My name is sonal yadav and in todays video i am gon na be talking about one of my favorite favorite illuminators, which i have been really really loving lately now by the title of todays video. You might have already got an idea about which product that im going to review, and let me just tell you a little bit about me that i am that one girl who loves wearing a lot of bling on the face like im, that girl who loves wearing That bliming highlighters and you know i just love being a glowy baby and i love trying out different highlighters where itd be in jelly format, whether it be in liquid, illuminators or anything. You know, thats just glowy. I love it and like give it to me so yeah this time, ive tried out something different and i have been loving it and it suits my oily skin too. So this is the ikai beauty get lit illuminator, and this is what the packaging looks like its a very travel friendly packaging and it comes along with a pump. So akai beauty is an organic and made india brand and the parent brand is lotus herbal, which is one of my favorite skincare brands. This brand is cruelty, free, it is preservative free and it is suitable for all skin types. The main fact that i love about the packaging is the pump and its very hygienic to use. You know you just take one pump and youre done.

The most amazing feature of this product is the texture. It does not has any shimmer particles to it, and it still gives you that beautiful amount of glow, which means that you can wear this bare skin on your face as well. So lets say if you just dont, want to wear any makeup and still want to get that glowy face. This is the product to go for, apply it on the highest points of your face, and you will get a beautiful amount of natural. Looking glow product feels very light on the face and the fragrance is very mild. I dont think so its going to irritate anyone. It is a 50 gram product which is retailing for 675 rupees and it has shelf life of three years, which is amazing. You can see it for yourself that it looks beautiful on bare skin as well, and there are no shimmer particles. I personally love love love using this product because of the amount of glow that it gives now. The second way of using the same product is by mixing it in your foundation, and it is going to make your foundation go dewyer, and you can see right here. Your foundation will not only look a lot more dewy. It is uh going to feel hydrating as well, because this product is very hydrating and moisturizing, but the hydration level is something which is perfect. It is not overly hydrating as well, because on my oily skin type, some products just dont suit, and luckily this works amazingly on my extremely extremely oily skin as well.

So this is a very rich strobing cream sort of a product and its going to provide you amazing amount of hydration. I think if you are someone who loves having glowy or dewy looking makeup, then this is like a must have in your vanity here im layering up the product. I mean the same mixture of highlighter in the foundation once again to intensify the coverage now. The third way of using the product is by applying it on top of your foundation, you can see the texture again is very beautiful. There is so much amount of you know, glow to it, and im, just going to you know, apply this on the highest points of my face and im going to blend it using a sponge to get a seamless application you can see. My face is looking very glowy and there are no glitter particles that you can see at all, so this product is travel friendly as well and it is a recyclable packaging. I love when brands take initiative into all of these things, and this is that one product which is going to give you that juicy looking skin now, i will just show you how exactly this product looks like you can see. My skin is looking very healthy. Very juicy very glowy, and sometimes i just love – love love. My base makeup to look like this. To be honest, this product is very, very, very similar to the mac strobe cream, which is one of the high end products and im gon na give you a side by side squatch off that now, so here, im squatching the guy get lit illuminator and above we Have the mac strobe cream, which is a high end product the mac? One is definitely a bit more hydrating and it has more glowy particles than ikai one.

But overall i can say the kai is a very, very good dupe of the mac strobe cream. So yeah guys this is my review on the kai beauty get lit illuminator. Let me know in the comments down below what are other more glowy highlighter products that i should review on this channel and yeah ill be meeting you in my next one.