It is pretty, it looks really good, but is it actually good for me? That is the question, and that is also what i want to know about road beauty. But you know what i cant i can find out about road beauty if its good, if its worth the money, if it actually helps my skin, because its sold out your boots was not on the pr list im not salty about it. I am salty about it, but at least if im salty im also sandy, she may be a salty, but at least shes a sandy salty happy. But no, i was not on the pr list. All of the skincare is sold out and it actually doesnt look terrible and um the last time i was excited about a celebrity skincare line. Uh. We all know what happened k skin. I dont know if i can do this for another day, im used to rubbing in my sunscreen, but i feel like i have to rub this in for 15, 20 minutes like thats, not a look, i dont know how this works on whitney harlow, who has multiple Skin tones and colors did she try this? Like did you? Did you not see that this is happening, and here comes the pilling? Well, she tried she tried. I dont know about this one, because road beauty is sold out. I decided to try the next best or worst thing: a 17 skincare smoothie. I you not a 17.

00 that haley bieber gets from a store called irjuan. So let me explain this to you little old cassam de branson chillin in the san francisco bay area. Dont get me wrong. I, like my vegan food. Well, i went to los angeles, the city of angels and smog and traffic and overpriced groceries, and i got to see ashley ashley organics has been a long time friend of mine. We actually used to work together for a short period of time. She is brilliant and shes all about health and wellness, and yes, good skincare well. Ashley told me about this very bougie, very fancy very expensive store called irjuan where apparently haley biebers skincare smoothie is sold. Now i had heard about this smoothie because of buzzfeed and because its 17 17 for something this big im. So sorry, where do you get this money? Oh being a bieber or a baldwin? Okay, i mean i get it. I get it. I am perplexed by this smoothie and when ashley offered to take me, i was like girl drag me by the hand by the hair by the scruff of my neck. I do not care, we have to go and there are only a couple of ear wands stores. Like in the los angeles area, we went to one thats a little bit closer to the coast, its in venice and we didnt pay for the valet parking, because the valet parking was so expensive. Like you just look at the parking lot and like theres, a porsche theres, a ferrari like when you thought the grocery store items were expensive.

You should have seen the cars in the parking lot like damn, so we parked down the street and we did a little nature walk. We looked at some of the really cute houses and we actually did a rainbow walk. Ashley taught me how, when shes stressed out, she goes on a rainbow walk and she looks for every single color of the rainbow. It was actually very fun and i found all of the colors, but we walked our ass into er, juan and i wont lie when i first read it like in papers and stuff. I thought it was earworm because um dyslexia, but it is irjuan, not ear worm and um. We walked our asses in and let me tell you this store is a whole damn experience. This store is like culture shock. They have a lot of vegan options which, as a plant based, i tend to appreciate and enjoy. I actually saw some of my favorite brands. I saw osea in the skincare section. I saw my hip peas – oh my god, hip peas are also sold at starbucks for a much better price, but hip peas are basically like healthy, vegan, cheetos puffs. They are so good and i did see a lot of things i like, but i also came across some questionable things. The first was golden cheese for 35 dollars. Is it gold? I dont know if the cheese itself is gold, though looking at that yeah theres? Two more dont get me wrong.

I love myself a little charcuterie board, but theyre the audacity of these prices, and that was not even the priciest thing in the store. They also have this area where there was like all of this fresh pressed juice right, and it was across from the area that i was going to get my smoothie. I was kind of scoping out what other options they had and i saw this beautiful bottle filled with this blue stuff that basically looked like kind of like a mermaid, snot and um being a mermaid. I was kind of into it. You dont know whats beneath my right here i have a tail. I dont have legs. What are you talking about? All of that you see on instagram is photoshop im a mermaid. This stuff is apparently blue cmos. I dont know what it is. I dont know what it tastes like. Why is it blue, like that doesnt look natural, but apparently it is and um its like 35 dollars for jelly. You know if i had 17 grand for a hawaii trip, then i would do this, but the the instructions on the cmos say like eat a tablespoon in the morning to get your butt going like, i think, its a laxative im just like Music. What the actual you pay 30 dollars to value your car and then thirty dollars to eat this, like you know, you got ta, get your kitchen essentials! Um the prices in this entire store were just audacious.

I dont understand how somebody could walk out of the store and spend less than like 250. If you actually wanted to get like a basket of groceries, you could actually probably pass 250 it with like two and a half products, because we went over to the vegan protein section like the protein powders, because, yes, there is some collagen in haley biebers, skincare smoothie, Because uh protein does a body good, but you need the vitamin c to actually be able to create the protein and just because you eat collagen doesnt mean that your body will create more collagen fun fact. So we were looking at the vegan proteins theres some for a hundred dollars like a hundred dollars for this. For this again im not saying its bad, because i dont know i havent tried it im just saying, even if its, like small grown local people, i just i cannot imagine spending a hundred dollars on this powder im. So sorry, after my mind, was blown by these prices and my wallet shocked to oblivion. I decided to have my wallet hemorrhage just a little bit more by walking my ass up to the counter to get myself a bieber, skincare, smoothie and theyre actually proudly like presenting it. On top there, they say like haley, biebers, skincare, smoothie 17, and i dont know if they have the rights to like use her name or if this is some sort of strategic pr, because this is all happening at the same time that her skincare line is launching.

Like i see you pr people, i i see you with my big eyes, my not 17, on a smoothie spending eyes. Actually i did spend it. I actually spent 19.. So let me tell you how the 17 became 19 anyways. I went over there. I started looking at the ingredients and the ingredients actually looked really good. We have hyaluronic acid, which we know for the skin is a humectant. But, yes, you can eat hyaluronic acid, and did you know that your body actually creates it joints? Synovial, fluid cartilage, hyaluronic acid? Is made by your body and it is varvar, importante and um. You know consuming it, not bad uh. There are also a lot of berries in this smoothie. There are bananas, so a lot of things such as antioxidants, phytonutrients anthocyanins, which is what makes blueberries and strawberries, have their color. It also had things for sweetness, like dates and maple syrup, and that was kind of nice to see instead of like pouring just like straight up sugar in it, which is you know what youll definitely get if you go to like ben jerrys, have you ever had A bed and jerry smoothie, oh so good, anyways, and then it also has a couple of other extra things and vital proteins, and you know how i feel about collagen supplements and vital proteins. If you have been here for a minute just because you eat the collagen, doesnt mean that your body is going to create more collagen, just because i eat a fish, does not mean im going to grow scales and become a fish, even though i do have scales, Because i am a mermaid and i do have a tail just because i eat a light, switch does not mean i am going to poof magically become a light bulb thats, not how it works.

Now, what is collagen the most abundant protein in our body? There are different types of collagen, but its basically a bunch of amino acids that our body creates, and if we eat those amino acids, our body creates collagen. So we dont need to eat another animals collagen. In order to have it ourselves, we can literally eat amino acids, aka protein and our body creates it for us. I dont like vital proteins, because essentially the main ingredient is gelatin and do you know what gelatin is its literally? What is in jell o? They just add sugar and color in jell o, and it is literally a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry because they grind up the bones and the hooves of cows and pigs and horses, and they feed it to us and again, is it a good source Of protein sure, but you know what i like, i love my garden of life protein. It is a much more complete source of protein and it doesnt harm anyone or the planet in the making, as if the planet wasnt already hot enough. She says, as she drinks out of a reusable straw, but unfortunately a plastic cup im trying my best babis, but sometimes we just need a little bit of bathroom boba. Im gon na need bathroom boba for this much better. So while i was walking down the aisles looking for my vegan collagen powder, i asked them. Basically, can you substitute my vegan collagen powder for this one and they were like no sorry theres, no substitutions, i was like.

Oh. Can you at least take the vital proteins out because i dont want to eat those, and they said yes, thats actually totally fine and they were able to do that now. This smoothie, how many ounces, i think, was like 16 ounces, 17, but dont forget the tax and dont forget the tip. The cashier was very kind. You got ta tip the cashiers. So, yes, i left a tip and the total came to just under 20, like 19 dollars for a smoothie like in california, thats like an hour of work holy and haley bieber drinks that for breakfast i am so sorry. I want to know if it tastes like it is worth 19 and whatever sense, and if its actually transforming my skin like. Is that why shes so beautiful? Is that why she always looks so good? Is that why she always seems like shes, just so plump and vibrant, because she eats your one 20 smoothies for breakfast? Well, they went and started preparing my smoothie and, as i was kind of looking over the counter with ashley, we noticed all of these little vile jars and everything and, like it almost looked like an apothecary where you have all these potions and these magic things that They were gon na like put into your smoothies. They basically made this smoothie and they blended it all up, but when they put it down im, not gon na lie, it was actually beautiful. It was mosaic, so you could actually see like where the banana was.

You can see like the strawberry and then you could actually see little flecks like little green flecks in the middle kind of like mosaic, and i was like this is actually so pretty, and the lady at the counter was telling me that some people come in there. Every single day, for it, some people order 20 at a time for takeout, and then they just go. I just i was like where, where are you guys getting the money in this economy? And then i remember that there was literally a ferrari outside um, so we got our little tasty smoothie um, im gon na give it a try and theres a ferrari. If i didnt hammer home the fact that it was a very overpriced store, i mean i mean luxury thats. The term were gon na go with, so we ended up finding a very cute little restaurant and sat down to have our moment of truth, and i was kind of confused because you know it was layered and i was like do i have to mix it. I decided to just go in and um even the straw i couldnt get the straw open, and i was like is this: is this the experience that i paid for and then comes the moment? The first sip im sitting there imagining myself kind of as haley beeper im like oh my gosh – am i beautiful am i fancy? Do i wipe my butt with hundred dollar bills? Does my husband eat burritos from the middle out im a lesbian? Where did i get this husband anyways? I was imagining myself as haley bieber like it was the daydream.

I was fully going for it and i was ready to sip my way to beautiful fountain of youth perfection and, as i did, i was quite surprised. It tastes like strawberry cheesecake, but its not worth 17., and unless you drink this every day, its not going to do anything for your skin. It also tastes like aloe vera. It was good, but it wasnt, even the best smoothie that ive ever had like it. Just tasted like a banana smoothie – and i was just like wow – this is not worth 17 bucks like. Is this really what haley bieber credits her beautiful skin to, and i guess the other question in my mind – is if i were to do this every single day, would my skin be different, because, obviously, if you go to the gym once in a year its not Going to help right its about that regularity, if you eat a salad once every 365 days, its not gon na do much. But if you regularly incorporate greens – or in this case, skincare smoothie into your diet, yes thats, when youll actually see changes – or maybe you know, experience things but fun fact – i drink a smoothie literally almost every single day for breakfast, it is literally banana avocado cacao. So chocolate a little bit of agave is delicious is nutritious and yes, i use my vegan protein thats why she got biceps and she got triceps on the other side, and my gastrocnemius is looking pretty good, but my skincare smoothie every day is really good.

It doesnt contain hyaluronic acid, but, like i could probably add some hyaluronic acid and the most important part is that its not 17, like you, can make one of these smoothies for so much cheaper at home and as i was testing this and kind of going through This it was a very interesting experience to like live like a washed out celebrity for a day like all of the celebrities are seen at yorhuan, and i was just so excited to walk in there and look at all the bougie stuff. And i was like yeah im never going to pay to valet a car here like i have tried to live the luxury lifestyle which just caused me: debt, social anxiety and um, more debt, and it did not make me feel better about myself. And while it was fun to like experience this for a day, i i just dont think its for me and again. I know that some people love luxury and they really appreciate all of those things. There are definitely little things here and there that i like luxury, but im, just like i just i dont, oh joking, on my own audacity that i am even fathoming. This, like um im choking on just the thought of this. I just i cant imagine living a life like that when, for me personally my mind says that money can go so much farther and as someone who grew up literally in the modeling industry, looking at americas next top model, comparing myself my skin my body, my wealth To girls like haley bieber, it just got me thinking like there is so much that is not equal in that comparison, when you grow up having certain privileges and being able to afford a 17 smoothie, and it just reminds me of these comparisons that we do to Other people and celebrities all the time and again its not a fair comparison, and i feel like experiencing this like im, not gon na, do it again, um it wasnt, even that good and like its kind of refreshing, to know that i can make something at home That is just as good.

I can go. Take that twenty dollars and have a magical adventure like i can go, find a roller coaster. I could roll around the sand and get you know clumps in my hair. I could have such a good time flapping my fins and getting really far farther than you know. Flopping a twenty dollar on one of these expensive, countertop ear. Wand tables is gon na get me and i mean, did my skin even benefit? Probably no. I am im gon na make this. You know what thats, what im gon na do im going to remake the haley bieber skin smoothie for a fraction of the cost im still waiting for road beauty to become available, it is all sold out. Maybe we could just do like a dupes video like because its sold out heres the skincare that is the most comparable instead and then maybe i could just make my own haley bieber skincare smoothie, because again it was good, but it wasnt 17 good and it wasnt. Even like the best smoothie ive ever had like, i got ta drink it regularly to work like girl girl. I tried it so that you dont have to, and if you want to have chaos soup with me again and we can just make a chaos smoothie. I i am so down to do that, because you know that i like to save my money, honey. It was a great experience. I am a changed person, but i will not do it again and going forward when celebrities push overpriced nutritional things on me, theyre, like oh, it tastes so good its like strawberry shortcake, its like healthy dessert, its like! Is it just a celebrity good, healthy dessert, or is it like really good dessert? You know what i mean thats.

What i want to know, and if its not going to transform my skin like 20, would be so much better spent on like a good sunscreen like a really good treatment or a face mask get yourself an alpha, hydroxy acid uh, please anyhow, so stay hydrated both Orally, with an affordable, smoothie and topically with good skin care, always remember to be youthful inside and out and dont. Compare yourself to celebrities who drive ferraris to stores called er juan because, like yeah go in there walk around look at the prices, buy something if you want to. If youve got the money, if you want to spend it, go for it, but dont feel like you need to, because what you have is not what you are worth babies. I love you do not forget that write it down, like put it on your mirror. If you need to im telling you put it on your mirror, dont actually write on your mirror because thatll be very bad, but like take a sticky note and then write it on the post, it and then put that on your mirror. So you see it every single morning when you brush your teeth, because i hope you brushed your teeth, youre nasty, youre, nasty and always remember to be beautiful both inside and out. I love you and i cant wait to see you not in an irjuan grocery store line, but rather in this next video or a skincare smoothie live stream.

Thatll be thatll, be chaos itll, be great, itll, be great love.