This is the old truth about carl white. It is directly from dream, cosmetics company – it is directly from their top staffs. So whatever you are hearing in this video is the legit. I shot this video from wright from dream cosmetic company and one of their staff is going to be addressing you concerning carol white alongside myself. So please take your time to listen to it and god bless you all right guys. Welcome to my channel once again its a girl, ttbs beauty, of course, ive been away for some time, but its all for the best. I had an issue with the carawite that is currently everywhere in the market, and i wanted to get to the root of it. I wanted to know why i have that product everywhere in the market and the other one that we all know its cast in the market. So i had a client who wanted a very large supply from me, so i couldnt just go into the market and get her just any product and send to her because it that the product was meant to go outside nigeria. So we should make sure we are sending the ideal products down to the country where it was needed. So before i go into that, let me say shout out to all my subscribers. I love you all the returning ones. I love you all and the new ones. Please dont forget to hit the like button for this um video dont forget to subscribe.

If you have not done that, i still made you get tbs beauty. So, as i was saying so, i had to go to carol whites company. If you check my review at the review, i did on the fake and original carol white, the review i did on that um video. I showed us two different types of carrot: whites. I showed us the whites, the one with the whites logo. I showed us the one with the black logo so over time. I realized that the black logo is not that much in the market, but the white is everywhere. So i wanted to know if carl white has in any way changed his logo or they are still maintaining the black logo or this they sold some kind of franchise to some people and they are producing it or they are still the ones producing the white logo Of course, you know ive always told us that on ctbs beauty channel you would always get the right and the ideal information concerning any products. Okay, so thats, why i went? I took the pain to locate dream cosmetics themselves. I took the pain to locate their staff. I got to the managers, i go to their supply team and i saw their products. I saw their warehouse and i was taking around the product and other products that i have they have that you do not know they are the ones producing them. So, probably in my next video im going to tell you about other of their products other products, they have that you can use and be safe, that you are using it and be confident that you are using it so today, guys without wasting your time.

This is going to tell you something very unique about these two products. This is the product with the dark logo. This is the dark logo here, as you can see – and this is the one with the white sliver. Yes, without any doubt guys, we have the imitation out today, of course, a lot of us. If i asked andre people here, how is carol white, a lot of people will come out and tell me how right is bad. Is this and that ive always tried to disabuse your mind, consigning that ive always tried to tell you that, try and get your products from the legit source, so you wont have any skin issues and you wont have any complaint and ive always been right about that? Okay, in the last video i did concerning the fake and original carol whites, i took to us your kindness and your love, the love you showed towards the video for the traffic i have towards that video, and i decided that. Let me come back and still tell you what is happening about carol, white and im doing this video right from their company from dream. Cosmetics company in nigeria im doing this video right from there. If you check my other video background, you know that this background is different, so this is their product. This white, this one with the white logo, is star white products. Go back to the video where i did the fake and original caraways you will.

You will see that this lady in that picture, has a pink gold hair and she was looking pinkish and unreal, but this is a real one, so we are saying here now that caro white at that time, dream cosmetics, is the one producing these two products that He wants producing these two products. We in any ways it doesnt mean that we dont have the imitation out there. We have the imitation out today that very one i showed you was imitation, so i think whoever produced that knew very well. That can whites also have this white little one. The person produced that you know to circulate the markets. So please, if you want to buy carrot, whites make sure you buy from a good sauce. If you know you dont have the original source to get your card right from oh yeah, somebody who is buying one you know buying in bulk to sell to people youre buying, just one for yourself. You can comment down below for the stores to buy if youre in nigeria outside nigeria. I am going to direct you to where to buy the original product. You can also link us directly to get your product. Another thing you need to know about this white product. The white product is not fake, we have a fake one. We have the legit one, but this one im holding is the legit one and why did karo white decide to change their logo? I decided to ask that question.

Yes, that is the reason why i decided to trace their grassroots to know what the problem is. Ttbs beauty can just go up in the air and start talking to you about products without getting the facts, and if i see anything contrary to what i have told you, it is only proper that i come back. So you know rewrite the wrongs and disabuse the mind of people. Consigning the products were talking about. Okay from what i was told, they said they were using this whites. Initially, when car whites came out, nearly the logo they were using was this white snowball. They were using the black logo initially when they came out and they noticed people started imitating the the logo. So they decided to produce this the white one so when they saw that okay, its like people, are falling in love with the white one, their own white one is now out in the market. So this one is also in circulation, but its not as much as a white. However, whichever of the two you want, you can get it but get from the right sauce. I got these two products, like i told you, i mean drink cosmetics company and i got these two products from them. In fact, these two products do not belong to me. They belong to dream cosmetic company. They produce lots of cosmetic products, which colorwise is one of them, so guys, if you are having challenges on how to use your kara white or whether you should buy color white or is it fake or original? The two logos, the white and the black – are the fake or original.

They are both original logo, but that does not mean that we dont have the fake logo, the fake um product with white double we have if you want to know how to identify the fake logo with term, why the fake product with white logo go and watch That video i shared fake and original cover words go and watch that video and you will see how to you, learn how to check out the differences and get your original products. So if you need your original products around here in nigeria, where i am, i have some lists here – some names here that were given to me for those of us that are very familiar with gender stores in lagos, nigeria. Here they sell original products, mamatagai atiaba sells original products. Then we have josiah stores just right stores. We are very familiar with just right stores, which is one of the largest online stores or public stores we have around. Then we have super saver stores. You can find them anywhere. You are in nigeria. This stores, especially just try just right its almost everywhere. So if you need original car white product, you can go to just right, store and pick if you cant find just right so around your place or you cant find any of these stores around your place. Dont forget to give us a call. We will get the original products down to you. I have somebody here with me, who is also one of their media man here in um, dream, cosmetics to you, know buttress what ive been telling you to really tell you that? Yes, these products are brother, they are, they are same.

They are twin as in they share one placenta. If you know what im talking about nothing with different placenta, they share one part center. That means everything that is in this black is everything that is in this very very same, not identical. They are same okay, so i would like you to hear from him, maybe in a minute, and you can get to know more about your carol white products, so its going to be with me in a short while, please, you can come forward. Okay, yo, hello, um! I work with drink cosmetics and one of our flaxsheet products. Is it carawise our cosmetics, now um? As you can see, this is the caraway stream and uh theres. So many misconceptions on the web about if kara white is safe or not and um over the years carol white has become a very pop, a very popular product, hugely ubiquitous so and many bad actors have actually gotten into the business to produce um counterfeit products. So this counterfeit product are the issues we have with people complaining about the reaction they get by using keralite. So what i have to say is that when you want to buy carawise, make sure that youre buying from the authentic sauce because were trying our best to do some quality control. To make sure that we fish out these bad actors in the market and make sure that um, the the lotion is safe for everybody and as we keep on working towards this goal – and i wanted you guys to be careful and always um like she said already.

She did a video where you can recognize the fake from the original so and um go to the video. So you can know how to spot fake because i wouldnt want anybody to be victim of fake um, adulterated products. So, whenever youre in doubt, uh the contacts and the stores that we said already in the video and i keep using the cosmetics and its perfectly safe and well formulated by s pads, so you dont have anything to worry about. Thank you all right guys. Titties beauty is back. You have heard from me whats his mouth. So what do i have to show you now im going to show you the two logo to show you its from same company? This is dream. Cosmetic look did that. Leave that one okay, my camera, is showing the write offs in the other direction, but dont worry just focus on the logo. This is the dark logo which this lotion is carrying. Okay, they are both from dream, cosmetics and the second one. This is the second logo. They are both from dream: cosmetics, okay, so ive tried my best to come forward. You know to tell you more about carol white, that kara white is a very safe boat as i am you can see, im glowing. I shot this video without a makeup just to show you that this product is very very good. I did a video where i was with my younger sister and we both told you we both use scary white products, so guys feel safe to use this product.

I remember your girl, ttps beauty. If you enjoyed this video, please dont forget to like remember to share this video to your loved ones, so you dont damage their skin out of ignorance. Okay, because if you get the wrong products and you apply it on your skin, you can have skin cancer. Also, if you want to buy your product, are you going to buy the wrong one or you buy the original product from the wrong person was hulk. The products under the sun. Like i used to tell us, you will end up damaging your skin. Just get your product from the right sauce carrot: white is not the cupric that is spoiling your skin. The culprits that is spoiling your skin are those people who are making the imitation and beauty will not keep quiet, because not just carol white any other product. That is going through this that i found that i happen to find out ill, bring it to your notice and expose such products, so we dont damage our skin. Our skin is our beauty and our integrity. Thank you so much for watching this. Video god bless you until i come your way again. Next time ill remain your guilty.