Ive got another friday, faves same as last week, just a handful of things, a couple of beauty things ive also got some hat: well, a candle house thing: a candle and a food and a drink Music ill start with the beauty, because i know that thats what A lot of you are here for, and i just have two items so this could be a quick one for you, guys uh its the pixi rose. Essence, oil um im, not massively into rose stuff. Pixie do send me things from time to time and i tend to like their skincare, but it can be quite hit and miss the makeup less so um. But some of my favorite favorite skincare items have been sent to me by pixie. So just kind of like little disclaimer, i didnt purchase this, but i would i have had essences in the past and theyre quite difficult to work with, because theyre really watery, so i put them in spray bottles. This is a nice one because its an essence, oil, so its a duo, phase product. You can kind of see as its separating at the bottom as im, moving around its shaking up again, but its kind of like an essence that thats on the top and the oil goes to the bottom. So when you shake it up its a little more viscous a little easier to use, you ill show you. You can put a couple of drops in your hand, so it is still quite watery and then i put it onto my hands and i put it directly onto my face now.

What i like about this is its super lightweight, but it feels really hydrating. So first thing in the morning, when i first wash my face, i like to leave this by the sink and ill put this straight on, so it just makes it. I never get that tight feeling, even at nighttime ive used this as soon as ive washed. My face, especially if ive done like a scrub or a mask, or something like that. I like that type feeling, because it feels clean, but i dont want to have that tight feeling for a long time, so ill put it straight on. While my skin is still damp. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated and ive hardly used any of it and ive been using it for at least a month. Just a couple of drops works wonders um, the cosmetic cc cream. I purchased this again at the beginning of this year and i was so cross with myself, because when i had it last i had the wrong shade and the whole time i was using. I was like right remember the next time you need the lighter shade, so i got this and i believe i got the shade light, although i cannot for the life of me im looking, i havent got the lid, so maybe its on the lid cannot find anywhere. What the shade is, but i think its light, ive worn it in the last few days and just completely fallen back in love with it.

It is so so great, really nice coverage for someone who doesnt like loads and loads of coverage, its still kind of medium. But for me this is a high coverage foundation, its kind of medium, but it blends out so nicely. I use one pump for my entire face. I blend it out with my hands straight over the top of a moisturizer or something you know underneath to give me a little bit of hydration, because things do tend to kind of settle into fine lines and dryness. These days, especially with me using tretinoin at nighttime, it can make my my skin a little peely i had this morning before i tried this. I tried to use something different because im trying to mix and match my makeup at the moment, especially with me doing these videos just remind myself of some products that ive had and enjoyed try some products that maybe ive only tried once or twice and im pulling Things out, i tried to use a loreal, concealer, um and just a concealer just to kind of blend out, and oh my god, the dryness, the dryness under my eyes that it, oh, i didnt even know i had dryness under my eyes, but it kind of all Separated and looked awful, so i got all of that on my face and i was like this is its just not going to be a good makeup day. I just dont think anythings going to work at all.

I put my spf back on, which is in a moisturizer anyway, and then put this. It cosmetics cc cream on, and it was like night and day so i have been using this for a few days anyway, but because of how well it went on this morning. After something else had shown all of the imperfections in like the dryness and all of the awfulness like, if something else would make me look awful awful like my skin, was peeling off my face, and i put this on and its like, it didnt even exist. So what ive done is ive ordered it in the the liar shade, because this is fine, but its definitely too deep. For me, i mean, if i show you it on the back of my hand, ive had to kind of like bronze up my neck to make it bla its just, not the right shade at all. Maybe if i fake time in the summer time i dont intend to get a natural tan, because every year i say i will not, i will not sit in the sun. I will not sit in the sun and then every year i have one day. I have one day where im like its just one day and then i burn and hate myself for the rest of the summer. So, im not going to do that im not going to say this will be my summer color because im not going to get a ton every year um.

However, if i was to fake tan or if i just wanted like a little bit of extra color, i could mix that in with the other one. So i have finally ordered what i think is the correct shade for me ill keep you posted, but its just such good stuff very highly centered might not be for you if you dont, like a scented product um, and it is almost kind of mask like if You are used to a very light foundation, um or a light kind of bb tinted moisturizer type product. This might be difficult because one whole pump. It feels like a full on foundation when im putting it on, but it doesnt its really really lightweight on the skin. I cant feel that im wearing a heavy foundation, its really flexible, so as im like moving around – and you know i like to make faces – i edit these videos – i see the faces. I pull i like to make faces its very, very flexible, and i dont find that later on. When i look look at it, its like you know sometimes with because i pull so many faces, sometimes with certain foundations and bases ill, see that its kind of like falling into these lines or into these lines or underneath my eyes. I dont find that with this at all, and i forgot how much i loved it speaking of skin, i have taken to trying some more herbal teas recently, and this has been one of the ones that i dont hate the most im, not a fruity tea kind Of person, because i, like less of a sweet drink um, i would drink black tea on its own, but the problem i have with black tea is: i dont think that the tannins in it or something if i drink it on an empty stomach.

It makes me feel sick, so i dont know what that is. I dont know what im gon na say. Maybe the times but anyway i cant drink uh, black tea, on an empty stomach. So first thing in the morning um or like before a meal or something, but this i can um. I dont like to have this like full strength. I couldnt drink this with the bag in there or ill drink it with the bag in the cup because its like you know, you know how they go. You know youre supposed to leave it because you get all of the special nutrients and stuff. If you do that, if i was gon na, do that, then id be drinking it quickly and id make another cup of tea with the same bag in the same cup ideal for me, but i dont really like the full strength and that way i feel like Im getting all of the nutrients thats in it, because its telling me its doing special things. This says its got biotin in it, which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair, its probably complete bs, but its called twinings glow, strawberry and cucumber with green tea and aloe vera and again not massively into the fruity fruity. Previous to this i tried the one that was um like cranberry and lime or something and that one smelled fruitier than it tasted this one actually tastes fruity. I wanted to talk about it because im not a herbal tea person, but this one i am quite enjoying.

If were calling quite enjoying dont hate, mostly trying to do the herbal tea thing because um i dont want to drink as much milk, because i think milk is not agreeing with me quite so much im still having a coffee pretty much every day, um. But i think what im also going to try and do because ive tried the milk substitutes i just cant, i cant um. I think what im going to try and do is wean myself onto black coffee, because i think thats, probably more likely im being able to do that than me doing the milk substitute thing. But i also dont know you know if you have got like an intolerance or if you have an issue with milk, if you like work your way down to like a semi skim skin. Does that help a food thing? Those if youve been with me for a long time will know i used to be obsessed with these. You did not used to be able to get them in the uk anywhere. I used to have them imported and they were very expensive or every time i went to america, i would buy a bag and it would be like really really special and then basically as soon as you could get them in asda and tesco and morrisons. I completely fell out of love with them and was like i dont, even care about them anymore, so i had them recently and my friends she did like um.

You know like a kind of picky tea, a platter of things and i dont know. If, actually, i i might be making this up because i might have taken them, i think id picked some things up to take. To put you know why i might have bought them actually, but i did have them at my friends house. I just kind of picked. Some stuff up from tesco to take um, and actually i think i did take those with me, but put them in a bowl – couldnt – stop eating them, and so these are now my sweet thing of choice. I really go through phases with sweet stuff because im not a massive sweet tooth. I like a little bit of something um but im mostly like a pudding person im not really into i like them, but im not like someone who can like sit in a whole packet of biscuits, thats, not appealing, but i could eat an entire generally, probably with Custard i like puddings, but something thats got kind of like a sweet and salty thing to it like these pretzel flips and it has to be the white fudge ones. I think back in the day like way way way way back, because when i was a kid they were in the uk um and they had some dark chocolate ones. I may have to look out for those and see if i still like those, because i think i did like the dark chocolate ones as well, but the white foods were definitely my favorite.

Can anyone remember that? Because i was probably i think what year it must have been late, 90s, late, 90s, um and flips were like at the corner shop. They were like just available and then for many many years. I heard nothing about them and then they were in america and you could order them. I mean this is like pre. When they went away, you couldnt afford them from america very easily because it just wasnt like people just didnt, have access to the internet like they do now um. So maybe they never went away in america, but im battling now speaking of things you can only get in america. I apologize if this is true, but the reason im mentioning this is. I know next have um started selling bath body works, candles now and some people, their next at home, has a full on bath body work section. We have a decent size next at home, next to meadow hall in sheffield, and i havent been for a long time recently. My friend sean, he messaged me a picture of his local necks and i couldnt believe it was like a full on bath and body works. Store in the corner of this next at home, so i think im gon na have to go and see whether or not weve got one of those because im guessing its only in certain kind of flagship stores but thats a little bit special thats a little bit Exciting, so what i wanted to mention was my, i think now and ive tried lots and lots season non season.

Specific is what im trying to say: um season non specific doesnt matter what time of year it is but hes 100, my favorite candle and i do like the mahogany teak board. I like various, but this is amazing. This is the lavender and cedar ward. Oh, i love it. So much ive only had this before in a room spray. You can buy them on ebay, you can get the room sprays quite easily and you only need one spray and it really is a strong thing. So, if youre not into candles or you dont want to pay like an exorbitant amount to ship, a candle from america, you can find that the room sprays quite easily, and i find that they pack a really good punch for your money, because you can get loads And loads and loads of uses – and you sent the entire room with one spray of those and its really really strong and ive always picked up those room sprays when weve been to america most recently, i got the candles of this as well. I love it 100. By far my favorite im, not a lavender person, usually but the lavender and cedarwood its like warm. What does it say on the bottom? Usually tells you stuff doesnt it, but maybe its not going gon na tell me because its called lavender and cedarwood its giving me nothing but thats, basically what it is its just kind of like a warm comforting smell, and i could burn this at any time of The day quick mention, i do have a video coming up on the tongs that i mentioned in last friday: faves um.

I did my hair today for that video just to show you. This is how i use the tongs, especially since ive had my hair um, actually style like styled when ive had my hair actually cut into a style. So now ive got some layers to play with. I think it looks really really nice curled, like this um. I showed you how i fill it just normally. You know like a normal person. You dont need a tutorial for that, but it was requested that i show how i used it. So i showed you how i used it um, but also how i pin the top part.