It is nothing Are super pretty. How did they do this Perfect enough for warm undertones? Fetch it right away, Hello, everyone? This is Arang. Many cosmetic brands are releasing new eyeshadow palettes. So this time I will collect the products with similar prices and review them together, so that our viewers can make a good choice. Shall we move on to the review Starting right now Ill, introduce the new shadow palettes that I recommend The first one is a product at the 10000 KRW price range. If we say 10000 KRW people would normally think its 4 or 6 colors. But this palette is at the 10000 range, but has 9 colors Fwees Eye Palette, Glass Spring and Summer. Its official price is 20000 KRW, but you can easily buy it at 16000 KRW with a discount and even at 15200 KRW. It can be bought at such affordable prices, So really cost efficient Its a product. That is great for its price. There are two types spring and summer, And each can be used according to your personal color. Spring is good for warm undertones, And Summer is good for cool undertones. Its strength is that each can be used. According to your personal color Today I used Fwees Summer palette and matched it with pink colors to give a bright impression. The palettes Im showing you are Fwee palettes And they are really small. Other palettes are big, so it could be hard to carry around Or we sometimes throw them away without using all the content.

But this Fwee palette has everything, but still is a small size Hitpan. It is nothing I would say this is the best product for cost efficiency. The looking at the first row, you can use them for daily makeup without pearls. The second row is all glitters, So they can be used to brighten. The aegyosal highlight the eyes, or just as a daily glitter eyeshadow as well. The last row is made up of colors with more moody shades, So I recommend this palette to those who, like muted colors, Ive compared the glitters in the middle in detail. The particles are really fine and they didnt use just one color. They used multiple colors at the same time, so these glitters are very similar to Space Cowboy at the department stores. The particles are so fine and tiny, and you can see the glitters are split in salt pearls and the some shadow. Glitters are very dry, so it gets scraped off the skin after all the moisture evaporates. But this has a jelly like texture, so thats, not a problem. If we look at the Spring palette, It is made of Orange Shimmer and Dark Brown. The glitter right at the center is Champagne glitter, which is a mixture of fancy glitters that can be used to highlight the eyes. The shading colors even include the deep brown one to blend the eyeliner, So everything is possible with this one palette. Next is the Summer Palette great for cool undertones.

The pink has a cool tone shade And the jelly glitter in the middle sticks to the skin really well, and you can see a mixture of pink purple and aurora colors in the glitter. The bottom row has a mix of muted ash shades, So they can be used to blend the eyeliner or to shade the aegyosal And now Ill recommend a product from 20000 KRW range Tada, Holika Holikas, My Fave Vibe Eye Palettes in two types. Mature Peach has coral and pink colors. The Ripe Berries palette is a combination of berry purple and pink. This palette is not 9 colors, but 12 colors. The official price is 30000 KRW, but you can get it at the 20000 KRW range. So this also has a great cost efficiency, But to tell you a disadvantage. First, The palette itself is very big, so it is good to use at home, But it is kind of too big and heavy to carry it around outside or use it when traveling, But since it provides 12 colors in the 20000 KRW price range, it is definitely Recommended When I put it on the skin, I can feel it getting on very softly and its sticking to my skin very well. They have ground the particles very finely, So I liked that it didnt get very clumpy nor dusty. They have comprised the palette well with no glitter shimmer glitter and blending colors without missing anything out And the saturation is just enough.

So if you apply it lightly, you can get the muted color And if apply it heavily, you can use it as the highlight color. So I really like that It can be used for everything from daily to point makeup And there arent big glitters in the palette and all of them can be used as a daily glitter. This might be something thats missing Since theres, no big glitters, It can be a disadvantage. But if you like only daily makeup looks it could be an advantage as well. The first one Im showing is the Mature Peach palette and it consists of Pink Coral Peach Brown Colors for shading and glitters for the aegyosal. So overall combination is so pretty At the bottom most row. There are three deep brown colors. So if you need to blend the eyeliner or need to shade the aegyosal shadows, it has everything covered. The eyeshadows are really pigmented and I really like how they composed the set. We can use the first row colors for highlights. The rest can be used for contouring or accentuating, And I think the deep brown ones are super pretty Theyre good enough that I actually recommend them And the next one is an eye shadow palette for those with cool tones. This one is Ripe, Berries. It consists of pink purple berry soft summer colors. It ranges from spring warm to summer cool, so it covers a wide range. The color spectrum is far fetching When eye shadow palettes for soft summer only have purplish or pinkish colors its quite not enough right.

So I once complained why soft summer palettes only contain pinky purplish colors in my previous review, But this one actually have a sufficient color spectrum. So we have a lot of choices of color combinations or gradation. It even has whitish soft summer colors and its great to use them as highlights under the eyes, And I think, berry pink purple colors would go well with the middle row as its good enough to put it below the eyes as a highlight color or for adding Depth And those in the last row contain some ashy colors summer soft dark enough to blend eyeliners. I think those with cool undertones would really love this palette and thats. Why I chose this one At last, I would like to show you guys a palette costing around 30000 KRW Remember. I brought CLIO Pro Eye Palette before, but this ones list price is around 30000 KRW and you can purchase it at around 20000 KRW when its on sale Well, apparently about 30000 KRW will do So Ill. Just inform you that its 30000 KRW And the thing is its really pigmented. How did they do this? Its no game, comparing to the previous palettes Its an outlier CLIO, has great products super pigmented Its well made. They all have great color development with highlight colors to brighten below the eyes, along with special colors in the middle, not missing dark ones to blend eyeliners. But one slight defect is that the particles from CLIOs products are quite large, so thats a quite a small defect.

The large particles kind of drop, the utility, But those with humongous eyes or who love large particles, would actually love it. So Lets take a look at 14 Hannamdong Atelier, The color combinations come with pink purple, mauve and muted brown. First for the glitters. There are three glitters white orange purple. One thing is that the orange glitter doesnt really go well with the rest. The first row, I think, are the pinkish ones. While the down row is purple, so I like the concept but quite unsatisfied with the glitters The purple glitter one below has particles that are too large inadequate for those with small eyes. Besides that, I think its really good The highlight colors pigmentation and adhesion are all good, so those who want an all in one palette would like it. Next is 15 Spring Sunlight above the Canvas. Ive shown this in my daily makeup videos and even used this. For my wedding dress tour, It has orange coral pink brown perfect enough for warm undertones, Fetch it right away. I highly recommend it Theres. These carrot, pinkish colors and I just fell in love with them, And I think I like this glitter combinations better than the cool tone palette. This 15 palette is really nice, And this brick brown color to blend eyeliners, actually is also great to use for gradation. I even used this palette at the first place among the warm tone palettes, since I was super satisfied with it For those who are hesitating in choosing warm tone palettes.

I strongly recommend these as well. For today I brought some new eye shadow palettes and compared them. Color by color, along with personal color recommendations, I also categorized it with prices. You know we all have the desire for beautiful makeup, so I hope all of you buy good palettes for yourselves.