Today i have a fun looking product to try out. This is from brand girlactic, and this is the metallic shadow stick that i have here in the shade riches that i got in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube. Now, if you havent seen it yet, but this just looks like such a fun teal shimmery eyeshadow stick, so i already know that im just gon na be like playing around with it today in this video, because in general this is probably not a product that i Will be wearing all that often, but just so fun to play with so heres what it looks like this is beautiful packaging and this retails for twenty dollars, oh and on the bottom. Here, is a built in sharpener, which is really nice. So you twist it up from the top here a little tricky a little different, but oh my gosh. This looks so beautiful lets start out with a swatch. Oh my gosh glides right on such a creamy formula and such a stunning color its like a light. Teal blue with gold, glitter and the gold glitter just looks so fun kind of giving me like mermaid vibes. So here is how that swatched. Oh my gosh, which is such a beautiful color. It is almost just the right amount of blue that it can be. Maybe a little bit more subtle, im just curious how it blends out it does.

I dont know it has this kind of like sticky feel to it and its supposed to be like smudge proof long lasting, but when i just kind of literally smudged it out im left with basically just the gold glitter. Surprisingly, like look at that theres like no blue left, not even on my finger either, where did the blue go thats like magic wow? I kind of want to see how this looks all over the eyelid see if it creases things like that, so im just going to go for it im going to literally just like color my eyelid and then on the other eye. I want to maybe try it out as an eyeliner, but oh wow. It goes on with a very thick line, thick, opaque line, so its actually very easy to fill in the entire eyelid and its so creamy. Its almost like, almost like a liquid feel. Oh now, that is so pretty like if i wanted to do a colorful, fun, eyeshadow look which of course i do want to do that. I could definitely use this as the focal point do like a crease transition shade, but like an easy cut, crease kind of look or just easily apply to a certain section. It is just so easy to apply and such gorgeous opaque color. I feel like i am noticing creasing already, though. Oh my gosh, you just cant get over how beautiful this shade is now for the other eye.

Im gon na go a little more in my comfort zone and try it out as an eyeliner first. So lets see how that looks not as easy to use as i was expecting, because it really does like stick down its a very creamy soft formula that now its just kind of all. Over my lashes, oh and its like stuck my lashes down, maybe lets see if i can do just like a top liner, but it is its like. You, cant really get a thin line yeah and it gets all over the lashes, oh and its ah its burning. My eye thats not supposed to happen. Okay, um yeah lets not lets not get this in the eye. I am very surprised by how its burning my eye – and i dont really have like sensitive eyes where getting products like in my eyes, really burns that much but okay um. I guess this is not gon na work as an eyeliner. I guess its gon na be an eye shadow and like its creasing, a little bit at the front here, but i use an eyeshadow primer every time i wear eyeshadow anyways, so this would not be any different. I would still use an eyeshadow primer with this, but yeah it doesnt work for an eyeliner, but it does work beautifully on the eyelid, whether youre doing all over you could just do certain sections, its a pretty cool fun product. I want to get use out of this because it is such a beautiful shade and oh my gosh, if you have blue eyes, i feel like this would look so incredible with blue eyes.

I have green eyes and it still looks nice, but i dont think its as enhancing to my green eyes, but im like maybe i should give this to someone with blue eyes because it would just be so gorgeous. So all in all, this is fun good for the eyelid, not for an eyeliner and super easy to work with on the eyelid. So if youve tried out the galactic metallic shadow, stick, let me know in the comments down below what you think of it. What kind of uses you have for it and thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.