Let us know the answer through this Clinsol Gel, Because Clinsol Gel contains clindamycin and nicotinamide. Meanwhile, along with its advantages and disadvantages, you will know how to use it. means. How can i use it Whether to use it all over? The face or where there are pimples, Because it is not a cosmetic product, but it is a medicine. Which can have many side effects if used in excess or in the wrong way. Many more such information that you are still unaware of So stay tuned with the video, and we will do a complete review of Clinsol Gel. This gel is manufactured by Clifford Health Care, which is a generic medicine company, And the cost of its 15g is 75rs.. This medicine is considered an affordable product for the skin.. For example, acne pimples can be prevented anywhere on the skin.. Getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads just got easier Because it contains clindamycin which has full antibacterial properties. Clindamycin kills the bacteria causing acne or pimples. Due to which the pimples themselves are reduced, But keep in mind that clindamycin is made for mild to moderate pimples. Wherein it Is accompanied by Nicotinamide, which is also known as Vitamin B3. When it is used on skin oily skin remains in maintenance. Because it improves the moisture of the skin. Naturally. Clinsol Gel is medicine, But if seen, it removes many skin problems along with acne. Like cleaning it by removing the dirt filled in the pores, get rid of blackheads whiteheads from face Soothes irritated skin due to its anti inflammatory properties And providing a fairer skin.

By removing mild to moderate, acne pimples is the ultimate task of Clinsol. Gel Now lets know the right way to use it remedy. Skin type and precaution. Friends, take a small amount of Clinsol and use only where problems have occurred, Because if you apply on the whole face or skin without any problem, then At that time it gives beautiful skin. But in few days the skin becomes thin. and filled with redness Use. A small amount at bedtime at night. Skin problems get well, but The problem may or may not be there, but do not use it for more than a month. Or take the advice of your doctors Use only when needed. You will wash your hands from your skin by using unnecessarily Keep this cream limited to this. Do not use it at all to become fair And one special thing is that it is effective for oily skin and sensitive skin., But pregnant women and breast fading women should not use it.. You will get the result. 100. If you are not satisfied with the advice till the review, then you can consult your doctor. If youve used it before Or if you have any question related to the video then tell us in the comments.