If you spend over 120 pounds on feel unique. This video is in collaboration with feel unique. They have kind of gifted me a few makeup. Products to share with you and ive also bought a few items as well and because i spent over 120 pounds, i received this little pouch, so i thought id show you whats inside so currently, phillynique have a makeup event on so its running until the 16th of The month where all makeup is up to 20 off now, they have given me a coat to share with you, which is beauty, geek fua, ill pop it down below in the description as well as links to everything that im talking about in this video youll find It all down by there, if youre interested using my code, will entitle you to receive 15 off any beauty products, including items that are already on sale. There are some exclusions, but it can be used with many many brands, but besides the free beef, you spend over a certain amount and the 20 off makeup event. They also have a lot of free gifts running so, if you buy certain products, you have a free gift ill. Just give you an idea of the type of things free, lashtopia mascara, when you spend 45 pound on bare minerals, free beauty, bundle when you spend 40 pound on benefit free, kisses, satin, lip color when you spend 50 pound on burberry free high impact mascara. When you spend 40 pound on clinique free superstar lips, pillow talk when you spend 80 pounds on charlotte tilbury and it goes on and on and on so theres loads there.

I will list all the freebies with purchases down below in my description, so youll be able to see there plus. If you were to go on the feeling website – and you were to type in say, if youre looking for something in particular, then you will see a little sign that says offer and if you scroll down the bottom of that page and you click on the offer. Itll tell you in more detail: there lets go into showing you whats inside the bag first and then ill. Show you what i bought first up weve got a what looks like full size. This is florina fermented, skincare, anti wrinkle day cream with fermented honeysuckle and hyaluronic acid and theres 50 mils. Here this pot is gorgeous. Can you see the top? It looks like its wood anti wrinkle day cream, and it says natural, very subtle. If anything scent, i have got perfume on, so i might be mixing it up with that, but theres some information in the booklet there as well then weve got a ren clean skincare. This is the ready, steady, glow, daily, aha, tonic and theres a hundred mils here. This is lovely i was using this up until about a week or so ago, and ive switched it to the fresh. The rose toner, which im loving as well, then weve got a pry ageless fruit and decolletage cream 15 mils. There weve got a shisaido, a controlled chaos mascara one.

There then weve got a quarterly. This is vino: perfect, a radiant serum complexion, correction and theres, ten mils there ive got seven mil aurelia london, brightening eye. Serum and weve got another mascara. This is by lancome, and this is hypnos. This is a really nice mascara, yeah, a really great wand and then lastly, weve got a kiehls ultra facial cream and theres. Seven mils here and ive been using this recently as well, its a really really nice cream, and then you get this feel unique pouch, so go through the items that ive chosen ive got a too faced born this way, you may already know its the concealer. I had so many people message me and say i have to try the concealer if you arent already away, i did a video full face of too faced last week. I think it was last week or the week before and i absolutely blimey love this brand. Oh, i tried some of the products before and what i have tried. I have loved, but ive never had enough of it to have a full opinion. Then if you know what i mean and oh my gosh, oh my gosh, i love it. I love. I love the foundations which ive always done the palette. Then i cant remember what its called now the palette thats stunning. I absolutely love it yeah. I love love, love too. Faced really really impressed so ive been using their born this way foundation for the last couple of years.

Love it really really beautiful foundation. So i just thought i would try this super coverage. Multi use, sculpting, concealer and ive got it in shade snow. Oh my gosh. The bottle is just beautiful, look its just gorgeous isnt it, but i thought this would be really handy for days when i want a little bit more of a heavier makeup. Look and ive got ive, got imperfections, ive got scars, redness and you know blemish marks and things on my face so having a thicker concealer plus i have a lot of redness on my face as well, so maybe carving out underneath my bronzer and contour. Maybe this might be it. This is the first time, obviously im looking im seeing it. Can you see me yeah, just sort of see through hasnt been used before okay yeah, it looks an alright color yeah. It looks an alright color yeah happy with that conceal contour highlight and retouch so excited about that. Then i went for kat von d, tattoo pencil, liner, long, wear gel eyeliner and i got it in trooper black. So the blacks are the black theyre, a staple arent. They everyones got a black liner in their makeup kit, but how many of your black eyeliners are amazing. So if youre tight lining they dont transfer onto your bottom lashes, they dont go patchy in the corners of your eyes. Theres, not many! That dont do that. So i read up about this and i thought yeah, i love tightlining, my lashes.

I thought yeah ill, give this a go. Its nice and soft pencil and thatd be quite nice to smudge out as well. I got a free mascara and this is go big or go home, and i have actually tried this before and its not great. On my lashes, no ive got really really short straight, very fine lashes and, unfortunately, its not great yeah. It doesnt really do much to them were all different, though wont we so im gon na be passing that on then i got a staple. I bought many of these over the last year or two. This is brow blade by urban decay, and this is a waterproof pencil and ink stain and ive got it in shade brown, sugar, so its a soft, medium brown and normally i buy it in taupe, but my eyebrows are micro bladed. I had combination brows. They were micro bladed, i had the strokes and then they were filled in on the outer corners were from about from about here, where its filled in its looking really flat. Its looking quite grayish, color ive had them a year ago, so theyre still going strong, theyre fine, but they just need a bit of life, put them back into them and using my brow, blade the taupe that i was using before this before i bought this one. It was okay, but i just needed a bit more warmth to counteract the grayness in the brows then ill fade in.

But oh i love this product, super fine, strokes or thicker ones, yeah yeah. I love it, but the worst thing is: i dont use this. I dont use since ive had my eyebrows microbladed, i dont use the pencil. This is pointless. I only get it because of that which is ridiculous, isnt it. This is my favorite favorite pen for creating eyebrows strokes on your hair. That looks quite natural, so yeah. I love this. This is a little mini of my favorites. Well, this is finishing touches by iconic london, so weve got a little 30ml prep set glow original and a triple threat. Mascara triple threat. Mascara! Oh my word. It is amazing, absolutely amazing its brilliant. So i got this thinking: holiday got a holiday coming, got a holiday coming up in july, hopefully! Well i cant, i cant, see anything changing now. Oh my god. Just bad luck! If something happens to me, or something like that, but yeah so got a holiday to greece in july and im already starting to think of what products i want to bring with me downsizing my favorite makeup and things like that, and i thought oh, these two are So cute, oh, this is full size. I thought it was a mini, but no its a foot, its a full size, youre not going to be able to see the writing because of the metallic, but yes, a full size. Mascara there see the wand looks like really call that a mascara, hardly any bristles or knobs on there nip nibs knobs nibs.

I cant think of the word im gon na think now bumps the small appropriate, but it works. It really works. It lifts my lashes separates thickens. I absolutely adore this mascara and this as well, although my favorite is mac prep and prime gold lit if i want a slightly shimmery setting spray. I do love that, but i do really like this as well, so i thought that would be a nice size to actually bring on holiday next up. I got a lipstick and i think this is new im sure this is new maybelline vinyl ink. This is in shade, peachy, the packaging is gorgeous isnt it, and this is beautiful color. I was just thinking this its a nice everyday sort of shade. Oh yeah, oh i love it. Oh i love it. Love it love! It love it now. It says nothing. It says nothing on here: no nothing, but when i read up about it its long, lasting transfer, proof, oh theres loads, theres loads of information about it. There was another one that i want to get so im going to try this one out. First, if youd like me to do a video on any of these products that you see in this video, then please, let me know and ill do a little video but theres. Another shade that i want in this. If i like it – and it is called popping like a brownie rusty red type shade, but yeah im really excited about this, give that a go then ive got charlotte till every product.

My collection is growing and ive still yet to do my full face of charlotte tilbury, but im still collecting still collecting products to do the video, but i have got quite a collection growing now and its oh. I am just so impressed with charlotte tilbury. Products are really really good. What ive tried so far really really good, and i had to get this. This is the beauty light wand, easy highlighter. I was gon na get the pillow talk one, but i thought no ill go for this one twist it to free and then squeeze a bit. Oh its coming. Already there yeah, no thats lovely. Can you see there there see tiny bit goes a long way, yeah its exactly what i wanted exactly what i wanted. Ah yeah, oh, that is so pretty. That is really really pretty. Oh, i would love to have the pink gasm, though a highlighting blush. Oh yeah. I interrupted that cant wait to use it. This is vis, art or vise. Art see im not familiar. I dont know how you pronounce it professional makeup. Paris. This is from the petits mats neutral range and its a palette that contains 12 shades, its nice, its a nice little palette, its a nice size, again thinking perfect to bring on holiday with me, but look at this look at that thats, the back there. If youve tried any products from this brand, please let me know what you think of them, but look lift it up.

Ah, you got a mirror. Oh ill. Take that off then youve got these shades and i am absolutely in love with the top up here. I love these shades to create a really gorgeous cool smokey eye. Look, oh, i cant wait to use it and these as well really nice shades for base colors, yeah, theyre, really really beautiful. I cannot wait to try them to go on holiday. I would take this with me and maybe a charlotte tilbury palette for a bit of shimmer to add in there yeah lets try a few then and a black. I love that its got a black in there because of black, sometimes hard to work with, but its great, oh im, just adding them anywhere now yeah. Just to give you an idea: yeah theyre, beautiful arent. They, oh yeah, really really happy with that. Its just like a little wallet, oh its so cute, and then, as with all orders, regardless of makeup events, offers discounts. You can get to choose freebies. So i chose nyum perfect night sleep overnight, facial cream, im obsessed with neon. I love the smell, so i had to get that again and because i spent over 60 pound, i could choose an extra perfume, so i got mr rose and roses yeah. I know i know i will give it a whiff, but im predicting itll be just rose. Overpowering smells i hate to say it thats not too bad see. I love.

Floral smells no thats all right. That is all right, actually, not when id buy, but its all right, so thats my feelingly call and showing you whats inside this bag. I hope you enjoyed watching if you want to learn about the free offers or codes anything like that, youll find it down below in my description, but if you havent done so already, please subscribe to my channel for a lot more videos to come.