You know whitening tubes and how to use them. Music, yeah hi, guys welcome to my youtube channel. This is im josh um, Music. I miss you guys um, if youre new on this channel kindly subscribe, um share and like my videos, you know so and make sure you click on that notification bell to get more of my videos. So when i make a review so um um, i have been now for a while, and a lot of people who have been questions have been coming. You know i havent been able to make reviews and make videos very busy, so thats just the thing. So i sincerely apologize for that so um i really miss you guys. I miss you guys so, like i said, a lot of questions have been coming people asking varieties of questions, asking questions you know and i just feel like yeah. I need to make a video to let my people know whats going on to tell them more. You know. So that was the most time i would like to talk about. Whitening tubes, um tubes are very good. They are very, very good to give you lightening effect. You know it um, it smoothens your skin, some of it. Some of it gives you this shiny glue fasting. Is your your skin tone yeah? So there are ways to use tools because they are specifically designed for treatment to use. So if you want to use two for lightening to give you a more lighter shade, there are ways to use their teens to know and thats what well be talking about today.

So every tools have their own dosage. You just dont go ahead using tube without um, using for a long period of time. It has those there are ways to use tube. You can just go ahead and start um and using it like three or four times a day, and another thing is this: so many people go as far as mixing these two with your lotion, no thats, not the way to use the tube. If you want to use a two cream, you can just put a little bit on your palm. Then you put add your lotion. Then you rub on your body. You dont go ahead and mix it. It doesnt really give you what you want so um, and one thing you need to know is this most lightening tube contains steroids and clubas or salt yeah. Some people will be like. I dont want um um. I dont want time. I draw quinoa and i dont want steroids. Yes, steroids are good, but when you use rightly when you use steroid the wrong way, it works on you wrongly so thats the truth about it. Steroids are good, but we got to use. We care. You know like if you want to use a tube cream. I dont advise you using a regular basis and if you want to use a regular, basically use twice a day morning and nights and even if youre, using it for a period of time, and you see youre getting the kind of skin tone you want, you give It a break, you know you give it a break now its something you use for a long time.

Some people go ahead and mix with dilution and use for months, no, its, not gon na work on you that way. Instead, its gon na damage your skin in the ways you dont even expect, so there are ways to use tubes and you monitor your skin when youre using two, because sometimes when you get lighter to some point, you need to give it a break, because when you Continue using it, it will start damaging your skin thats if youre using it. Rightly you used to the point it will. It could start reacting on you because you, maybe you want to get like two shadies thats, why youre using this um to cream? And you get to the point i already got in the kind of skin tone you want. If you continue using it, it will damage your skin thats. Why i said using steroid is not bad, but when you use rightly, it gives you what you want, but when you begin to abuse this particular tube thats, when it gives you something else, so they are like. I said that dosage to what you use when it comes to tubes, its, not something you just mix with your cream. I use for a long time no, its gon na damage your skin, its not advisable at all me myself. I dont advise that so you use, and also you monitor your skin when you get to the skin tone you want, you can use serums, get serums, usually a lotion to help maintain the skin tone.

So when you use this tube to point to a particular point, you you go ahead and use serum, they are good serums. I believe ive made reviews on serums that are good for your skin and i will make more in my next video about serums. You could use to maintain your skin tone, so theres a lot of serums out there. I could use thats going to help you maintain this skin tone so, like i said guys, you need to monitor your skin when youre using tubes, its very, very important, so um without wasting much of our time. I have some tubes here that im going to introduce to you guys. So our number one is um um koji clay yeah. This is what it looks like koji, claire, im, gon na put up a picture, so you guys can see what it looks like koji clay, um yeah. This is it you can see right there. It gives lightning effects. So if youre using this – and you use rightly definitely gon na get a lighter shade but dont forget – you have to use it rightly because when you use them wrongly, you get the wrong result. So when you use, rightly, you get the right results so guys like this, these things are no magic. You have to be careful when using tubes use rightly and number two on our list is um. Make me white make me white. Oh, i turn this yeah yeah make me white yeah.

This is what it looks like. Dont worry, guys ill put up a picture, so you guys can see what it looks like. This also gives you lightning effects yeah. It also gives you lightning effect its anti touchy and action it. It gives it a fast action too. It was very fast. Yes, its antitashi right there, antitashi so um its very fast. It gives you a lightning effect. It works fast. Our number three is white. As press, i believe, most of you guys are familiar with white aspirin, its one of the best tubes that gives you lightning effect when it comes to you having lightning effects. It works very fast and right here its been written right here, its been written that um results in 10 days, as you can see it says, result in 10 days results in 10 days yeah. So that is to for you to know that these two works very fast, so if youre using these kind of tubes, you need to be very careful. Like i said you monitor your skin and use rightly ive already talked about how you guys can use it to get a perfect result. So, if youre gon na stick to the instruction, i i i can assure you that if youre using this tube youre gon na get what you want, definitely you will get a lighter skin tone thats. The truth number four on our list here is a glutathione tube, but this glutathione tube asks for in three different types so, like i said these glutathione two bags three times but yeah, i have only two of it: yeah it has another one.

I think that one is in a horrendous pack, but me myself. I prefer this because this one gives you a shiny skin tone, its going to lighten you and also give you this shiny skin. So, like i said, these tubes are good, but dont forget always choose. Rightly, when you use, rightly, you get what you want, so you can go for either this this or the other one. They are all good, but me myself, i i prefer this because of the shiny skin tony gives you know so and if you want to use them, like i said you put in your palm, you add your lotion to it. You dont mix directly into your lotion. I dont advise that because some people would be like hey. Mr josh, can i head to my lotion? Can i no no no im using this opportunity to answer your questions? You got ta be asking me questions on whatsapp on instagram and and facebook. These tubes are not to be mixed directly to your lotion. You can just put a little on your palm you mix together. Then you apply your body, fine youre good, to go its going to work that way, its going to give you a better result. That way and dont forget, if you use for a period of time you stop its not something used for a long time, its not a long time solution, thats the truth you use for a period of time, then you stop, you get a serum.

Then you add your lotion, then you use it to maintain the skin tone. You got from the tubes, so thats how it works and the last one ill be introducing to you guys approve it. I believe you guys are familiar with this too. As you can see, it gives a lightening effect from the picture right there, its its a fast action too. It gives you a lightening effect. You dont even use rightly, and from here you can see it said spot remover, like i said earlier, i said most of these tubes are basically designed for treatments like when you have spots. They are basically designed for treatment so, but but they actually gives this lightening effect, they give slightening effect. So if youre using them, you need to be careful because they give light up. They give you the slight effect and when youre using them for a long period of time after youve got the shades you want, it could damage your skin. So this is the last one on my list here: apple veg, so you guys should go. Try these twos out. They are amazing, they work really well, but when you use rightly and dont, forget guys, you guys should stick to the instruction. If you stick to the instruction, definitely youre gon na get a lighter shade in a good way.