Oh my gosh first day of school im so excited. Have you guys heard of elf cosmetics? Oh, my god, you havent good thing were the elfing experts. My name is summer and i love their putty everything, especially their putty blush, its so fun and easy to use. I just got it from their back to school kit on their website wow. Oh my gosh. I got the big mood elf mascara from target, and i have been obsessed. My lashes have never been bigger. I will be strutting down these halls queen. Yes, she is sam, im autumn im, not a latch queen, but the elf lip lacquer, especially the one in fantasy. I love it, i think its like so natural. I dont know winner. What do you think autumn, its beautiful on you? I love it and i love makeup just as much as the next girl, but i need a good skincare routine, so their holy hydration collection is my everything. They have a face cream with spf 30 perfect for the summer time and a cleansing balm that gets all that gunk off, so youre ready for the next day of school. Oh my gosh, the oh excuse me: what primer are you wearing? Oh, its the elf pose putty primer. Excuse me what is on your lashes? Oh its the elf big mood. Mascara, hey! Can i ask you what foundation youre wearing sure its the can of cc cream Music? Not me hi, guys, im anna im, the global artist here at elf, cosmetics and today were gon na show you a really pretty um soft neutral.

Look on the lid with a little pop of color. We came out with this its our putty eye primer. It comes in six different shades and at five dollars it really is a steal. Im gon na use this as a base for her eyeshadow and what you would use is our flat eyeshadow brush and take a little bit and youre gon na lay it over her lid just to even out the skin tone. So the color i am using today is called cream and im just going to lay down a light layer to her lid Music, and you know how sometimes we just want a little taste of something. Well guess what this is why we came out with these bite. Sized eyeshadows comes in eight different shades and at three dollars these are definitely a steal. The color im using today is called cream and sugar and im going to be using. This coppery rose gold color on her lid and its very simple youre, just going to swipe across her whole entire lid, its very foolproof you could take a clean brush and buff out the edges. Just to give you a really pretty soft blend im going to give her a little pop of color using this one, this is called acai. You say eu were going to take the first color from this little bite, size, palette and im, taking our small angled brush and im going to use it as an eyeliner for her bottom lash line right underneath her lashes im just going to tap it so now Lets go into finishing her look with some mascara.

My little trick again is to bend the wand just so i can get in her eye space. So what you want to do is you want to tease your lashes from the root to the tip, so it can give you that really full plumped up voluminous lash look. So there you have it. This completes our work. Hard look with some products that are gon na, really work hard for you, so you can play harder throughout the day, thanks for watching bye, Music im, so ready, hi, guys, im anna im, the global artist here at elf cosmetics who we have is stella my model For the day, so to get this simple look were gon na use, one of my favorite newest launches that we have its our liquid glitter eyeshadows. It comes in eight different shades and at five dollars you really get a big bang for your buck, so today were using two colors. This one is bling bling and black magic. I am gon na start off with this. This is our putty eye primer today, im using cream on her im gon na take a little brush and im gon na apply it on her lid just to even out that skin color and the great thing about this is that its gon na help prevent the Crease and make it wear all day so that way, when i do do the glitter eyeliner on her its going to stay put Music so now lets go into the actual liner itself.

Something thats super foolproof to do is to take the color. This one is called bling, bling and ill use. A nice angled brush and im gon na take some of this, and literally do the inner corner of the eye. Its just gon na give that really nice pop and highlight of color Music. So, im going to use this on the outer edge of her eyes just to give her a little pop, so lets show her black magic and i would recommend using an angled brush to apply it. So you can get more of a precise application versus using it from the actual doe foot itself: Music. Alright! So there you have it a really simple easy! Look that you could do for daytime or use it as a nighttime look theres many different colors that you can choose from to switch out. Your looks, which is really really really nice, because at five dollars you really can just go ahead and buy all of them and thats it and thats all folks. Okay, hi guys im anna im, the global artist here at elf, cosmetics and today were gon na play around with some glittery eyeshadow looks using our earthen ocean. Eyeshadow palette comes with 18 shades, so you see already ive already prepped her skin with our flawless foundation and um a little bit of our flawless concealer and ive used our sweet tooth sponge trio. This will help get the whole face done pretty much so before we start with the eyeshadow im going to use the eyeshadow primer in tan, so that way it can create a base for the metallic and the glitters to hold didnt.

I say primer come on. I thought you did yeah it. Did you werent paying attention just kidding Music, so to start with this look im gon na actually go into mojave mommy, which is a little bit deeper than her skin tone and use it in her crease and im gon na go. Like a windshield, wiper motion, Music, so next were going to take a dense bristle brush, which is our eyeshadow c brush, were going to dip into lagoon and then were going to tap it on her eyelid, pressing it in so that the glitter adheres to the primer. A little tip is to wet the brush a little bit with some setting spray and then pick up some product so that way it can definitely lock it in on the lid for more intense color payoff. So you definitely want to pack it on in layers. So next were going to take this color tundra and line her lower lash line and im going to use our precise smudge brush. Ive already dampened it just slightly. So it can pick up that pigment and the shimmer thats in this shadow and then were going to go ahead. Look up tap it on underneath her lashes, its okay! If you get it a little bit messy because you could just swipe off the excess with the dry brush and next were going to take our no budge retractable liner in black and line her inner waterline and then were going to finish it off with some mascara.

You want to tease the root of the lashes and bring them upward using our primer, infused blush and always rosy im gon na take this and dab a little bit on the apples of her cheeks just to give her some color Music, alright. So, to finish off, this look were gon na, go with our candy kisses lip balm trio. You guys tape. The heck out of this thing. Sorry guys – and the shade that were about to use today is called, bear kiss, so lets go ahead and dab some on her lip. So there you have it an edgier glitter eye with a soft subtle lip and cheek Music Applause. Music. Lip look with a sleek glossy eyelid, so before i put the actual product on her eyelid, i just want to mention that we started and prepped her face with the flawless finish foundation, and then we did our 16 hour camo concealer today, so were going to need For this look is our jelly pop face and eye gloss for this. I will recommend: do not put anything else on her lid. You want a bare lid, so that way you dont see any creasing of like any color or anything like that and youre gon na. Just lay a layer on her actual lid like so you can take your finger and then do the edges again. The great thing about this is you: dont, have to be perfect with your application and then were gon na also do her lashes as well, Music and now on to the fun part.

Lips were going to start off by lining her lip with this pencil. Whats. Really great is that it actually has two sides: one is the actual brush and then the other side is the liner, so were going to start off by lining her cupids bow, and one thing that you should do. If you do not have a steady hand, is use your pinky and rest it on your own chin. So that way, it gives you a little bit more control and its really great to do a liner first before any old lip, because its going to help give you a guide to give you a crisper cleaner lip line now were going to go ahead and do Her high shine liquid, lipstick, whats, really great about this high shine liquid lipstick is the doe foot applicator itself. It has nice curve to help hug your lips and, if you mess up its okay, take your concealer, which i have our flawless concealer right here. Youre going to take a lip brush or a small precision, brush dip it into your concealer and then you can underscore your lip line and it will give you like that. Really pretty crisp lip look, so there you have it. You have a nice bold lip with a sleek glossy eye, cheers Music, glam, rocker, chic type of a look lets start off with our liquid glitter eyeshadows. We have eight different shades. We have some cool tones and warm tones, something for everybody.

A lot of you guys have been talking about our poreless putty primer, for the face and guess what we made one simply for the eyes. It comes in six different shades and today im going to be using our white and our black as a base for these glitter eyeshadows. So lets get started so im going to start off with this putty eye primer, its the color white and im, going to shape out her eye as a base. Before i put the liquid glitter eyeshadow on top Music. So now im going to take our putty eye primer in black and carve out the outer edge of her eye for that winged eye. Look im going to extend it past, her eye shape, just like so and im going to color in between the lines and its okay to not be perfectly blended, because what youre going to do is take that liquid glitter eyeshadow and put it on top. So today, im using bling, bling and im going to put it right on top of where the white is and im going to blend it into the black. A little then im going to take black magic and lay it on top of that black im going to hug her bottom lash line just to connect where the wing out is then im taking bling bling and putting it right on top and ill take black magic And put it on top of the black all right so now i am going to take our no budge, retractable pencil and do her water line with the black thats pretty much.

It then were gon na finish off with some mascara and again. My trick for mascara is to bend the wand right after the edge and then go from the root to the tip and shimmy shake it. So that way it can plump up. Your lashes now lets. Do the other side, Music that pretty much gives her that really pretty rocker chic? Look she can go.