I am so excited to finally be trying out the milk makeup – hydro grip primer, so this is a sample size, obviously that i got in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag, so that on bagging, video is up here on youtube. If you havent seen it yet and so heres the sample size, i mean decent size, but i am so intrigued by this, because it sounds like its going to do exactly what i like my primers to do, which is to moisturize and then also grip, your makeup. So that it lasts longer, this has nourishing ingredients in it: niacinamide hyaluronic acid, blue agave, the full size retails for 36., its cruelty free vegan – and this is a product that i had been wanting to try for so long ive heard so many good things about it. So, im so glad i was able to actually choose this as my product in the ipsy glam bag this month, but so im going to start out applying it to half of my face thats how i like to review my primers and my skin. Oh my gosh, my chin is so visibly dry right now, so im really going to be able to test how hydrating this is im going to start out applying a thin layer just to half of my face so that we can compare the difference. I dont really get a smell from it, but its this nice gel texture. I love a gel texture blends out, really nicely its easy to blend it out in a thin layer.

It almost reminds me of like a serum as im applying it right now. It completely got rid of the dry textured skin its looking hydrated, but well see what happens as a little bit of time goes on and its definitely drying down getting a little tacky and sticky. You are supposed to wait a minute for it to set and get tacky before applying makeup, but, aside from the hydration that its giving my skin its not the type of primer that changes, how the pores look like its, not poor, blurring poor minimizing, i wouldnt even Say it gives a visible glow to the skin. It pretty much is just drying down invisible, but still looking hydrated on my chin, because here i can see like the dry patches of skin. This side has no dryness its, not as tacky, though, as i was expecting from a primer, thats called grip, because i had definitely have much stickier tackier primers, that ive tried, but it does seem hydrating a very natural finish, not matte, but not glowy. So i dont really see any benefit to just wearing this alone. Aside from some hydration, which i would just honestly use moisturizer for that which i did i just washed my face, but i didnt put on any other skincare, i didnt moisturize. So this is the only product on my skin and as far as hydration goes its nice, but now really have to see how it is with foundation.

So im going in with this la colors, truly matte, long wearing high pigment foundation, and this is the foundation i review almost all my primers with, because this foundation will really show how the skin is underneath and so im just going to start out by applying the Foundation to the side of my face without the primer, so that i dont mix in any of the primer when applying to the control side. Okay, so foundation is now applied to the side of my face without the primer and it definitely looks matte. I can see the dry texture on my chin like peeking through, but i also can see dry skin peeking through like coming out again on the side with the primer, so that was not long, lasting hydration at all, so for very dry skin. Its not going to be enough im going to also have to make sure to moisturize, along with this primer, but now lets just go ahead and apply the foundation yeah like there is really barely any tackiness left at all on my skin now like i would kind Of say its like a soft finish, not tacky, but lets see how the foundation goes. I mean the foundation is sticking on very nicely. I do feel like im able to achieve a little bit more coverage because of the grip with the primer, so that can save. Like some makeup, where you dont have to apply as much to get the coverage since it does stick on, and so now the foundation is also applied to the side with the primer.

It definitely is looking just as matte as without it. There is the more coverage which is nice, but the finish really looks exactly the same in the hydration or, should i say, like lack of it on my chin, the chin looks the same just as dry with it versus without it like getting kind of cakey too. I just feel like im, not seeing the type of benefit or improved quality to the side of my face with the primer versus without it, but i was really hoping for more hydration, hoping for more actual, like sticky, tackiness grip, because for 36 dollars. I just dont see really too much of a difference with it versus without it, like the texture of my skin is still like dry, the pore texture, the heavy cakey look of the foundation where my skin is dry, like i need to use other products with the Primer in order to actually get my skin and makeup, looking how i was expecting it to look with just this primer, so i dont really think this is necessarily worth the hype. I dont think its so terrible that i wouldnt use it again, but i guess this sample is going to be enough for me because i dont see myself seeing it being worth getting the full size, but i mean everyones skin is different. So if youve tried this out, i would love to hear what you think of it in the comments down below.

Maybe this is better for someone with oilier skin because it does dry down to that more like natural finish, and maybe it helps prevent like oily skin. Like having the makeup slide off or something, but for my more dry skin right now, im not loving this, but now i know – and i really had been wanting to try this for so long. So it is good to know now, but thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.