I try all this stuff out, for you share my honest reviews, so you have a better idea of what to buy what not to buy. So you dont waste your money on stuff youre not going to use speaking of products. You may not use again todays. Video is all about the products that i will not buy again. Ive been talking a lot about favorites over here recently, and i felt like why i should look the other side of the coin. So stick around and lets get into it. Ive got some foundations. Some concealers mascaras tinted spfs ive got a whole lot of stuff. If you like these kind of videos – and you want to keep seeing more of them, dont forget to take two seconds hit that like button, it really does support the channel a lot. So thank you. Thank you for that. Links to everything i mentioned will be below in the description. What works for me! It might not work for you. What doesnt work for me might be great for you, so lets just put that out there. This is very personal subjective. Most of my reviews are the opposite of that, but you can check out the objective reviews, full demos, wear tests and stuff like that, where i have them by clicking the links below to the scorecard post back on my site coming out of the gate. With this one, which happens to be a favorite for so many people, this is the cosis concealer.

I have this in a number of shades. The shade range in this is amazing. A lot of people love this concealer, the doe foot, the creaminess. They use it as a multi tasker from not just under eye to across the face, which is what concealer is used for, but a lot of people have said: theyve used this as a complexion product too. Instead of having a foundation in the mix. The reason i would not buy this again outside of the fact that its plastic, but more and more im getting sick of plastic. I dont even care if its pcr. This is again very personal. I just dont, like all the plastic here: kosis has a lot of plastic in their products. I mean their eyebrow pencil, i love, but it goes really fast and its just like a whole lot of plastic. So, im not a huge fan of the eco friendliness, but more so this one, just didnt settle and melt into my skin. The way that other concealers have, i just did a favorites video rounding up. All of my current favorite concealers – and i also reviewed the say concealer, which is on my list its becoming a front runner. It was lukewarm about a week ago, but ive been trying it and using it and so thats another one that im really liking thats in plastic too. Also the cosis concealer was very rich and creamy, but almost a little too creamy.

For me, its not the lightweight creamy texture that i prefer slightly tacky on my skin, so i wasnt a big fan of that. But ultimately it was the finish that lost me next product, the babo babo daily, sheer tinted sunscreen. I like the brand. I, like the price point i just really could not get beyond the oiliness that this made happen on my skin. It was just a little sticky, a little oily and the humidity where i live is absurd, so it wasnt like. Oh, i have dry skin and this would be lovely. It could be really nice if you do have dry skin. It was too much dewy oily oily dewy. Do you know what i mean theres, the luminous dewy and then theres that if a breeze blew hair would just stick right on my face, i just it just wasnt. I wasnt a fan of the finish on this one. Either lets talk about lip products here i have the jones road gloss in boysenberry. I really actually loved the color here it was beautiful and i loved the sheen. The reason that i will not buy this again outside of the fact that its in plastic, youre, gon na im, sorry broken record, just know that thats gon na be a common reason. Why i wont buy things again beyond that. I like to tell you about the performance right, because thats kind of probably what youre interested in this is one of those lip glosses that gets into the back of your throat.

Do you know what i mean and ill put them on and then ill just be? Like its weird, but it has happened with a handful of lip glosses and i was super bummed out that it happened with this again. I really did like pigment payoff was so strong for a gloss couldnt get beyond the coughing situation with cobia going on you dont want to be the person in the room. Coughing everybody looks at you, then it gets really awkward. These are the times we live in. Next anika they are rebranding or they have new packaging, so i will be trying out some of their new products by the way im very curious, theyre long, lash mascara tried this dont have a full review on it. It was sort of an instant no for me, which is kind of kind of rough. I have tried their other mascaras and ive liked them. Theyve been pretty strong contenders theyre, not on my favorites lists, but ive tried them. I have videos about that. This i put on and i saw a very limited volume – i saw very limited length. It was an improvement, but it was so slight and it made lashes kind of go out horizontally. I just did not like this product and i did not get along. I have other mascaras that ive preferred way more than that now theres a zero waist mascara, which wasnt my favorite izzy, but its out there. There are other mascaras that i just reviewed in a favorites roundup, so you can check that out as well and see which ones i am loving right now.

This is not one of those also its not inexpensive, so yeah id actually just rather get the honest beauty version. If im going to buy plastic and get the primer with the mascara or ilia limitless lot, you know those are both really good options. Oh, maybe i should give you alternatives. That would be nice of me to do the bamboo. Instead, if you want to glow – and you dont want that stickiness, i would recommend something from the say brand. A lot of people love it. Some people really dont like it and they say it pills. It has not peeled on me, but the say tinted moisturizer the say: sun, visor spf. Those are things that give a really lovely glow. There are other products as well, but thats the one that comes to mind and for cosas top of mind, i mentioned the say concealer, but for something with a little bit more coverage you might want to check out the clove and halo. Concealer is a great option. The ilium concealer is good, but it does oxidize on me, so that means after a while it starts to turn a little bit yellow. I need to do another full review. Full disclosure there make sure that thats still happening, but its a nice option out there stronger coverage. Next, we have the josh rosebrook nutrient day cream. This was gifted to me generously, but while i liked it, i wasnt in love with it, it was beautiful.

The ingredients are really lovely, it has so much going for it its in glass, packaging, im trying to be fair here, but the truth of it is, i didnt, feel wowed and for something that costs this much. I really really really want to be well. There are three more on the list. This is going to be part one. By the way i have three parts. I started this. I thought okay ill. Just do one video, no theres like a lot. Next is the merit bounce highlighting balm the reason im getting rid of this, as you could tell by my facial expression, i liked it its like a wet hydrating, balm kind of thing, its sort of like that milk makeup water, stick mixed with, say, lightweight gel highlighter. Its a cool hybrid product, its in a plastic thing, its a stick so easy to keep around easy to apply on top of makeup a lot of reasons to like it, but i just wasnt, like oh whats different about this. I couldnt really point my finger on what was different heres the deal i wasnt reaching for this as much as i was reaching for other products, theres also a new highlighter that ive really started loving and using a lot its from minori beauty, theyre a smaller brand. I had her on my podcast anastasia shes, amazing, this highlighter, its a champagne, highlighter theres, something about it. I think its, the jojoba oil that stands out to me texturally finish wise, the colors beautiful.

This did not the other thing about this bounce stick. It went bad. So fast that could have just been a bad batch. It was so wasteful. I really only had about a month of good use and im, not going to say thats happening to all of them, but that was my personal experience with it. So yeah thats also why? I wouldnt get it again: okay, the next theres, no real strong reason to dislike this on my behalf, side of the fact that the wear test did not do that. Well, this is the exa foundation. This is an exclusive or, i guess, private label brand through credo. This is really consciously created tons of shades, i loved so much about this product, but its just not standing up to my current favorites, which you can always see on brits picks out of the hundreds. Ive tried thats, where all my favorites are, but i digress. The wear test, like i mentioned, wasnt great it gathered around my face in certain areas. I tried all different application methods and i go into what i tried back on the scorecard post or the video you can check out as well its just not one that i continue to reach for, because of that reason, and its not sort of an effortless application For me, it just isnt and i am a lazy makeup application person. I like to take my time i like to have my coffee and listen to my podcasts and whatever, but i dont want to have to fuss with makeup too much and this one i found myself fussing with, for whatever reason, for whatever reason and finally i know Some of you are going to totally disagree and thats.

The point like i mentioned in the beginning. This is just how i feel about these products if you feel differently about anything that i mentioned here. Please leave your comments below and share why you actually would buy the product again or why it is a favorite for you. I think it would be great to have you all know. I love to have other perspectives and opinions over here so share it below. Let us know why you disagree and youre like hey. I actually really like that and heres why its worked for me and then i think, thatll give us a more rounded out perspective, so the fit glow lip serum lip color serum! I have this. In b, this was my favorite shade. Ive tried a few shades of them. I like it. I think that a lot of people it has helped with their lip care theyre just this area. You want to keep it hydrated. As you age, you dont, have fine lines and stuff like that. Theres a lot of benefits touted in this little serum thats, why they call it a serum, fit clothes notorious for having hybrid makeup and skin care products. I am not mad at that all the time. Sometimes i get on the soapbox about it, but this just did not do much for me. I would not go. Oh, you know what i need more of that. I really need. I think part of the reason why nowadays is because ive been using the alpine lip mask at night, which is really just a super rich luxurious kind of velvety im obsessed with it its on my favorites list.

Its this thing i put on every night, theyre healthier. Looking more hydrated, i cant wait to see what it can do in winter, and a little bit goes a long way, so i can have it for a while. I feel like theres, more value there. So, instead of this, i supposed alternatives. Gosh, i have so many lip products, but the ilia balm, i think, is beautiful. It feels better. It is not as lightweight as this another product that i really liked. That has nice ingredients is also the erin faces, lip gloss. That was one that i absolutely loved. Its in a lot of plastic, so im not a huge fan of that cosis lip oil. I really liked the ilia lip oil. I really liked, but theyre a little bit different in texture and consistency. I guess i lean more towards a balm. I need something. A little bit more gripping and hydrating, and i didnt find this serum to really stick around for that long either. So there was that element as well thats all for round one. Like i mentioned, i have two more bowls of clean beauty: skincare haircare, all the rest of it um sitting on the side, just waiting for me. Oh wait. I forgot one thing. The last one i want to mention, which is a hair care product. It is the viori, shampoo and conditioner bars. I posted a video on this. I did not expect it to get as much of a response as it did, but people are very into rice, shampoo, bars and specifically these the scent was overwhelming.

There were a ton of claims on this that did not follow through. More importantly, my hair did not look good it wasnt a fit for my hair and hair is obviously incredibly personal im tempted to try a different scent, because a lot of people said theyve had very different experiences, but theyve also said that theyve reformulated so thats also Another thing people were mentioning in the reviews that theyre not liking the reformulation, but my hair wasnt happy. The conditioner was too heavy on my hair and i noticed more fallout in the shower and nobody. Nobody wants to see that no nobody wants to see it. I stuck with it as long as i could, but im not going to continue using a product, and i wouldnt recommend you do too. If you see stuff like that happening, noticeably thats not gon na continue forward and thats. Probably why i wont try the other fragrances that people have recommended. Other people have flipped out for it and they said its the game changer its changed their hair and everything like that, so its just not for me thats. All i have for round one like i mentioned. I have two more rounds of this nine products in each round right. It would have gone on forever and i could probably just keep going and going and going. I am decluttering and i do have a lot of things that i need to clean out. Send a terracycle drop off at a nordstrom, make sure theyre recycled appropriately, because not a lot of people do that, and i can understand why its a pain in the butt.

But its you know our planet so kind of important, but yeah im gon na have a couple more rounds coming up like i mentioned earlier in the video. If you have tried any of these and they are your absolute favorites or you really like them, even if theyre, not your favorites, let us know in the comments below which ones you do like and why you like them. Thank you so much for watching hope. You had fun with this video if you liked it dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel.