Thank you so much for watching my video daily. If this is the first time you discover my youtube channel hi, im, steve jenn, my youtube channels focus on 90 skincare and beauty 10 lifestyle now lets get to know me a little bit more Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. So so so so much. How did you feel like this? You know, you know how i look like this. I use these two products like day to day. This is so. I want to talk to you about my ritual, because i have a ritual Music. Anyone. Everyone can use this and this special kiss after your toner, and you can put a couple – drops press on the skin, get balance it renews. The skin means even more Music Applause, Music. As you can see, i have over 27 years experience in cosmetic and thats. The reason why made me the expert in skincare now only i can recommend your best skincare product and also offer you some skincare tip and trick if you like what you hear so far subscribe my youtube channel over here and turn on the notification bell. So you know the time i release my videos i want to let you know that my company ebu beauty, officially one year old, so i wanted to take this moment and say. Thank you so much for all of you support my skincare brand eboo beauty, because that we are doing anniversary, sale right now, every product on evil beauty, it will be 30 off.

All you need to do is using the code ebu 30 at our website. Then you get 30 off ebay. Beauty is my dream im just so thankful um, i i cant believe its already a one year now. So thank you so much. I cant wait to show you whats coming next for eboo beauty. Can you guess what is this little hint its a skincare? You almost got it. It is a jeffree star brand new skincare launch and its the banana fetish, and i ordered the skincare bundle and they just arrived today and im so excited. I cant wait and i havent opened this yet so lets open this right now. I want to show you what is this, as always, when i um doing the first, impressions really focus on the sense and texture, and i have to use the product after a while to give you the full review, and we open this its right here. Banana fetish – and i was telling rich this stuff personally, i am not a big fan of banana. I like banana as a fruit, but i dont like banana treatment on my face on my body. It just doesnt really work well with me, so im kind of interested to see how this will feel and look. So let me see which bundle did i purchase? Oh, please. I bought these banana fetish, skincare bundle for 64. and in here it comes with oh. This is heavy okay, i need glass.

Oh please, oh by the way, how do you let my knee look um? So obviously i cover my hair. I was born two years ago, but due to pandemic, i cant really go to do my hair, but now things open it up its time to change this up. Ah hi. I can see you now, okay, so the first one is a banana fetish body scrub. This is very heavy and then i have the banana fetish, hydrating moisturizer and the last one is the fetish. Lip mask comes with jeffree stars uh info card, i have to say hes. He spent a lot of money on packaging and you know what i respect that, because you know he can make product less prettier and make more profits, but instead he spent money on packaging, and that shows up that shows he really care about his brand. So i really really like that so um lets look at the body scrub first, so the body scrub is 34 dollars and lets see whats in here gentle banana infused body scrub that buff away impurity dead, skin cell, leaving your skin plump and hydrated banana fetish body Scrub infused with oil and extra that nourishing your skin help increase hydration. Okay, why sense, bamboo and physically buff away the dead skin cells, help to refine texture and make your skin silky smooth it blended with jojoba oil white willow, bark extra sea buckthorn oyo banana extra? Oh, thank god. Banana extra is only 0.

1 percent, which is not a lot thats good, because i really dont want to smell like banana on my skin dude that just thats. Just not me, and i know some people really love banana skin banana treatment. But just i just know me and um a lot of people ask me: how do i like his first skincare? I got ta tell you for the money that you pay not bad at all and for 34. This is very heavy, very big to charge. Okay, just the moment of truth, the moment im sure im so scared to smell this. So i just opened this brand new. You can see its like that, so its not running its a very thick paste. Oh no, it smells like banana smoothie and, like i said i dont like banana smell. So, okay, let me just try a little bit on my hand to see the textures. So i want to put this right here. Okay, so it is a very refined buffer and its, not sugar, scrub yeah. This is not sugar scrub, so the difference. The sugar scrub is a little bit more gentle. They would dissolve in the water, but this physical scrub. The benefit is that is its a little stronger, but you want to be more careful on a gentle area too so, but this is not bad, i mean just like a screw and then you know what let me see the reason why it says really interesting.

If you can get close to low, you can see theres two different types of scrubbing here ones, a little bit bigger ones, a little bit smooth smaller i mean it will this will really scrub your body good. So its just very interesting. I have not seen any body scrub blended with a two physical scrap, usually just one so and when you do it on the skin, the banana smell actually goes away as you massage in, and i dont have a water here right now, so i cant really tell Um its because its going to be any foaming effects, but most of the time the scrub is not supposed to be firm, so just get a little water here, so i just put a little water here: its not foamy, but just kind of like a milky texture. Okay, as you scrub, the banana smell goes away very interesting, very, very interesting. One thing i know about scents its very hard to get the perfect balance of the level that you wanted to because im working on a new product for ebu beauty right now it takes us seven months and were still not hundred percent on the scent. So you can see how hard that is to create anything like that so um, so i think 34 is not bad. I mean i will. I need to try on my body tonight to let you know how i really like it, but right now i can tell you i dont, like banana smell period, just not me its nothing to do with the products.

I dont like to smell that. So i know some people love banana smell. Like rich looks he was like no, but i love it. Im like okay and the rich will be here soon that he can tell me it does make my skin feel very smooth, very, very soft, so thats nice humongous humongous. Okay, now lets look at the next item here: hydrating moisturizer – and this is 28 okay. So this is exactly the same bottle like the magic star. Its just different, different um different um insert moi is a yellow instead pink so, but i have to say i im doing the same thing too. You know because containers container its just you dont need to spend that much money create another one. I mean im just really wasteful, so just 28 and lets see whats in here its a hydrate brights minimize, imperfection, leave your skin soft supple and healthy radiant glow and the ingredients. Niacire are my five percent squealing three percent rainbow algae and red algae. So lets not just really open up to see and by the way he does have this. Oh wait, click so thats autos a seal, so it comes out very yellow. Oh okay, this one does not smell banana. Oh thank god! I was like i cant. I really cant even smell like banana okay, okay, when you massage it out, you can smell bananas, its like, oh, my goodness, its a texture, its pretty similar.

What i would do is on the next video. I will do the comparison for both moisturizer. Let you know the difference. Okay, but so far i mean its its good. You know so now im very excited to show the next item because i didnt buy that lip mask last time and i was able to get it this time so im very, very happy and the lip mass is sixteen dollars. So three products, if you buy separately, is seventy eight dollars, but i only pay sixty four dollars, so i save fourteen dollars, so i would say, buy the bundle its a better deal. Trust me trust me. I know its funny when met when jeffree star launched the magic star collection. The bundle saw out immediately, but this one either he restocked restock them, or i mean theres still all the bundles still available. Every item is available. I wonder its because people just feel like. Oh okay, im moving on now i dont know so this is the mask comes like that its a kind of like a jello kind of like a thick cream gelatin base, okay, good, it does not smell banana. Ah, thank god, its a very its more like a its, not sticky, but its a little borderline. If they put a little bit more ingredient, it can be more sticky, but right now its more like an oil but its pretty good. But i cant smell anything which is fine. You know there is a banana extra in here i see im sorry, i was wrong.

There is a banana ingredient in there. Just i just dont smell that thats all which im not mad at because i dont like banana, smells im, really happy with this right here so yeah. This is the three product i got leave a comment below. Did you order of his new skincare collections and what did you order? How do you like it so far and i will do a follow up video, let you know how i like everything and then do a comparison with the magic star collections and yeah thats it. Thank you so much for watching my video today and i will see you guys next time. Bye, hi, im, steve jan founder of ebu beauty, and these are my sister weve, been together through thick and thin. Nothing comes between us in our family, just like our bond. The two new releases of the mooncast collections – our hero, serum and hero, moisturizer, are the super duo.