The Video Includes Advertisement for Dr. Twenty Project. You are watching Minning Channel Hello.. This is Minning. Good Minning. Did you all plan for your vacation? I got a 10 day break from the makeup academy, Going on two trips for one night and two days, so I made plans to go on a vacation during the break. Ill be leaving soon. Vacation Vlog is mandatory and Ill make sure to do a Vlog of my vacation. Summer. Vacation Pouch Ive brought my vacation pouch with me. Today., I wont be able to show you everything inside it. Traveling Items Waterproof, But Ive picked out only the best summer products, Long Durability, Best Color Combination for Spring – Warm Stop Sweat that are perfect for traveling and brought them with me today.. So before we start the video Subscribe Like Set, the Notifications Lets go Summer. Skin Care Recommendations, Im going to start by showing you some skin care, products. SUREPI Get Leaf Twin Pad Pack. 20 Packs 40 Sheets 24900 won. Ive already shown this to you a couple of times right Its not something I use everyday, but since it comes in individual packets, its something I strongly recommend for travel. Its so convenient to use. Since theres one sheet per packet. Oops, I mean two sheets. Oopsy Daisy. The weather is so hot these days, so its impossible to do makeup without cooling and soothing your skin first. And the cooling effect of this product is simply amazing.

. The pad itself is also very soft., Its definitely a repeat purchase. And its also very stretchy., See how it stretches, So it adheres to your skin very well.. Even if your face is on the big side, no problem., You just need to stretch it across your face., See how it sticks Isnt it great Remember. I told you that the cooling effect was amazing. To be honest, when I first tried it, the cool feeling scared me a bit.. What, if it irritates my skin, I was worried., But it didnt feel harsh or irritating at all.. In fact, the formula itself was very mild.. I could definitely feel the heat subsiding, so Ive been using it ever since. And once you let it absorb like this, it feels very moist. A MUST Product for Summer Vacation. This is an item I always put inside my summer. Vacation pouch. CAREZONE Re Cure, Nordenau, Cica Cream Special Set Gift Since Ive shown it to you many times Im just going to show it again quickly. It feels like Ive, been showing you this product in all my recent videos. Well its because I use it so frequently. Its my favorite summer cream these days.. I take this with me to the makeup academy. Everyday., You see, I have to give my models pre makeup. Skin care. – And this is the cream – I always use. Its a very light feeling cream, but its moist enough to thoroughly hydrate your skin.

, Its especially great under makeup. So I really use this a lot.. It originally comes in a jar, and this tube was included as a special set gift.. The smaller size is more travel friendly, so Im taking this with me., Also x2 SHINGMULNARA Oxygen, Water, Waterproof, Sun, Cream 16000 won Im taking 2 trips during the break. First Ill, be going to Gyeongju and next Ill, be going to the beach. Ive packed this in the Pouch for the beach., There was a time when I suddenly needed to buy a waterproof sun cream. So I rushed into OLIVE YOUNG and just grabbed this because it was there., But then it turned out to be really excellent and Ive been happily using this ever since.. It does feel a bit gooey, but the gooey ness is like most other sun creams.. It goes on really smoothly without feeling stiff at all. Ive seen many heavy waterproof sun creams., But this felt relatively lighter compared to others.. Also when it comes to body products. I never wear anything thats sticky.. I really cant stand it.. However, this product doesnt feel sticky after application.. In fact, it feels quite light and refreshing. See how it goes on smoothly. Rubadubdub x2, Its a very light type of sun cream.. My boyfriend tried it as well, and I didnt even ask for his opinion, but he said its a really great product., Approved by a man who detests stickiness. He said it wasnt, sticky at all and felt refreshing.

And, as you can see, it, doesnt leave a white cast., So you wont end up with blotchy white patches when you apply it.. I was also quite impressed with its waterproof performance. DR. TWENTY PROJECT. Clearnic White Mask 10 sheets 30000 won Its great to take facial masks with you when you go on a trip., Its really fun to wear it together with your travel, buddy Thats, what you call a HEALING trip and chit chat while lying down.. This is a whitening mask pack, thats effective for blemishes and melasma. Im. Actually, a person who has some concerns about whitening, functional products. Im worried that the ingredients may be too harsh or irritating.. Plastic surgeons were involved in the production of this brand. However, this doesnt contain anything that could be harmful to the skin. Thats, why they call it a Derma Cosmetic Brand, Its actually a very mild and gentle product.. The sheet itself is very soft., I dont know if you can see it, but its not the usual watery. Essence., Its a creamy type of essence., Oh its dripping., The sheet is soaked with very generous amount of essence. Im going to place it on the back of my hand, to show you how it feels.. Can you see how well it adheres to the skin? It is said that the essence is full of pure vitamin C And since theres so much essence on the mask, it stays moist even after a long time, so I almost feel guilty for taking it off.

Its very moisturizing and hydrating. Real Review. I tested it for the first time on a day when I came home really drunk., I was to wasted to bother with other skin care, so I only wore this and went to sleep. And when I woke up Whenever I have a glass too many, my skin Tone becomes really sallow. You know Thats why Ive brought this product to show you, But after wearing this mask there was no sallowness in my skin.. It was so amazing. Also when I use it on normal days. I just place it on my face. For a short time, then take it off and let it absorb into my skin.. I didnt expect any immediate changes, but there it was. It feels as if my skin itself became immediately clearer and brighter.. This video contains advertisement for DR. TWENTY PROJECT Thats how it feels after using this product. Im going to use it together with my friend during the trip. Right. Ill show my friend a taste of this product. Stop right. There sweat Now Im going to show you something to stop you from sweating.. Can it be true Yes.? I will be showing you some products for stopping sweat., SINSIN, PHARM, Nosweat Sense. 9000, won 1000 won range, Its not exactly a pouch item, but since its a really important item Major Summer Item during summer, vacation Ive brought it with me today to show you.. I once did a video regarding underarm sweat and I think Ive already shown you this product in the video.

. Now, if you use this on your armpits youll be able to get rid of underarm sweat, I swear. You can finally say goodbye to underarm sweat. DRICLOR. Actually, DRICLOR is more well known.. Actually DRICLOR is more well known., But I recommend this product for those of you who felt DRICLOR was too harsh or itchy. After taking your evening shower, apply this and wash it off the next day, while taking your morning shower.. In my case, I felt absolutely no irritation. After applying this product., You only need to use it for a few days to stop underarms sweat. Make sure its completely dry. Before you put your clothes on, However, you shouldnt use it after hair removal., It really stings. Anyway. This is a product I cant live without during summers. LION. Naengam Therapy Ice Deo Sheet, 15 sheets 4900 won. Whenever I go on a trip, I use deodorant sheets really frequently.. I used to use deodorant tissue by MUMCHIT but for some reason, its been discontinued.. Why Thats? Why I bought this as a replacement. Wow? I was quite impressed. When you wipe the sweaty areas. Using this, the area immediately feels cool and dry.. Even the name sounds refreshing dont. You think It feels VERY cool.. It really feels heavenly when you use this during hot weather.. The sheet itself is very soft. Im, not saying it feels as dry as applying baby powder, but you feel refreshed and your skin becomes very soft.

. There is absolutely no stickiness. Sniff Sniff And I really love the smell. Its like you. Just came out of the shower and applied a really cozy scented body, lotion. Its like cozy and clean smell of soap, mixed with a drop of luxury, perfume Thats, the kind of smell you can expect from this product. TheraBreath Oral Rinse Portable Kit, Mild Mint 6 packs 4900 won. I love this stuff., Its a gargle product. Its difficult to brush your teeth after every meal when youre on a trip right. This product is great for those situations when you want to brush your teeth but cant.. Since it comes in such a small pack, its also a perfect pouch item., It comes in green and blue.. The blue is a very strong mint.. However, the green one here isnt that strong. In my case, if the mintiness is too strong, Is there anyone like me? I cant gargle for a long time since it hurts the inside of my mouth.. I end up spitting it out after a very short time.. However, the green one doesnt have that painful, minty ness. Its a really mild and gentle product and thats. Why? I prefer green. Your mouth doesnt feel particularly minty, but it removes bad breath and makes your mouth feel refreshed.. This was also very useful during vacation, trips. GATSBY Set Keep Spray Super Hard Handy, Hairspray 4000 won. I didnt pick this because its the best hairspray in the world, but I really loved the small size.

. I always use hairspray, you know, But I cant carry a huge can of spray while Im traveling right. The size of this product is just perfect., Its not easy to find hairspray in this size. Ive also tried water spray types, but they made my bangs too stiff.. This one doesnt feel too stiff.. It says direct spray type on the can which is awkward, but you know what I mean Its more of a hair mist type of spray, so you can control the amount you spray more evenly and also layer. The product.. The strength of the hold is also quite good.. What cushion did Minning pick for her summer? Vacation Whats, your guess, Which cushion do you think I picked Whats with the Love Dive. Romnd Nu Zero Cushion 03. Natural 21 25000 won. I left a detailed review of this product. Remember The package looks different from what youve seen right. This is ROMND Nu Zero cushion 03 in Natural 21. Is a pro at leaving cushions at restaurants. I lost the one I had., So I recently bought another one.. This is a limited edition. Milk, Grocery package. Since Ill be doing a lot of outdoor activities. I needed a matte cushion. Thats why I picked this product. Its a real favorite of mine.. It goes on very lightly and fits perfectly on your skin. Making your skin look really smooth and even. Its the perfect light, comfortable and refreshing summer cushion. When I used it in spring.

It felt slightly dry on me., However, during summer, its absolutely perfect for my skin., Its also long lasting without looking messy and cakey. Theres. A slight darkening after some time, which is a pity., But it doesnt stain or smear the mask.. Another reason why I picked this cushion is they give you a mini cushion as a gift.. I can take both with me and use this for touch up and use the regular size for the actual makeup. PERIPERA Oil Capture. Cooling Powder 11000 won Ive shown this to you once when they did a collaboration with TETEUM. Im still using it quite often.. The powder feels hydrating, so it actually feels cool. Whenever you apply the powder., I mean how can a powder be moist and cool Its so lovely. Its really perfect for summer.? It feels like youre applying powder with a wet puff., Its a very strange and amazing texture.. The color is pink, so it also brightens your skin when you apply it., It also removes excess oil., CELIMAX Makeup Retouching. Booster 30 sheets 16000 won Cheat Item for Makeup Retouch Everyone. This one is a MUST item of retouching makeup. FILLIMILLI once made a makeup: retouching pad.. It came in a wet tissue type package where you pull it out and use., I really loved it.. Why must they discontinue everything I love But its been discontinued., So Im using this product as a replacement and its awesome.. It comes in individual package, so in terms of portability you just cant beat it.

When you reapply cushion when your face feels greasy and the area around your mouth is all cakey. The cushion can help cover up some of the mess, but you can end up with thick or caked up makeup. Theres, one pad in each package., wipe the problem area using the pad and apply the cushion.. You will notice that it goes on perfectly without caking, as if youve just applied your base. Makeup., The pad itself is really soft and moist. How to avoid looking like Mona Lisa at the beach Im going to show you how to keep your eyebrows even in the water. PERIPERA Speedy, Drawing Long Wear Brow. 02. Ash Brown. 7000 won. Everyone keep in mind that Im not recommending this as a regular eyebrow product.. You see this is a liquid type product., So its not easy to draw your eyebrows by using only this product.. But if you use this along with your regular eyebrow product, the durability becomes unbelievable. Its the type that fixes as it dries.. Even if you do this it doesnt rub. Off. Lets wait for it to fix., I like to use it with a brush to control the amount. I apply. Use a regular eyebrow product to draw the base., Keep in mind that youll be using this. On top so draw it lighter than you usually draw. Your brows. Now were going to apply this over the drawn eyebrows. After that, if you see a bare spot or uneven detail, you can use your regular eyebrow product to even it out.

Make sure its completely dry. Before using regular eyebrow products over it, However, if you draw over it before its completely dry, Make sure its completely dry before using regular eyebrow products over it. However, if you draw over it before its completely dry, it can peel off or cake up.. Also, it can peel, if you put too much pressure so make sure to be gentle. Today, Ive drawn my eyebrows using this and my regular eyebrow product.. It could look a bit strong for regular, everyday look., But isnt it better to be Crayon Shin chan, Its better than nothing than Mona Lisa. Its dry now. See how it stays, no matter how I rub it Long, lasting mascara combination. Next is a combination for a no n smearing non drooping mascara MUDE Inspire Curling Mascara Volume, Curling Brown 19000 won ETUDE, Dr. Mascara, Fixer Natural 6500 won Im sure you must be tired of it. By now seriously Ive been frequently showing you, this mascara a lot. Its because its a mascara Im currently using everyday as my daily item.. Even when you use this mascara alone, it doesnt make your lashes droop., But in the humid summer weather even this mascara could get beaten down by the humidity. Thats. Why? You need to use a fixer like Dr. Mascara.. It helps to keep your lashes curled without drooping.. My lashes are on the longer side and its quite voluminous. However, its very fine. Thats why this mascara, which gives the right amount of length and volume, is really perfect for me.

Its also waterproof, so theres no smudging.. I apply this mascara on my lower lashes also.. Most cases you can see the dry flakes of fibers or some smudging happening, but you dont need to worry about them with this mascara. Thats. Why Im taking it with me for my trip to the beach., Which palette will the palette maniac take for this trip, Guess which palette Im taking with me MUDE Shawl Moment, Eyeshadow Palette 03. Peach Memory 32000 won. Remember I did a detailed review of this product Ill leave a card of the review Im going to take this one only. Since Im going to Gyeongju and the beach, my outfits would be very different., Ill, probably pack, another palette for the beach. But this is the outfit Ill be wearing for Gyeongju. Im, going to turn myself into a perfect spring. Warm person., And this is the palette. I strongly recommend for spring warm look. Since Ill be wearing this yellow toned outfit. I wanted to take something orange or peach., And this one is just perfect. Peach apricot orange.., Most palettes with this kind of color combination have very bright shading colors. And I had a problem with that. I mean I need something to blend my eyeliner … Im, not Completely satisfied with the shading colors of this palette, But its a shade thats, at least usable. So I have decide on this palette.. The color combination is really great., The glitter is lovely and the shimmer is lovely .

… I did my makeup today with this palette.. It comes with base middle point colors.. Also, there are colors that would be gorgeous on the triangular zone.. You can end up with a lovely spring warm makeup by using this palette. Perfect, for when you want a bright apricot, colored makeup Its also a very convenient palette for daily use., Now, Im going to show you a combination of lip products for long lasting spring, warm Lips. Its what Ive been wearing on this video. HEARTPERCENT Dot On Mood Lip Pencil, 01. Peach, Beige, 14000 won. You know how hot this product is these days right. This is really something.. This peach beige color. Its a color. No warm tones can resist.. The color is peach mixed with beige.. It goes on really smoothly. Also, can you see it, But its actually matte.? How can a matte product be so smooth and soft, Its great for covering dull looking lips.? So this is my current favorite item for overdrawn lips.. Let me remove my lip makeup and show you how to apply it. Im going to zoom in a little. Just apply some at the outer lip line.. Since I have small lips, I always overdraw my lips.. Can you see it covering up my lip tone Im drawing outside the line on purpose.? Of course you can fill the entire lips but Ill be using 2 other tints, so Im just going to use it to line my lips and blend it using my finger.

. Let it smudge gently like this And then FORENCOS Tattoo Wonder Velvet Tint 40.. Daisy 14900 won. You all know how long lasting this product is right, Its a velvet tint that stains. So I will be using this product.. The color comes out really strong, so you have to be very careful when you apply it. Im going to use this at the center of my lips and blend it.. I usually use Q tips, but I was too lazy to bring it. Isnt the color beautiful Its a redcoral color that instantly brightens up your lips. Isnt. This a crazy combination So gorgeous. As soon as I apply it Im feeling the refreshing summer, vacation. Killer smile, Absolutely fabulous. These days I like to do a matte base and finish off with a glossy product. EQUMAL Non Section: Glowy Tint, 101. Tangy, Flash 20000 won. The glossiness of this tint is simply amazing. And the moist glow lasts a very long time.. Also, the color of the tint itself, isnt that strong., It has a very clear translucent, feel to it.. I use it as a topcoat to add the final glossiness to my lips.. The color is bright and clear, with a drop of orange.. The previous lip products Ive used, lack, yellow, tint, see But since Ill be wearing a yellow toned outfit. I thought it would be a good idea to add a hint of orange to my makeup. Thats. Why I used this gloss to add some orange power.

Isnt. It a perfect combination, Its beautiful., Lovely and long lasting spring. Warm combination, Its a combination. I strongly recommend for spring warms., So I have revealed my summer vacation, pouch today.. I brought a lot of really awesome. Items. The weather is really hot. These days.. I hope you all stay cool.. I will do my best to enjoy my summer vacation., So lets all spend another meaningful day. The Video Includes Advertisement for Dr.