I dont know exactly when you guys will get this video, but im gon na do my best to get it to you. As soon as i can okay, i am getting ready for church its actually on a sunday. What prompted me to do this video numero uno is a lot of people are shocked when i tell them that i dont use foundation for this look. Okay, number one numero dos is um im going back to the basics, because i get a lot of people that are like well. I just want to know how to correct, or i just want to know how to cover up these these bags, or i just want to know how to make my skin look youthful or whatever the case may be so thats. Why were here? This is a look that you can do for work. You can do for a date night. You know what im saying like a casual day date or even a day night, its very, very simple, its like little to no eye shadow. But if you want to add eye shadow you can so what im doing first is. I am just putting some concealer on my hand, and this is the boring this way. Multi use. Sculpting, concealer yall see this a lot. This is in chestnut. This is my actual well close to my skin tone girl ive been in the dominican republic. As you guys know, because i did a whole video, and so my color is just now coming back, because i tried to use this as a concealer like you know what im saying my actual color yeah, no no bueno, but i think were good now so ive Already done my brows and because im gon na do my hair later too, im gon na fix that up, but this is like shower hair, but because i do have like red in my hair, even without the braids i use before i do my brows.

I use the ofra brow gel its in dark brown and then i go on top with this mac strut pencil. It is its kind of brown, but it gives off this like auburn kind of red type. Look so i just put it over it to kind of blend with my hair, but your girl is about to do that: micro, blading or ombre shadowing or whatever it is im about to do it. I think i found someone cuz um thatll just make life easy. Okay, just saying so, i am muting the discoloration on my eyes because, as you can see it it, there is a little bit of darkness. You can see some veins and different things like that, and it is very important when youre doing eye shadow or not to just have like a clean canvas to have a nice base right. That is honestly what goes wrong when i see people try to do eyeshadow. They just literally start off with eyeshadow like no base, no primer, no, nothing, nothing to hold it in place and nothing to meet off the discoloration, so youre, literally just popping eyeshadow on and even though it may be blue because you, you know your eyes looking green Or whatever the case may be, that blue and that green is blending and making a whole another color and youre, not getting the payoff that you want and if youre not putting something down so that you can blend it properly, youre having blending issues too so anyway, I usually do this process prior to eyeshadow, as well as when i dont wear eyeshadow.

It just makes it look really healthy makes it look really natural makes it get an even tone now im talking so ill be. This is longer than 15 minutes, but usually when i do this makeup, i am done in like about yeah about 15 minutes, not counting the hair and all that kind of stuff right. But just literally this is a look. You dont even need you dont even need foundation for it. You dont need a beauty sponge, the i use my fingers and a powder brush legit. So this is how were getting down. So this is really great. For beginners. Shoot is great for anybody. This is an ofra brush that im using it is the number 20 brush its called the professional makeup brush. And if you get anything from ofra cosmetics, you can use the code c key and i believe you get like 20 off and then i pat that out and pat it out and pat it up just to make sure its distributed evenly baby. This is my secret. This is my secret to success on this face. People are like, i know you use foundation, no girl, no, i didnt. So then now, im, ta and dont, like i used this yesterday, so dont dont judge me. If you do, i wont receive it so im using the one size powder. I mean one size that didnt sound right. I am using this foundation powder by one size. How about that and the color is.

I did a video on it, its dark to neutral. I did a whole video on patrick starrs uh line, and so then i just pat that on because anytime i put a cream on my face. I like to set it so that it does not move so it stays in place. Usually, while im doing that, i have my eyelash glue already like drying a little bit, because, no matter what it says on the thing, how says 30 seconds ill? Let it sit while im doing something so that it can get really tacky. And it goes right on and i dont have to fight with it. I just put on some mascara. The reason that i do like to wear mascara is because the mascara, when i put it on my eye, my eyelashes, it acts as a shelf for the lashes and its easy for me to place them on top of them and its not as much slipping and Sliding, but i had a great time in dominican republic – you guys you you guys havent seen me because just recovering from a trip like that, oh my goodness, gracious i had to catch up on work and just everything, and so i hadnt been able to do a Video, so thats why i did a live before i left, because i knew it was gon na be kind of busy. These are my favorite lashes people come at me all the time asking me.

What lashes are you wearing you never tell me. I do girl. Look, these are the ardell 213 lashes. I this is what im always using these are the lashes doubled up the ardell 213 and then today, im just gon na use it by itself just one. This is one of the lashes, and this is one i used to today because im going for my simple look girlfriend, i am not doubling up were just gon na go for one, but if you are doing clients makeup do not blow on anything dont blow their Face dont blow those lashes. I see people do that when they do peoples makeup. That is a no no, that is not sanitary. Oh girl, did i put the wrong lash put on the wrong side girl. It looked good, though you look good to me who gon na track me boo lets go okay. Lets go now for this one. You can actually put a primer on you know. I dont usually do that when im just like throwing on um just a little bit of concealer and powder and stuff like that, but im gon na do it today simply because its mothers day and ill probably be out throughout the day, and i just wanted to Stick like its supposed to and its good to have its good to do it its a good practice anyway, because it acts as a barrier between your skin and the um makeup. So i have a couple of breakouts and thats, usually where i break out.

If im a breakout anyway and then i also hear a lot of women that do makeup a lot of times, they go straight to their foundation and because the foundation has great coverage and they dont really correct, because the foundation has great coverage. Well not saying that thats wrong, but the reason i like to correct and i have a whole video on how to correct and why i correct, but one of the reasons which were going to i want to do this because its a back to the basics. Video is because it neutralizes those colors underneath that foundation, and i promise you those uh, some of those women that say well, i dont correct at all, and then they just go on with foundation. I promise i see like a little shadow underneath their makeup and its because i feel like if they – and this is just me i feel like if they were to correct a little bit – it would neutralize that darkness. Then, when they go on top of their foundation, it will look like a smooth canvas and itll be flawless and everything will be even thats. Why i like to correct before i put anything on, but its really uh good for this look, because all i use is a little concealer and corrector, and my strong hyperpigmentation areas are like right around my mouth and of course i have these like whenever i break Out i get scars, so you see how that kind of neutralizes it.

It doesnt necessarily hide all of the scars, especially depending on how deep they are, but it neutralizes it. So then, when i go on top with the foundation or if i go on top with a powder, it kind of dulls that out and then makes it look more flawless and then the other area that i must correct, i must i must is under the eye Girl, because im telling you matter of fact, im gon na just do one and im gon na show you the difference, because it just works wonders like seriously makes a difference. It makes it look more youthful. Can you see the difference? So this is the uncorrected eye, and this is the corrected eye. It just makes me look way more youthful and healthy and girl just awoke. You know what im saying awake awoke make me look like im up and then all i do like these are my best friends when i do this look corrector concealer, corrector, concealer and then i pop on a powder and really i dont have to do the concealer. If i dont want to, but i just like how the concealer just sets it off and gives it it just kind of completes it, it helps like finish it off. It helps finish him when i blend it with my finger. The warmth of my finger helps the product to melt into my skin. So then, now just take some concealer go over that a little bit like you, dont, a dibba dabba.

Do you and i kind of just do right here, though, a little more than a dab girl, because we got a situation? Okay and then i put a little bit on my nose so thats it thats about thats, about like as much concealer as i use, and then again i pat it out with my finger now. You see how it kind of covers up that darkness and those spots way better and then just do that. Nose like that. This is what i started doing when um like for church when the pandemic happened, and we were wearing masks and stuff like that, and i was like im not about to do all that highlighting contouring and do all that makeup only for it to like. You know me to have a mask on all these hours, and so this is when i started doing this look and this actually um. You know not as much makeup on the face because then too, when it gets hot under there, its like uh uh, dont, feel good, so its less makeup on your face and on your mask, because i do like that like highlighting underneath my eye just a little. I just take my same graftobian powder. Oh girl, look it. I say its almost gone, but i take the same powder and i use my little brush and then thats when i go under the eye. I actually um set with this too, and the sasha buttercup when i actually put on a full face of makeup, and so i just use this when i do put on the concealer under the eye just to kind of brighten it a little bit without doing like This is kind of my way of doing a shortcut to the highlighting a lot of you guys asked what this brush is.

I believe that morphe has discontinued it, but it was the e1 and then, like literally, were pretty much done. I dont do any blush. I dont do any contour. I just put on a highlight because i feel like when your face is a little glowy, not greasy looking girl, but when its a little glowy it looks healthy and youthful thats. What im gon na do like you ever like, got a facial and then your your face is all juicy and hydrated looking. You know what i mean thats, what the highlighter is about to do so, im going in with this um morphe and jacqueline hill palette, the color mugshot, hey, diggy, diggy and all im gon na do is go in the crease right here with my um. I think this is my e22 brush by morphe, and it you see how that just that just changed my life right. There changed my life make it look like you did something you didnt and then im gon na take this morphe im gon na find another shadow to tell you guys about because this palette is discontinued. But this is the 3502 and i use that shade universal right. There in the brow bone to give it a little bit of a highlight girl, listen im, getting you all the way right. Okay, i used two highlighters to create this look. This is with oprah now yall for years, ive been talking about this one and then they just came out with a new one.

So this is the beverly hills highlighter. As you can see, this is my jam. My juge like this. I get down so im gon na use a small brush and kind of do a little placement right there and im gon na tell you you dont have to go in like this, but i do. This is how i get down and then were gon na go in with the big dog. This palette is called the xs and glows, and i believe this color is called gingerbread. This is a new shade they have, and so i take my bigger brush and i just go on top of the um beverly hills and then i kind of do like this cause its a little darker than the other one. So i dont want to solely use that one, but it just i dont know they blend so well together and its just a new thing like seriously. This is the look, and, if you wanted to put a little bit of liner or a little bit of shadow down there, you totally can simply take this morphe setting spray and that sets it off. That brings everything together, just like literally puts it. It like meshes all together, so i was going to do my my standard nude lip with this look. Then i dont know this cheetah got me feeling all kinds of rare, and so i decided to do the um tsiki cosmetics, keeping it real lippy, and i pinned my hair up and i did you guys saw me put some eyeshadow on and all i did was.

I took that brown eyeshadow and just put a little bit right here so literally thats a way to spruce it up, but this is still like a um. You can do like a nude lip in the daytime, switch it to this deep lip at night. For date, night or you can rock this in the daytime like who says you cant im just saying so that is it you guys dont forget to like the video share, the video with your friends and family and anyone that you know that is struggling with makeup Or just loves to have fun if you have not subscribed to my channel. If this is your first time like checking me out, whats up girl, hey girl, hey, but go ahead and join the fam bam like they say, smash that button girl or guy, and i will see you in the next video, so you guys have an awesome blessed Day and ill see you soon, all right confidence is key. You know what i mean.