for that, and I think that, given the four different people who who all tried it had kind of the same impression and every single one of us, myself included, thought 200 was a Lot to pay for basically getting wider eyes with a little little tiny bit tiny bit more eye, just a tiny, tiny bit, not enough, not enough.

The other thing that I would recommend, if you are still interested, because I get that its its kind of uh its intriguing, no matter what Im kind of got to try it right, I would say, find a few friends go in on a box together. Do not go and spend your money and get yourself a whole box and then be underwhelmed and have a whole box left, but maybe go in on it with three or four friends and split it up and all of you test it out or better. Yet if you have a med spa that is carrying up Nick in your area, they probably will offer samples, take a sample or two test it out and really assess and then decide whether or not you want to spend your two hundred dollars. Because my guess is, it probably wont be enough of a change for you to want to spend that 200. I hope that this video was helpful. I hope it was interesting.