If you are new here, todays video is an unboxing and it is this. This is the may look fantastic box. Lets get it out of here. If you have not already, if you want to hit that subscribe, button come on over and join my youtube family. I would love to have you hit that notification bell as well itll, just let you know whenever i upload any videos and of course, if you like this video, which i really really hope that you do please remember to smash that thumbs up button. It really really helps my channel out im trying to get to 2 000 subscribers, and i need 85 more 85 more subscribers. So close, i can always touch it. We are nearly there. So if you have not already, please share my channel with your friends and your family, the quicker we get there, the quicker we can get on with the giveaway. I am going to link a video here, thats going to show you whats in the giveaway theres three prizes and the main prize is the glossy 2021 advent calendar its amazing right. So this is inside the box. So we have not got the usual box that we normally get. We actually have a bag and just really hit myself. We actually have a bag like a cosmetic toiletry bag kind of thing, um, which im really quite liking, so thats nice well have a closer look at that. At the moment we have the edit booklet.

It has information on the products that are in the box, so that is fine. Yeah here is a sneak peek for you at what is in the bag, and so this is 15 pounds per month and i will pop a link down below in the information box. For you, if you are interested in subscribing this for yourself and what is it again, ive wrote it down yeah if you um click on that link, you can get five pound of your subscription, which is great. If you get a three six or a twelve month subscription, it can be slightly cheaper as well um but yeah. I am super eager to get in here. Um you get. Is it six products? I think it isnt it. You get six products in here, ranging from skincare makeup, beauty, tools and so on, so just quickly back to the edit booklet for a moment. So here it just says this edit is called its time to get away. So, like the sound of that um, we have a page where it has all the products on here: um and theres yeah im, remembering now you get information on four products: im gon na sneeze. Sorry, so you get information on four products in the box. The other two you dont and so well read um whats on the products for that um, but yes, lets definitely get started. So weve obviously got to start off with the first item, which is this, which is the bag um its like a wash bag isnt it.

I really really like it. I like the fact that you can see through it, so you know exactly whats in there i, like the neutral color that theyve used for this. I dont know if they do different colors, no idea. So let me know if yours is the same color or a different color. We have the look fantastic name there and it seems in really really good condition: um good quality, i should say um, but yeah, really like that, so the first proper product we have in the bag is this. So this is by the brand bondi sans, and this is a fragrance free, spf 50 and you get 10 mils in here. Is it 10 yeah yeah? You get 10 mils in here um and it just says: thanks to its non greasy consistency. This cream is comfortable to wear and easy to apply, whilst water resistant technology works to keep your skin safe up to four hours, uh ultra moisturizing, the lotion offers intense hydration, transforming skin from dry and dull to smooth and silky okay. So i love a bit of sbf. I always wear it on my face. Um, all the time. Every day of the year, come rain or shine um, so yeah thats, definitely gon na come in useful, actually really decent size where you can just pop it in your handbag and its not gon na take up too much room so not bad. The second product weve got in the bag is this, so this is by the brand rituals – and this is the ritual of karma and its a body.

Shimmer oil – oh theres, 30 mils in here – and it just says this luxurious body. Oil is infused with tiny, shimmer and mineral particles to reflect the light and add a stunning shine. The non sticky formula feels light and hydrating on the skin. So its very, very pretty. Can you see all the shimmers in there? It looks so good, so ive just popped some there you can see the shimmer. There lets just its a very light oil, its not heavy at all, which is great, and there you go ive just rubbed that in you can see how glory that is made. My skin look and the shimmers are really pretty oh im gon na enjoy using that the third product we have in the box is this. So this is by the brand grum and its a purifying charcoal cleansing bar its a 50 gram bar, and this says this zero plastic cleansing bar is handmade using activated charcoal to magically absorb toxins, leaving the skin clearer and brighter and detoxifying lemongrass oil to promote a Smooth supple texture, oh so, does that smell of anything lemons smells of lemons im not going to touch the box. I dont know if im going to keep this, because i have quite a lot of bars as it is, and but there it is its there and yes, it has a very strong lemon scent to it very refreshing. All that product we have is this. This is by the brand.

We are paradox and its a three in one conditioner. You get 30 mls in here. It just says the conditioner envelops trestles in rich nutrients from irish corrigan corrigan. I think thats, how you say it moss, um, honey, lotuses and nettle to help fortify smooth and tame antioxidant matcha green tea, combined with hazelnut and coconut oils, offer intense high powered conditioning action in synergy. So, yes, i have actually done a review on this mask im. Going to link it just there if you want to go and see it and im not going to tell you if i like it or not, youre going to have to click on that to go, find out um. But i received this mask in a previous box. Thats, how i got a hold of it to do the review on it. I cant remember which box it was um and in the box ive just received. I received a full size, one of these as well, so this is started to do the rounds. So there we go there is that the last two products now so we dont actually have information on the mix. Like i said before, we only got four products that they do the information on, but they do appear on here because everything is on there and but lets just quickly go through the last two. So the first one well do is this one, and so this is by the brand solid general and its bum bum cream.

You get 25 mils. I have seen this everywhere everywhere. Everyone seems to be using it. Ive never tried it before so im so glad to. Finally, get some so i can try it um. What does it say fast, absorbing body cream helps visibly tighten the appearance of your skin im liking. The sound of that and yeah lets open that oh ill open it wow thats hard to open guys. Oh, my god, my hands are killing me lets pop some there. Oh, my god that smells gorgeous Music that feels lovely on the skin. It smells so good im impressed just by the smell, never mind, even testing it to see what it does um but yeah. Finally, happy to receive some of this, so i can test it out for myself very last item we have is this, so this is by the brands crt, london and its a glow to highlighter its a mini its 8 grams um. What shade is this in store? Burst i love highlighters thats, the product that i seem to get through without a problem, because maybe a pilot on my face, but you know i have received this before i dont know. If it was in this shade um i dont even know if ive got it. I might have used it all up um, but yeah thats. What that looks like and there it is there. That is a stunning color. Absolutely stunning lets just share that out a bit oh yeah god.

I love highlighter, yeah, really happy to add yet another highlighter. To my collection, so this is its time to get away edit. That may look fantastic box. What do you think personally? I am liking this box. I definitely am so that there is um if well, theyre, all small sizes, i think on theres, not one full size item there and but i dont mind because theres, six of them and they all come in very useful um im. Definitely gon na use the oil and just like its got like little sparkles in its really really cute. I think thats going to look nice in the summer, ive got it for a meal and so on, um. The factor 50 spf. Definitely gon na use that so thats great to receive that the hair mask, like i said, ive done a review, make sure to go and check that out, because i dont want to give anything away on that hair mask. You have to watch that review. The bum bum cream – i am super – excited to try it out, like i said, ive seen that everywhere, so really glad ive got some highlighter its the most. I need highlighters all the time so happy to to get that. Um the grum bar cleanser, its its its a nice idea to have um, i think, bars. I do like the idea of bars, because obviously youre cutting out on plastic and stuff, like that. This is totally plastic free, which is fantastic.

Its just messy to use a bar um, but yeah. I dont, know if im going to keep that ill pop it in a giveaway. I dont, know well well find out in the future, but its still a very nice product to get. Nonetheless, i do enjoy using balls, just cant be messy, so yeah this box does get a thumbs up from me. I do like it its not super exciting by any means, but i cant say its a bad box because its not for me in any way again. If you would like to subscribe to look fantastic, i will leave the link down below in the information box and the comment box, click that link and you will get five pounds off your first box, which is quite a good bargain. But that concludes this video.