So first things first, i start off with ice. I have to ice my face every morning, mostly because i dont sleep ever so. My eyes are always a little bit puffy in the morning, but i really like this and i just kind of go down my neck as well, and even if it doesnt do anything, it wakes me up. So this is another face roller that i got off. Amazon and i just kind of go along my jawline and then my cheekbones im very, very tough on my skin, but ill worry about that later in life. This is the caffeine eye cream from the inky list, also as someone that has very very sensitive skin and is a little bit more acne prone. I have to be very careful about what i put on my skin, but my skin is clear. A lot im also taking medication for it, so that helps a lot, but i also have to keep up with the rest of the stuff, so it doesnt break me out all the time, because that happens very easily, especially when youre getting glammed on a lot. Your pores get really clogged okay and then im going in with these glow recipe. Niacinamide dewdrops. I actually found this through tiktok a creator named michaela and she has really really glowy skin all the time. So i wanted to try it out as well and ive been very, very happy with it. Moving on to moisturizer, i use the lemare moisturizing soft cream.

This has been my favorite thing. Ive tried a bunch of other moisturizers and i found out that a lot of my moisturizers actually break me off. So i have to be very, very careful about what i use this one is by far my favorite and im also going to go in with the lemare renewal oil, and i just feel like this kind of helps, get a little bit extra moisture on my skin. Before i start my makeup, because its going to get super dry very very easily, so i like this for just a little bit extra moisture. So first thing im just going to clip my hair back because i always get whatever im using for my makeup. In my hair, its a very, very bad habit of mine im going to be mixing the lemare soft fluid longwear foundation with this cosis foundation and that just a skin, tint or foundation. Just because i like a little bit of coverage but not too much and im. Just going to mix that, on the back of my hand and apply that to my face not using too much because i just want to go for a little bit of a simple look today and it blends out very very beautifully. So you dont have to worry. If you do add too much so for me, i like to go with a brush first, just to kind of get the product all over my face before i go into the sponge, because i found that that works best for me, and i really like the finish That it has, when you do it that way, also, it wont, come out patchy, which sometimes happens because not a professional and then im taking this ginormous beauty blender that i actually just recently got because i went into an ulta store and i lost my mind and I was shopping like crazy because i never go in the store anymore, so i never see the new products.

I always just order online, so going into a store was like the most fun thing for me ever and you just blend that all in so next im going to be going in with the patrick todd, cream, contour and bronzer duo. This is in the shade she sculpted and im just going to go right over my cheekbones pretty lightly. You know dont want any harsh lines, but its very blendable, so i find that its pretty beginner friendly and then using the same beauty blender. I just go and blend that in as well that way that theres no harsh lines and then because this is not an in depth makeup, routine, im going to immediately just go in with my givenchy prism libre powder. I dont know if i said that right and just kind of set under my eyes, i dont, always use a concealer, because i used a concealer a lot. While i was really struggling with my acne and since its cleared up ive kind of taken a break – and i dont mind my under eye circles – sometimes so i just go and set my under eyes a little bit like that. And then, while thats setting im going in with the makeup by mario soft sculpting bronzer in the shade light and im just going to bronze over where i put that contour and just give myself a nice little sun, kissed glow and then just go a little bit. All over and blend that in pretty well so now youre using the other side of the contour and bronzer duo.

And i just like to go over a little bit with this. Just because its a little bit deeper and i like to add just a little bit more bronzer to the sides of my face and then going in with another one of my little patrick taught. Items is the cream and powder blush. And this is in shes, vibrant, and i just love this one, because its so pretty and then just going in with that right up here to add a little bit of color to my face. I believe that you can never over blush. You can always just blend it out, but i like a lot of blush and then going in the shade shes baked as well. On top of it sometimes ill mix, literally six of these exact same blushes, just because theyre the best things ever and then going back in with the givenchy powder, which makes a mess every single time. I open it. A little powder puff i like to just carve out my cheekbones just a little bit. I dont know why i do this. I saw a makeup artist suit on me once and their makeup looked really good, so mine will too and then going in with my dior highlighter. This is my all time. Favorite highlighter ive never really found another one that i like as much as this. I feel like it just gives the perfect amount of glow, and i just put that all over my nose on the sides of my nose and then kind of going from my cheekbone up into my brow bone to give that really glowy look, then you can also Go on your temples, if you want and then just going in with the same brush that i used for bronzer im, just gon na kind of blend that out so everything looks cohesive and then using that same bronzer blush brushing away all of this stuff.

That way, no harsh lines, so next im going in with the anastasia dip brow in the shade granite funny story. Actually, yesterday i was like you know what i was good for this video. Let me shape my eyebrows, so i took my little eyebrow razor. I was shaping it and i was going right here and i literally Music. I literally almost had a mental breakdown. I shaved this entire part of my eyebrow. It was literally like it was four in the morning i was, i should not have been awake. I should have known to put the eyebrow razor down and i didnt and i paid the price for it, but i just go in and kind of fill in my eyebrows a little bit. I have a scar in this eyebrow that i like to fill in and now i got ta fill in this one a little bit more. This is usually my better eyebrow too, so i was very upset about that. Look at that. You cant even tell oh yeah. You can, i was so sad now going in with an eyelash curler. This one is shiseido. I use this to curl my eyelashes and i just go like that. I have pretty nice eyelashes. I did latisse for like a quick second, but then i got lazy and i forgot about it just like that, and usually the only really eye shadow i do. Sometimes i do a little bit of bronzer on my lid, but i literally take this makeup by mario palette, its the mattes that one and i go in with either this shade or this shade or the shade.

Depending on how deep i want the eyes to be – and i just go a little bit under, i feel like this completes my makeup whenever i feel like somethings missing now for my brows, i use what i used to use as a mascara in middle school, and I just go over them with this, because i found it very very hard to find an eyebrow gel that doesnt flake off and like get little white pieces. So i found that a clear mascara works really really well and that is from maybelline its the great lash. Its been around forever and i feel like its never failed me now before i do my eyelashes i like to spray my face, and i use these two im obviously running well on this. This is patrick tall, shes thirsty, and this is the one size preserve the serve. I sprayed this one first and then i go in with this one and then back into this one Music. Just like that. Now on to mascara, i switch on my mascaras a lot as of recently ive been using this loreal voluminous original. In this essence, lash princess, i saw um make up by mario use this on some of his clients, so thats. Why i picked this one up and then this one i saw it was trending on tank top. So i got this one as well and i focus a lot more on length than volume for the most part.

So i wanted to try something different. I never usually stray away from what i normally use, but in these past few months, ive definitely been trying a lot of new products so its very exciting. I dont go too heavy on the mascara, just a little light coat of each, and i think this ones waterproof. I never usually use waterproof mascara, so its a fun little addition to the collection and then just go in with this one as well. I dont do liner or anything just because, mostly because i dont know how were being honest here and then going back in with this dior highlight before i do my lips. I just go on my cupids bow if theres one thing that i have a million in my purse at one time its lip products, when i tell you a million its, like literally everything on this planet, my absolute favorite lip liner as right now. Actually, my makeup artist liv showed me this one and its my favorite thing. It is the makeup forever lip liner and anywhere caffeine, and, if you like to over line your lips, which i do this is, this is really good for that and for me over landing. My lips, i kind of just follow the line of my lips, but go a little bit over right here, just for a little bit more of a pouty look just like that, and then lipsticks i changed them out. Quite often, this one is the satin lipstick in praline praline, its the anastasia beverly hills one.

I actually got this one from a makeup artist. I did my makeup in new york, so thank you for that. I use it all the time just like that. Recently ive been using this tarte lip plump lip gloss and thats the color, but thats, not the color. We are just going to set our face one more time. This basically means youre done so once again, this is my favorite part and then last step. This will finish off any look. We have warren dreamer by your streaming, charlie, milia, okay, i think thats it. Thank you so much allure. This has been my 10 minute on the go beauty routine.